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Things I love about the Summer

After the bleakest, long, cold winter, Summer seems to be FINALLY on it’s way!  I’ve decided to write a list of some of my favourite things about the warmer months, including some of my fav summer fashion items so we…

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How dating apps have changed everything

I have a problem with modern dating, and the more I think about it, the more annoyed I become.  This is partly because it’s so frustrating, and partly because I’ve been watching Sex & The City for the first time…


Life Update (April 2018)

I haven’t sat down and shared how I’ve been feeling with you guys in what feels like forever so it’s time for a big old catch up.  I just want to honestly chat about how things are going in my…


Stepping into Spring

With the weather warming up and the sun making the occasional cheery appearance, I’m taking full advantage of this welcome seasonal change by switching up my wardrobe to introduce some of my favourite spring items!  With just a couple of…


Books I’ve Read 2018: #1 (reviews)

I have well and truly got my reading bug back and I couldn’t be happier about it!  Podcasts took over my life a little last year which meant the amount of books I managed to read in 2017 was embarrassing,…



I wanted to talk to you today about one of my favourite girlbosses Sam Cusick, and how she has completely transformed my hair and also inspired me to achieve my goals, over the past few years. If you haven’t heard…


The Ordinary: top 5 & reviews

The Ordinary has been taking the beauty, skincare world by storm over the past year or so and after reading many reviews about the products, I decided to place a big order and see what the fuss was about!  My…


What it’s like to date a sociopath

I’ve never particularly thought of my love life as ‘unlucky’ but it’s how my best friends describe my past relationships…thanks girls, haha!   It’s true though, I have never been in a truly loving, kind relationship.  I honestly don’t know what…


Why I want to be single.

One of the most frequently asked questions I get these days from family and friends is “How’s your love life/are you dating anyone yet?” (or in the case of my grandparent’s “are you courting yet Katie?…well why not? Time’s running…