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5 Things I learnt at my first pole dancing class

Earlier this year I had a bit of a wild month where I went crazy for fitness and signed myself up to lots of quirky, unique workout classes.  Along with anti-gravity yoga & aerial pop fit,  one of the classes…


Life Update (July 2018)

We’re now more than half way through 2018 (what the actual hell).  I feel like this year is slipping through my fingers and I’m already regretting not making the most of it!  I wanted to do a life update post…


Bloggers buying followers.

This blog post is probably rather contentious, but I’ve been so angered over the past week that I needed to write down my thoughts somewhere. Last year, Unilever (note: one of the biggest ‘consumer goods’ companies worldwide, and also one…


How much is too much?

The other day whilst preparing to film for a YouTube video, I did something really, really stupid…  It was a horrific, hilarious sight and all the while I was thinking, wow, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in…


How to deal with being ghosted

If you watched my latest Dates with Kate video then you would have shared my excitement with me as I told you about the best tinder date I went on last year with the most dreamy, charismatic guy. You would…


Taking Risks – Big Life Decisions

Earlier this year I met with a psychic.  She said a lot of stuff which I brushed off  (apparently I’m going to meet the man of my dreams and move across the world to be with him… yeah, right! I…


Current Beauty Favourites (May 2018)

Monthly favourites were one of my most frequent posts on my blog when I first started 8 years ago and I would like to bring them back as a regular feature to tell you about some of the beauty products…


Things I love about the Summer

After the bleakest, long, cold winter, Summer seems to be FINALLY on it’s way!  I’ve decided to write a list of some of my favourite things about the warmer months, including some of my fav summer fashion items so we…

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How dating apps have changed everything

I have a problem with modern dating, and the more I think about it, the more annoyed I become.  This is partly because it’s so frustrating, and partly because I’ve been watching Sex & The City for the first time…


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