Sunday, 28 August 2011

Hand Creams!

One thing I always look out for with the opposite sex is the condition of their hands (as well as teeth!).  I like guys to have soft hands and clean fingernails, and because of this I like to keep my mitts super smooth!
I’ve rounded up all of my hand creams today (and realised I own way too many) and have gathered my thoughts on each one for you.


The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Cream (£10 for 100ml, £5 for 30ml)
This is one of the best hand creams I have tried, but only in moderation (because it’s quite thick).  The TBS Hemp range works wonders on my eczema and really stops the itching and this is the main reason I use this hand cream.  I apply this to any part of my body where my eczema appears (mainly legs and arms) and it really helps to moisturize and ease the itch.  As an actual hand cream, its amazing for dry hands.  You don’t need to use much as it is quite thick and can get greasy and it doesn’t smell great (it has a really earthy smell), but it does the job!

Boots Original Beauty Formula Lavender Hand Cream (discontinued)
I think Boots have discontinued the Original Beauty Formula range (which is a shame), but I’ll still review this anyway.  I love the packaging of this hand cream, very vintage and chic looking.  The cream is very soft and not greasy at all and it smells like a sweet, subtle lavender with rose oil.  Although I love the smell, I probably wouldn’t repurchase it (even if I could) because I think others are better.

Queen Sensiderma Rich Hand Cream* (£9.35 for 50g or £3.75 for a trial size)
I’d never heard of Queen products until I started using this.  Queen have produced ‘hypoallergenic cosmetics since 1927’ and so this is perfect for people with dry, sensitive skin.  Again, I find this works really well on my eczema and on other dry patches of skin (elbows and knees) so I mainly use this on those parts of my body.  This is quite a thick blue cream which can get quite greasy if too much is applied, but sinks in well otherwise.  Another thing to note about this hand cream is that it hasn’t got a smell, so it is perfect for those who are allergic to fragrances.

The Body Shop’s Almond Oil Daily Hand & Nail Cream (£8 for 100ml)
This is probably my most used hand cream because it is light on the skin and smells beautiful.  It sinks into the hands without much effort and leaves a subtle whiff of marzipan which I adore (although I dislike eating marzipan!).  This hand cream includes almond oil, shea butter and soya oil which is perfect for keeping hands soft.

Soap & Glory Hand Food (£4.85 for 125ml)
This is actually my mums but I have stolen it from here because I love the smell!  It’s almost identical to one of my favourite perfumes, Miss Dior Cherie.  This cream is light, sinks into the skin quickly and comes in the cutest pink tube.  I likkeeeee!

Heathcote & Ivory Vanilla and Brown Sugar Hand Cream* (Special price of £1.75 for 130ml at the moment!!)
Oh my gosh, every time I use this I fall in love with it all over again.  This is another of my favourite hand creams because it smells delicious; it reminds me of holidays, a sweet vanilla with a hint of cocoa butter.  This, like many of the others, leaves my hands feeling incredibly soft, but you only need a tiny bit of the product, so this will last a long time.  I also love that this contains no sulphates or parabens, and comes with a little hair band!

Cath Kidston Bluebell Hand Cream* (£8 for 250ml or a set of three minis for £6)
My mum keeps stealing this off me (I guess I deserve it for stealing her Soap & Glory!).  I love the size of this tube, perfect for carrying around in a handbag.  Smells like floral berries.  I love all things Cath Kidston and this is no exception!


(Click on the prices of the hand creams for a link to where you can buy them!)

What is your favourite hand cream?

(Please note products with a * next to their name have been given to me as PR samples, but I have not been paid to write about them)



Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Sleek Makeup’s Nude Collection

Another incredible collection bought out by Sleek.  This range hits Superdrug stores on 31st August and it will become part of the permanent collection (so it’ll be easy to get your hands on it!).


The collection includes the Au Naturel I-Divine Palette, Suede Blush and Bare Minimum Pout Polish.

Au Naturel I-Divine Palette (£6.49)


This palette is really beautiful and filled with a mix of shimmer and matte, brown, nude and beige shades.  I personally prefer shimmer eye shadows, of which there are only 4 in this 12-shadow palette.  I think the matte shades are very pretty, but are quite pale and chalky and not as ‘intense’ or as stunning as the shimmer shades.  Saying this, the mattes are perfect for creating a soft natural look.


