Life Lately – September 2020


A quarter of the year has passed since my last blog post (and what a surreal, maddening year it’s been so far!) but I have some life news that I wanted to share on this website!

I’ve had this blog for 10.5 years now and it’s been such a constant in my life throughout that time. It’s seen me through: endless lipstick swatches, my first blogger events, graduating from university, quitting my day job to go full time self-employed, countless new year’s resolutions, an engagement, a break-up, some awful tinder dates, losing a pet, and falling in love again after heartbreak… and it only seems fitting that I update it now, in this new chapter of my life.

So lockdown happened. Looking back at those 3 months seem like a blur, like time slowed down but simultaneously sped up. What I do remember are the anxiety attacks, the un-ease, and worry of the future, of my loved ones keeping safe. I remember the little ways we tried to entertain ourselves to keep things fun; games of who can empty the dishwasher quicker, wine tasting in the evenings, having friends teach us the recipes for their signature dishes on zoom. I also completed the first jigsaw puzzle in my adult life, got REALLY into cooking, reignited my love of computer games thanks to The Last Of Us 2, and somehow, despite spending 3 months in each other’s pockets, I fell deeper and deeper in love with G.

As an introvert who craves alone time to re-charge and re-energize, the thought of spending three months in close quarters with another human is scary, but with G, lockdown was effortless. He really is the one person I can spend so much time with, without wanting to pull my hair out or escape through an open window. I think this time for both of us just cemented the idea that we were meant to be, and so, next to a waterfall in the Lake District on our first escape from London in July, G proposed.

I was gobsmacked and stunned, not at all having suspected he would have bought a ring during a pandemic (he’s the old fashioned, romantic type and I thought he’d be one for picking it out at the shops in person) but after telling his parents of his plans to propose, his mum gave him his great grandma’s ring, which I’ve worn on my hand ever since.

So… we’re planning a wedding! We’re taking it slow, but have already written up a guest list and we know exactly where we want to tie the knot (we’re looking at the year 2022)!

Not only that, but we’ve also have had a new family member join us in our home… Dr Maurice! A tabby ragamuffin, currently 15 weeks old and a right little devil. He’s settling in more every day and making us howl with laughter as he pounces on our toes underneath the bedsheets each evening.

It’s been a whirlwind of a few months and I’ve got to say, having a pet to look after throughout the day and the big dreams of a wedding to look forward to has definitely been helping keep my mind from slipping into the dreaded, COVID anxiety hole and keeping thing a little more cheery.

I’m going to be writing on this blog much more now that something that I have been working on over the past year (and daily throughout lockdown) has come to an end and I’m excited! September always feels like a fresh start and I hope you’ll stick around with me!

K xxx


  1. September 30, 2020 / 4:42 pm

    Oh my~ Congratulations!! You guys look amazing together~ I’m so happy for you!

  2. September 30, 2020 / 11:22 pm

    I loved reading your blog. I also found your articles very interesting.

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