Tuesday, 18 October 2016


I've said it before, but I'll say it again - Illamasqua's new launches are always something to get excited about!  Always ahead of the game with trends and shades, the new Extinct collection is no exception!

This range could not be more perfect for autumn; made up of beautiful burgundies, wine reds and sparkles in a variety of textures to help embrace this season.  I was kindly sent a few things so couldn't wait to review them for you.

First pictured are two eyeshadows, the first being a powder eyeshadow called Cascade, the most stunning white/blue frost (super magical when used with a wet brush - it looks two tone in the light) and the most stunning Pure Pigment named Axolotl which is an almost holographic glitter which looks sublime layered over darker shades.

The Demise palette is of course a show stopper consisting of four eye shadows in different textures and autumnal shades for a stunning look.  My favourite is the shade 'Wilt' a red gold, almost cream-textured shadow.

I also have a new polish named Remains, a purple base packed with the most beautiful golden and red glitter shades (that also looks fab over a darker polish) and we have the Exoskeleton Matte Liquid Lip, which is described as a dusky plum shade!

Everything is available now from Illamasqua stores/counters and online!

What are your favourite makeup shades this autumn?


Thursday, 6 October 2016


Autumn is well and truly upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by embracing those darker, more autumnal shades in your makeup looks!  This is going to be a step by step, paint by numbers tutorial so it’s super easy to follow and recreate at home.  I’m also going to be using solely SEVENTEEN products to create this look - an idea I’ve wanted to experiment with for a really long time (one brand full face makeup looks) so starting with one of my favourite affordable high-street makeup brands.  I've also aptly named this look 'Vamp it up'!

 Step 1:
Apply #1 all over the eyelid to just above the crease of the eye.
Step 2:
Apply #2, a gorgeous almost rose gold cream on the centre and inner corner of the eye
Step 3:
Apply Tattoo Me Liner (#3) and create a winged flick on the top lash line and use a black liner to line top & bottom waterlines
Step 4:
 Take shade #1 underneath the lower lash line and again, place #2 in the centre for a subtle shimmer.
Step 5:
 Use Super Lash mascara (#4) to top and bottom lashes to create a fluttery, sultry look.
Step 6:
 Fill in the brows (#5) with the Sculpting Brow Pencil
Step 7:
Perfect your base by buffing in foundation (#6). I’m using the Stay Time Foundation in Porcelain
Step 8:
Use a highlighting concealer such as the Skin Wow (#7) to cover any remaining blemishes and to highlight under the eye and your brow bone.
Step 9:
Contour with a product of your choice. I’m using the Instant Glow Cream Bronzer (#8) below my cheekbones
Step 10:

Finally, finish with a dark lipstick for an intense vampy look (#9). I’m using Stay Matte in Rioja Your World.

I really enjoyed creating this look as these products are such lovely quality and available for a great price.   SEVENTEEN have also created a new gang of inspiration women, aptly named the #SeventeenSquad to help provide some on-trend makeup inspiration.  If you’d like to see more tutorials like this then check out their social pages as there will be one of these every day!  (Link to twitter, instagram, facebook).

I really hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you’d like to see more like this!

What makeup look would you like to see next?


Thursday, 15 September 2016


Excited today to be showing you some of my current favourite makeup bag must haves from the wonderfully luxurious By Terry.  A brand I've adored for years (you can actually read my first post about them on the blog here!) and one that never fails to make me feel sophisticated and glam.

I literally can not get over how gorgeous these products are!  

I'll start with the lippies - 3 new Hyaluronic Sheer Rouge lip sticks that have not left my makeup bag all summer.  The hyaluronic acid works to moisturise, plump, protect and smooth the lips leaving them with a beautiful wash of colour.  I'm not normally a fan of sheer lipsticks but since being on Roaccutane and suffering from dry lips, these are the only things I can use!  Instead of feeling self conscious about bare, flaky lips, I now feel confident with them looking soft with a sheer colour pop.

