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PALE CONCEALERS – Swatches & Reviews!

I am a complete concealer junkie.  I think it’s the fact that I suffered with acne for ten years that just means I’ve always been on the hunt for a product that will conceal blemishes and imperfections without drawing attention…


Life Thoughts & Turning 30

It’s so weird to think that almost 9 years ago, at the age of 21 I set up a blog where I started posting about makeup as a hobby and that now, at age 30, I’m still here and still…


How Mercury Retrograde is Currently Ruling My Life

I’ve heard the phrase ‘mercury retrograde’ countless times over my 30 years on earth but it wasn’t until 3 years ago that I decided to sit down and actually research (aka google) what this phrase actually means!  It’s an absolutely…


The Best Advice for Starting Roaccutane!

Getting referred to a dermatologist to start a course of roaccutane (isotretinion) can be a really exciting, yet a real nerve-wracking experience.  On the one hand you’re over-joyed to be finally prescribed the medicine which could cure your acne and…


REVIEW: Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation | Before & After

This is the first in my new series of foundation reviews!  This was a regular feature on my blog back in the day (you can have a browse at previous ones here) and I’m so happy to bring it back…


5 Things I learnt at my first pole dancing class

Earlier this year I had a bit of a wild month where I went crazy for fitness and signed myself up to lots of quirky, unique workout classes.  Along with anti-gravity yoga & aerial pop fit,  one of the classes…


Life Update (July 2018)

We’re now more than half way through 2018 (what the actual hell).  I feel like this year is slipping through my fingers and I’m already regretting not making the most of it!  I wanted to do a life update post…


Bloggers buying followers.

This blog post is probably rather contentious, but I’ve been so angered over the past week that I needed to write down my thoughts somewhere. Last year, Unilever (note: one of the biggest ‘consumer goods’ companies worldwide, and also one…


How much is too much?

The other day whilst preparing to film for a YouTube video, I did something really, really stupid…  It was a horrific, hilarious sight and all the while I was thinking, wow, this is the stupidest thing I’ve ever done in…


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