My favourites are Taupe and Mineral Earth.  I am also SO impressed with Noir in this palette – I wasn’t expecting it to be so black and pigmented, it is the most perfect black for a smokey eye look. 

Suede Blush (£4.29)

This is the product I am most in awe of in this collection.  It is just gorgeous.  A nice natural blush with a hint of beach and brown.  I know that I will be wearing this throughout autumn and winter this year to define my cheekbones and to keep my skin looking fresh and revived.

Bare Minimum Pout Polish (£4.29)

The colour in the pot of this is stunning, a gorgeous peachy brown nude, but on the lips this comes out really sheer, more like a clear gloss.  It feels lovely and moisturizing on the lips, smells gorgeous and will last ages, so its a thumbs up in my books, I just wish it had a tad more colour.  (I have been using it over my Sleek ‘Barely There’ lipstick and it looks great.)

My own look using the products!

I decided to play around and create a dark smokey gothic look using the three products from this collection.  This was really fun to do with the intense, smokey dark colours in the palette.  The nude lip and natural brown blush complete the face, making the eyes the statement part of the look.

IMG_2264  3

FACE: L’Oreal Infallible Foundation, The Body Shop’s All in One Face Base
CHEEKS: Sleek’s Suede Blush
EYES: Sleek’s Au Naturel Palette (mainly Taupe, Conker, Mineral Earth, Noir, Nougat & Regal), The Body Shop’s Liquid Liner, Black Kajal Eye Liner, No7 Lash Adapt Mascara, UDPP
LIPS: Sleek’s Bare Minimum Pout Polish

I might create a more natural look with these products soon too!

Will you be getting any parts of this collection?  What’s your favourite natural blusher?



Sunday, 21 August 2011

Summer FOTD!

I didn’t intend to originally post a ‘Face of the Day’ but I had a random-poser-emo-omgzz-mysppaceee session after I did my makeup last weekend and so I thought, why not!

I wore this look to the summer Snooks birthday gathering, where we celebrate mine and my cousins birthday.  It’s always a fun celebration filled with lots of food, drink, jokes and rude humour!  (This time my Uncle told me a few stories of my Dad as a teenager & their drunken nights out, I nearly wet myself laughing!).


I must say that my skin is almost perfect at the moment thanks to Paula’s Choice (I haven’t had ONE spot since using it)!  I’ve been using the same four products constantly for the past month and my skin has never looked better.  I will be doing a full review on Paula’s wonder products in a few weeks!


Face: Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in Vanilla, Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation
Cheeks: Me, Me, Me Coral Blusher
Eyes: MAC’s Bare Study Paint Pot & Beauty Marked & Nylon Eye Shadows, Topshop Eye Crayon in Equinox,  The Body Shop Liquid Liner, GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner in Black Ink, Estee Lauder Double Wear Mascara
Lips: Sleek’s Pout Paint in Milkshake (although kinda faded in the photographs above).

With the Milkshake Pout Paint slapped on! (Sorry for my absent expression in this picture!)


Would anyone like to see what I was wearing on my actual Birthday day?   And would you like more FOTDs?

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend!



Friday, 19 August 2011

Nominate Me?

Good afternoon girlies! 

This is a short post with a little plea to enter my blog for Company Magazines 2011 Blog Awards! 
I missed out on this competition last year but I’d absolutely love to have a chance this year!


All you have to do is go on this website, enter my blog address ‘’ into ‘Blog URL’ and click on the ‘Established Beauty Blog’ category (because my blog is over 18months old) and voila!

Every little nomination would mean SO much to be and I’m truly grateful for all of your support!

Thank you so much!!



Beauty Birthday Pressies!

I took my birthday list this year as an opportunity to get my hands on some beauty products that I can’t afford and have been drooling about for ages.  I also went shopping on my birthday day and so I picked up a few of these bits whilst browsing with my Mumma (the Sleek & Topshop bits)!


