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My fav Black Friday deals – Skincare, Fashion + Sex Toys

A quickie here to show you guys some of my favourite black friday offers, from skincare for acne prone skin, to sex toys and fashion items! SKINCARE My favs at Ren have given me a 25% off everything (excluding sets)…


Life Lately – September 2020

Woah. A quarter of the year has passed since my last blog post (and what a surreal, maddening year it’s been so far!) but I have some life news that I wanted to share on this website! I’ve had this…


Authentic Indian Recipes – Paneer Curry, Tarka Dahl + Kebabs

Cooking (and eating, let’s face it) has been one of highlights of each and every day in lockdown. We have been SO experimentative with our meals recently because we have more time than ever to research, prepare and cook, so…


4 Rom Com Book Reviews + Recommendations!

I haven’t done a book review on my blog in yonks, despite still being a total bookworm. But now more than ever is the perfect time to get our heads stuck into some new adventures and worlds… Our world feels…


How to enjoy Valentine’s Day when Single | DatesWithKate Q&A

February the 14th – the date that if you’re in a happy relationship can give you butterflies and joy, but if you’re single, you might often dread and want to crawl into your duvet until it passes. Having a single…



It’s been AGES since I last wrote a favourite’s post! These used to be my favourite posts to write so (albeit being very old school 2k14 blogger), I’m going to bring this series back as a regular monthly feature on…


DATE RECOMMENDATIONS – Mr Foggs House of Botanicals

Today I have a wonderful cocktail bar recommendation for you, which hopefully you’ve heard about lots already… if not, you’re missing a trick! Introducing you to Mr Foggs which is described as a collection of adventurous bars transporting you back…



I hope you’re ready for some brunch porn because this post is FILLED with a load of mouth-watering breakfasts I’ve eaten at one of my favourite East London date spots! Introducing you to Brunswick East, a cafe in Dalston serving…


DATE RECOMMENDATION – Searcys at The Iris Bar

My idea of the perfect romantic date is watching the sun set over the wonderful city of London, wine in hand, with the love of my life… either that or snuggled in a pub on a winter’s day with boardgames…


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