Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Being able to work closely with some of my favourite makeup brands is one of my absolute favourite things about my job, and last week I definitely had one of those pinch me moments!

I was asked by SEVENTEEN (by far one of the best makeup brands on the highstreet in my opinion, for their incredible quality yet affordable beauty products that won’t break the bank) if I would like to hold an event with them for the first ever Blogger Network meet up.  I of course said yes.

The event was set out to be super inspiring and something I would have loved to have attended when I first started out blogging.  There was a YouTube/Google expert there giving a talk on his ‘10 Tips Every Beauty Vlogger Should Know” (seriously fantastic advice and guidance) and I also gave a talk about my blogging journey to becoming a full time content creator.  I added in my top tips for growing your blog (which I might actually make a video about soon as the feedback from beauty bloggers was really positive) and overall there was just such a inspiring feel for the evening. 

Not only that, but celeb makeup artist Vanesa Guallar was there doing makeup demonstrations on this year’s hottest makeup trends.  I’ve actually known Vanesa for years now and she’s someone I always go to for beauty advice (anyone remember this post) so to see these makeup looks come to life with SEVENTEEN products was mesmerising!

My favourite trend of the evening was definitely ‘Sci-fi Skin’ – a beautifully natural makeup look of which it’s main focus is a metallic, dewy sheen, so skin is left looking glowing.  I’m also a massive fan of SEVENTEEN’s new Mega Matte Lipsticks to create the Bold Lips trend.  These lippies retail at £4.49 each and come in 12 beautiful shades to create stunning statement lips.

If you’re an emerging beauty blogger who wants to meet new bloggers, get inspiration and share posts then I really recommend joining the SEVENTEEN Blogger Network – it’s a fantastic platform and hopefully I’ll get to meet you at future events! 

What’s your favourite SEVENTEEN makeup product?


Monday, 15 August 2016


It has admittedly taken me far too long to write this but it's because it's such an important subject to me that I want to do my story justice!

I guess I'll start by saying that I have had acne for 10 years.  The years I should have been my most confident were ruined by the fact I had horrendous cystic acne.  I've always been outgoing in social situations but inside, would always be deeply embarrassed about my face and paranoid that people were staring.

I tried countless long term courses of antibiotics (some of which made me really ill) as well as daily topical creams which burned and dried my skin out).  I also experimented with cutting things out in my diet, excerising, drinking more water, switching up my skincare regimes and none of these helped lessen the blemishes on my face.  After 10 years of this my doctor finally referred me to a dermatologist for a medicine called Roaccutane.  

Because of it's intense side effects and the fact that you must not get pregnant whilst on the medication, it means monthly visits to the dermatologist for check ups, blood tests and pregnancy tests.  I'm not going to lie, it's an intense drug!

I decided from the start that I wanted to document my journey on this medicine for a number of reasons:

1) So I could document and compare how my skin was changing on a daily basis, to either give myself or other acne sufferers some hope!
2) To get rid of some of the bad stigma surrounding this medicine and to show the reality of it.
3) To emphasise that it's okay to show your imperfections - no one is perfect and hopefully this will help some people going through the same thing.

I am now currently three months into my Roaccutane journey but I still have 5 more months to go so still lots of content to come.

Each month there will be 2 Roaccutane based videos on my YouTube channel.  The first will be a recap of the side effects over the previous month with before and after pictures so you can see how my skin is improving.  The 2nd video will be a 'daily skin vlog' where I have filmed my bare skin every day to show how it's changing daily.  

You can watch month 1 & 2 here:

If you have watched, shared, commented or supported any of these videos, thank you so much.  I really appreciate everyone's support and positivity.  The feedback has been so overwhelming and I couldn't be more grateful to have such beautiful humans watching my journey.

I wanted to ask here if you guys would like written update posts from each month as well as the videos?  I'm unsure of wether to write updates from the first two months as they've already been and gone but happy to write up monthly going forward - just let me know!

Lots of love,

Katie xx


Saturday, 2 July 2016

Life Update - July 2016

I haven't done a personal/life update post in a while so I thought I'd lay it all down on my blog for today's post.

Perhaps my biggest news is that in 2 weeks time Andrew and I are moving out of our cute maisonette in zone 2 of London!  We've lived here for almost 2 years now and despite how much I adore it and the area (we really do have everything on our doorstep) we've decided to upgrade a little!  We'll still be renting, but we're moving to a two bedroom (and two bathroom!!! so bloody excited), flat in zone 3.  A bit further out and still in East London but we're getting lots more space for our money which means I can finally have an office!  

Working at home full time can really blur the lines between work and play/chill time, especially as I've currently been working on my blog/Youtube channel from my bed for the past year, and so I can't wait to now have an official office space to work from.  I can't express how excited I am to get in there and organise my life so I'm counting down the days!
Also - I really want to de-clutter my life in my new home (everything from makeup to clothes) so I'm thinking of creating a de-cluttering series, what are your thoughts on this?

We also now officially have less than 1 year till our wedding!  Today is actually 11 months to the day (2nd June 2017) and I can't believe how quickly it's going!  We've pretty much sorted and booked all of the big things now (still need to confirm catering though) but the butterflies have started to really creep in.  Nearer to the time I'll be doing lots more wedding content (from trying to find my wedding makeup/perfume to DIY wedding favours etc) so do follow on bloglovin and YouTube if you'd like to see this.

I'm planning a blog re-vamp/re-design/re-fresh over the next few months.  I want to up my blogging game as recently YouTube has really had my full attention so once the whole move is over I'm going to get my grubby mitts on making this a new lovely space on the internet.  Do let me know if there's anything you'd like to see, new, old, or things you'd like changing!  I've also had some brilliant new consistent content ideas for this blog and my channel so please do stick around!

Whilst writing this up I've realised how much I used to enjoy creating these posts so I'll be sure to make them more of a regular feature!

I hope you're all well, lots of love!

Katie x 

Wednesday, 29 June 2016


So as you may have heard NYX has made it's way to highstreet stores in the UK... something I couldn't have been more excited about!  There have been so many NYX products I've wanted for a really long time so as soon as they launched I rushed out and splurged a little!

One of the things I most wanted to get my hands on were the Soft Matte Lip Cremes and after browsing their stand in Selfridges for over half an hour, these were the four I settled on!

L-R Athens, London, Stockholm, Morocco

I think you'll agree these are just stunning!  They are so pigmented but at the same time their formula is super creamy and just a delight to apply to the lips.

The three nudes I picked up look similar in the packaging but are all really different.  Athens has become my go-to lip shade and the one I reach for the most.  It really reminds me of my all time favourite lipstick which is Barely There by Sleek Makeup - it's practically identical but in liquid form - a peachy pink nude.

London is a beautiful brown nude, almost like a milky mocha shade which is very 'in' right now, and Stockholm is almost a mix of the two - a pinky brown nude.  I then obviously had to pick up Morocco as I'm obsessed with orange toned red matte lipsticks (Illamasqua's Exotic being really similar but almost triple the price).

I really can't fault these products.  They are really affordable at £5.50 each, come in such a gorgeous variety of shades (there really is something for everyone) and they are moisturising on the lips as opposed to other matte lipsticks that cling to any dry patches.  I can't wait to purchase some more (I can see this becoming an addiction)!

Have you tried the NYX Matte Lip Cremes?  Which of these is your favourite?

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