Urban Decay Naked Palette
Estee Lauder Double Wear Zero Smudge Mascara
Topshop Lip Liner in Fearless
Topshop Blusher in Head Over Heels
Topshop Eye Crayon in Equinox (I’m so scared of my current one running out so I asked for another).
Kajal Eyeliner
Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection and Bare Minimum
Urban Decay Primer Potion (not pictured)
Kevin Murphy Born Again Shampoo & Masque (not pictured)
Braun Silk-epil 7 Epilator (pictured below)


I also got lots of sweeties and an epilator!  I have wanted an epilator for a long time now but they were always too expensive for my student budget.  I am so so so happy I now have one in my possession and I can’t wait to start seeing the effects (I have already used it twice and it is so damn painful I could scream, but I’ll save my whinging for a detailed review on it in a few weeks).

I also put the Kevin Murphy Born Again Shampoo and Masque on my birthday list – these two products have made my hair so soft and manageable just as my hair was beginning to break and look really dry.  I will write up a proper review of these miracle products soon also.

As well as these fab beauty gifts I also got a few tickets for gigs and plays in London; The Pierces play Shepards Bush, Iwan Rheon (Simon from the Misfits) playing his beautiful music next week and Robert Sheehan (Nathan from the Misfits) in the play ‘Playboys of the Western World’ at The Old Vic … (can you tell I’m obsessed with Misfits? ha!).

What are you putting on your birthday list this year?



Thursday, 18 August 2011

Guest Review: Tan Organic!

Hi everyone! Let me introduce you to a super special person to me, my best friend Alex! Today he is reviewing a fake tanning product for me; Tan Organic. He has written a bloody good (and hilarious) review which you can read below.

Alex and I over the years!

Alex’s Review
When Katie asked me to review Tan Organic I was so excited! The packaging talks about how it is entirely organic and has anti-ageing properties. What more could you want?! I love to pamper myself and I just couldn’t wait to try it out. I usually use whatever fake tan is on offer (usually in lotion form as it is easier to use) so I was a bit apprehensive about Tan Organic. Katie forwarded me a video explaining how to apply the tan and it seemed easy enough. Basically just apply small amounts in circular motions until the tan seems to have blended in. Easier said than done…!

The Night Before…
Firstly I exfoliated and shaved then made sure my body was completely dry, then moisturised key areas; hands, elbows, feet and knees. I used my two favourite products, St. Ives and Jergens Coco Butter moisturiser, which has the most amazing smell! It is literally like heaven.
So once this was all done I then applied the tan. It’s a lot more watery than I am used to using so the first time I applied it to the mitt it ran straight off and all over the floor (so beware!) although once I applied it to my skin it was a bit easier to use. I used the circular motions as I was told to do so but one thing I found whilst using the tan was the sheer amount of time it took to just blend in, it seems to stay on top of my skin for a long time, making me feel uneasy, worrying about tan lines etc. Every time I would work the area, it just seemed to move the tan around making me have to work it in more! I did this for a very long time indeed. I don’t think I used an excessive about of tan as well. I applied the tan twice on the mitt for my entire arm and top of my chest. When you’re doing this, you’d get build of tan so again you would just have to keep rubbing it in. I did this over my entire body.

(Above: the liquid tan and image showing chest after rubbing the tan in for ten minutes – still patchy and not sinking into skin properly).

In the video (here) it explains that when it comes to your hands and feet to rub the mitt on it as you have been doing on the rest of your body. Now, when I usually tan with lotion I just put some moisturising cream on my hands and blend in some tan from my forearms and shins to my hands and feet because it has a tendency to take the tan more than the rest of you. But I followed the instructions anyway.

After I had done my entire body I had to rub the mitt over myself again because yet again more darker patches had appeared. This was extremely annoying as it really shouldn't take over 30 minutes to tan. I can do it in less than 10 usually.

Once I was all done, I put some baggy shorts and waited for the stuff to dry, it says it should take 10 minutes to dry, but to be blunt that is completely wrong, I was still sticky when I went to bed an two hours after I started the process! I looked a lovely colour after application and the bottle says how after a few hours that is the colour you will be. So putting two and two together I thought I was going to be a glorious colour if it just went a bit darker. So with this in mind I went to bed (still extremely sticky and uncomfortable). The tan didn't rub off onto my bed sheets but it did rub off onto the waistband of my shorts which was a bit annoying.

(note: watch strap line almost vanished in the after shot).