Next up are 4 beautiful liquid eyeliners aptly named the Line Designers.  I've never been one to experiment with bright liquid liners but these have had me craving more adventurous makeup looks.  The purple has to be my favourite (I mean seriously, look at those swatches above)!  These are also all waterproof and the applicator tip is perfect for creating a sharp, defined look.

Finally are my favourites - the Sun Designer Palettes!  I just CAN'T get enough of these beauties.  They are real statement pieces - the packaging is luxurious with a velvet pouch for each palette.  Each palette contains 6 shades which can be used together or separately.  The Tan & Flash palette contains brighter, pink shades along with three neutrals to help create a variety of looks but my favourite is the Light & Tan composed of 6 neutrals.  The left hand side contains 3 shimmer/highlight shades which I adore.  I tend to use the darker shade to contour, the lightest shimmer shade to highlight and mix all shades to create a custom neutral blush.  

These products are available from Space NK and online at Feel Unique, Cult Beauty, Harrods etc.  I'm not going to lie - these products are pricey but completely worth it for the high quality of cosmetics and gorgeous packaging.  I'm really looking forward to adding more By Terry products to my collection soon!

Have you got a favourite By Terry product?



Tuesday, 13 September 2016

ROACCUTANE MONTH 3 - Side Effects + My Skin Now

As I'm writing this, I'm officially on my 113th day of taking Roaccutane, the (sometimes controversial) medicine for treating acne!  You can see my first blog post on this here, or alternatively check out all of my monthly YouTube updates on my journey here.

If you've ever been on this medicine, or read up about it you'll know there are a silly amount of side effects that go alongside it!  I was petrified of these side effects when I first started and posts like this were really helpful for me to know what to expect so I hope this helps some of you!

Every month I've encountered countless different side effects (from mood swings, back ache, headaches, eczema etc) so I want to start documenting each month on my blog as well.  Here is my update on month 3 of taking this medicine.  

Month 3 Side effects:

- I really suffered with a dull ache/back pain in my neck for the last few weeks of month 2 and thankfully it only lasted a week into month 3.  It was pretty unbearable, especially in the evenings as I just couldn't get comfortable meaning I couldn't sleep at night!  Joint and muscle pain is a common accutane side effect (I guess because it dries the oil between your joints so friction is more intense).  Really glad this hasn't made a reappearance! 

- A new side effect in month three was extremely sensitive and itchy skin.  If I had the tiniest nip or scratch my skin would really mark and break a lot easier.  I headbutted a stack of paper magazines one day and it took a layer of skin off my forehead!  My body has been covered in scratch marks because my skin is so itchy and a lot more sensitive than usual.  I've also developed eczema patches on my arms and legs.

- The worst side effect (that I can partly blame on the medicine) was an eye infection.  I knew that accutane can make you more septable to eye infections and unluckily I got conjunctivitus in both eyes whilst on holiday (I should note I've only had it once before when I was a child - 20 years ago).  I think it was a combination of my eyes being super dry from the medicine, as well as the dry weather in Croatia and that I held a kitten a few days before and I might be a little allergic.  It was horrendous, I had swollen, itchy, gunky wet eyes and couldn't wear makeup for almost 2 weeks!

-  I've also been feeling a little emotional over the past month.  Depression is yet another common side effect which I think I've been experiencing slightly.  I'm very sensitive (much more than normal), feel very low some days and find it hard to contain anger or upset.  This is getting better (month 3 was super stressful as I'd just moved house) and I'm hoping this will lessen now that life isn't so stressful!

Before and Afters:

 Here are the before and afters - the first day I started taking the medicine and the first day of month 4.  These pictures and seeing the improvements in my skin make the side effects so worth it.  Every day I'm feeling more confident and comfortable in my skin and the amount of compliments I'm getting is just incredible!

I hope this has helped some of you also in your third month!  I'll update you again at the end of month 4!

Katie xxx
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