The Morning After...
alex 1

So when I usually wake up after tanning I am a bit darker than I would want to be but that just washes off and I am a nice colour underneath. But when I work up (completely dry thank god) I was not only a dark tanned colour (good) but I was covered in dark patches!!!!!!!!!! (bad). My nose for one had a massive dark patch on it and then my normal skin colour on the bridge of my nose. My feet were BLACK my hands were white and black. I was absolutely horrified to be completely honest. The photos just don't do it justice.
After I washed about 4 times most had come off and I was a nice colour on my arms and face, although I had to even my face out with a lot of make up. My feet were still black, and still are almost two weeks after. I spent the rest of the day trying to even my hands out. I tried everything, I even debated whether to use bleach. I know that is extreme but my wrist's were so bad and I had work that afternoon. I went onto some forums with titles like 'HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! FAKE TANNING DISASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!' and knew I was in the right place.
I found one post that said that baby wipes are the answer to everything and that would get it off. And do you know what? It actually worked... I had three left so by the time I finished (it takes a bit of elbow grease) they were dry as a bone but it worked. I couldn't do my feet as they were just a lost cause. I also noticed it had enhanced the appearance of my blackheads. How awful!


I can completely see that maybe if I hadn't used the mitt on my hands and feet (it does tell you to do that in my defence) then I would of been a lovely colour, but when you're applying the tan it doesn't seem to go very far. I don't tan to be really dark, I am an extremely pale person (I resemble a piglet), I didn't inherit my mothers Cypriot genes or my fathers German beautiful pale skin (I wish I could pull off a Nicola Roberts!) so I just want to have a bit of colour and too be honest, the hassle of this when I can just slap on some fake tan lotion is just stupid. I don't like to be negative about things because a lot of thought has gone into it and it's won awards and some people like it but it's just not for me!

Alex & Ben’s Tanning Secrets
So I thought I would pass on to you my tanning secrets, that I have learnt from my partner Ben. We usually get what ever tanning lotion is on offer, but when there is nothing we stick with L'Oreal Sublime Self-Tanner which is around £8. It's good; it doesn't get all patchy and I usually put some moisturising cream on before hand so help blend the hard areas. I don't do this on my face and back (I am having treatment at the moment for back acne so I don't want to over moisturise it). But I have something to tell you: I was in the 99p shop in Peckham Rye where I live the other day and they sell fake tan for 99p(!!!!) and not just any fake tan... Hawaiian Tropic! I couldn't believe my eyes. It's called Island Radiance and it is by far the best tan I have ever used. It's a nice dark colour not at all orange! So all of you get down the 99p shop!

What Katie says
I met the inventor of Tan Organic as well as Gavin Duffy from Dragon’s Den who shared with me the Tan Organic story and it sounded truly like a miracle worker. Before I gave it to Alex to try I also gave a bottle to my housemate who used it – she too went a lovely golden shade but did have quite noticeable streaks and patchy areas on her arms and legs.
I think the reason it didn’t blend in very well for Alex (or for my housemate) is because the actual product doesn’t include any drying agents such as alcohol, so it does take a lot more work to rub in which of course not every one has time for, however it does contain aloe-vera juice so its really moisturizing.

I think that Tan Organic is perfect for those who are VERY experienced at tanning with a liquid and for those that prefer a darker tan – Alex and I are pretty pale so perhaps it would have been best for a more experienced tanner to trial it. You can buy Tan Organic online here for around 20Euros.

Have you ever used Tan Organic? Do you have any tips to help fake tanning disasters?
Would you like more male guest reviews on my blog?



Tuesday, 16 August 2011

The Chelsea Day Spa manicure!

Last month I was invited to have a complimentary manicure in Chelsea that I just couldn’t turn down (a manicure… in Chelsea!!!).  So off I trotted on a sunny Monday morning to have my talons preened and made beautiful.

The salon itself is pretty small but they offer a wide variety of treatments (massages, facials, waxing, pedicures etc).  The interior is decorated beautifully and was very comfortable and I had a lovely girl (I can’t remember her name!) make my nails look beautiful.


The Chelsea Day Spa use ‘Jessica’ nail products – I’d personally never heard of the brand but learnt that they are a professional nail brand who only supply to salons (which is a shame because I loved the colour that I chose). 

The mani started off with a nail soak, followed by a removal of the cuticles.  I always expect this part of the manicure to be quite painful but because of the soak before-hand I didn’t feel a thing.  My nails were filed down to a natural curve and then the Jessica ‘Phenomenal Oil’ was applied to my nails and cuticles for some moisture, this smelt lovely, I didn’t want to take it off!  At this point I was also given a hand massage which was very relaxing. 

After a bit the nail oil was removed with remover and the base coat was applied.  She explained to me that if there are any oils on the nail before applying the polish then the manicure won’t last as long (because the polish won’t attach itself properly, and so it will chip easily) so always remove anything on the nails with a remover before-hand. 


When the base coat was dry she applied the nail polish shade I chose, which was ‘Temptress of the Sea 675’.  If I could buy this colour, I definitely would because its stunning – a sheer, pale pink, opal, shimmery shade.  She applied three coats, sealed them with a topcoat, and then applied a nifty little bit of Jessica ‘Quick Dry’ on the nails.

My nails weren’t in the best condition before hand – I have a nasty habit of picking them with I’m bored, but they looked lovely afterwards and the polish lasted on my nails for at least five days afterwards which was impressive.


The New York Manicure at the Chelsea Day Spa is currently only £12.50 which I think is really affordable for a treat every month.  For my next date I’ll definitely be popping back down for another mani!  
Website -

How often do you get a manicure?  What kind of colour do you choose when you have a mani?



Monday, 15 August 2011

Holiday in Morocco!

This time last week I had just returned from holiday in North Africa, Marrakech to be precise!  My parents went for their anniversary a few years ago and loved it, so we decided it would be an adventure and perfect for our summer holiday this year!

Week 1;
We stayed in a Riad in the centre of Marrakech which was crazy.  It was over 40 degrees, the food (lamb and prune/chicken and lemon tagines with couscous) was incredible, the souks were mind-blowing – it was crazily busy, with donkeys, motorbikes, and cars trying to squeeze down tiny lanes, little kittens everywhere, beautiful crafts; bags, slippers, jewellery, lanterns in the shops… the atmosphere was incredible (I will never moan at how busy Oxford Street is again!). 
The Riad we stayed in (Riad Afrika) was perfect; we had a woman cook us breakfast (traditional Moroccan pancakes) every morning, as well as a roof terrace, plunge pool in the courtyard, and en suite bedrooms.  We also spent a few hours in Yves Saint Laurent’s garden (Majorelle Garden) which was beautiful and very relaxing.

The souks in the Medina

A gorgeous lantern shop and a view of the main square.

Me being vain on our roof terrace – just look at that view!

Posing next to a cactus in YSL’s garden and being a tourist with my sister and her boyfriend.

Week 2;
The second week was heaven on earth.  Honestly, I have never been anywhere so relaxing, peaceful and beautiful (except maybe The Blue Mountains in Aus!).  We rented a cute Kasbah just outside of Marrakesh (which looked like a sandcastle!), where we had a massive swimming pool all to ourselves, as well as pet peacocks, bunnies, chickens and goats running around.  We also found a scorpion in our bath one day and a praying mantis on our sun lounger the next!  All I did was read, sunbath (with spf50!), swim and feed the peacocks and bunnies, the perfect second part to the holiday.

Feeding pet peacock next to the pool.
The Sandcastle Kasbah we stayed in, and me admiring the bunnies!


I would really recommend visiting Morocco to everyone, it was a great adventure and I definitely want to visit again in a few years.  Next time I want to climb the Atlas Mountains and take more spending money (and a bigger suitcase) so I can decorate my bedroom with lanterns, tassels and gorgeous ornaments.

Have you ever been to Morocco?  Where is your favourite holiday destination?



Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sleek Pout Paints Review & Swatches

I have been looking forward to these hitting Superdrug stores since I first laid eyes upon them at the Sleek ‘Destination S’ event back in February.  Those of you who read that post (here) will know that there was a competition at the event: all of the pout paints were lined up and we were given a pot each to create our very own unique lip colour from the shades available, and the person who created the best shade won a Marc Jacobs watch, and I won!!!


Sleek kindly sent me four of these in the post, but I went out and bought another two shades because I wanted them too (in fact, I want them all, my life won’t be complete until I have them in my possession!).

L-R Peachy Keen, Milkshake, Cloud 9, Lava, Pin up, Peek-a-bloo


These tubes are filled with intensely pigmented lip paints that have a beautiful soft, creamy and moisturizing texture which adds a flash of colour to any outfit.  But the real fun is when you start mixing and creating your own personalized lip shades!


All you need are a few pout paints, a spatula (or a brush or your finger to mix the shades) and a few little pots so you can carry your new customized lip colours around with you (I got a stack of 6 pots from boots for around £2).

Below are a few of my favourite lip colours that I created!
Milkshake & Cloud 9

Cloud 9, Lava & Pin up

Lava, Peachy Keen & Milkshake

What I think: I have always, always wanted to create my own makeup line/range and now I am one step closer with these babies! (Although I still want a few of the pink pout paints so I can mix some intense neon pinks and purples up!).
My favourite shade at the moment is Milkshake, a beautiful creamy pink and I’ve worn this out a few times by itself and I received lots of compliments on it.  Also, the blue shade is perfect for warming colours up and the white is for cooling the shade down, so ultimately you can create any shade you desire.

I think these little tubes are heaven and so affordable for how pigmented they are.  I always wanted to try the OCC Lip Tars which are very similar to these, but now I don’t need to as these are cheaper and more accessible.  They retail at £4.99 each at Superdrug and there is also an offer on at the moment which is 3 for 2! 

Oh, and to apply these onto my lips I use my index finger.  You can use a lip brush but I just find it easier to apply by dabbing it on my lip.

Have you got these Pout Paints yet?  What shade will you create?



Thursday, 11 August 2011


Today is my 23rd BIRTTHDAYYYY!

n612580544_4697094_5740 n612580544_4697212_3778

I’ve had an amazing year being 22; I graduated from university, I lived in London with my best friend, I dated many a men (none where yet special enough!) and my pride and joy that is my blog finally got going!


Tonight I will raise a glass to all my amazing readers as a massive thank you to helping make my 22nd year on earth a memorable one!



Wednesday, 10 August 2011

No7 New Nail Polish Swatches!

Today I am bringing you a whopping 12 swatches of the new No7 nail polishes that have recently launched!  In all of the swatches below I used either two or three coats.


Lucky Lilac (50) – how beautiful is this!  The formula of this polish is perfect, I think I only used two coats above.  A gorgeous pale lilac.

Pinky Pure (160) - a pale, almost white, baby pink.  I think this would look beautiful with tanned skin or for a colourful twist on a French manicure.  Can be a bit streaky but should be fine with four coats.

Disco Nights (370) – when I first saw this in the bottle I was like ‘ew!’, but it looks absolutely stunning on the nails, as you can see in the swatches above.  This really does glisten in the sunlight.

Hot To Trot – This is one of my favourites, a lovely copper gold.  This is the shade that Nail Artist to the stars Jamie Nunn used to create the Antique Marble Effect (seen here), by painting the polish on a sponge and then lightly pressing the sponge onto the nail over another colour!

Cheeky Chops (240) – another of my favourites!  Perfect for spring and summer, a beautiful pink with a hint of peach.

Mojo (230) – This nail polish impressed me; great formula, lovely orange/red colour with a noticeable gold shimmer in the light, very pretty.

Crave Me – Both me and Zoe (from The London Lipgloss) agree that this is the most perfect red for a nail polish!

Perky (260) – The colour in the bottle of this is BEAUTIFUL, but on the nails it is a disaster!  The formula is so watery and after three coats you can still see the actual whites of my nails.  Maybe this would look better painted over a white nail polish?

Jammy (270) – I think this will be a hit in Boots stores, Jammy is a lovely hot pink with a pink shimmery opal effect in the light. 

Devils Delight (190) – a deep red, very sophisticated and mysterious.

Dollar (340) – Another of my favourite, how bloody amazing is this!  Reminds me of mermaids and stormy seas.

Stand Back (300) – this has a great formula and is very pigmented, the colour is perfect for toes!

What I think – I love all of these polishes (with the exception of Perky!) because the formulas are great; they are all extremely pigmented and sit really well on the nail.  For most of the swatches above I only used two coats which is impressive in my opinion.  Each of the polishes also have a new brush applicator which I prefer to the old ones – they are wider so you can almost coat the whole nail in one sweep.  I’m also impressed with the colours, I have never seen a polish like Dollar or Mojo before.  These retail in Boots stores at around £6-7 which I personally think is pricey for a nail varnish, but with Boots vouchers they are much cheaper and with the new formula and brush I guess its worth it!

Do you have any of these new shades?  What’s your favourite out of the bunch?


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