Maison Margiela Perfume Reviews!

Every time I visit Selfridges I make a b-line for the Maison Margiela Replica fragrance counter. I am obsessed with not just the look of these fragrances in their glass bottles with linen labels, but also the names of each fragrance and the scents themselves. The Replica range of fragrances aim to tell a story with every spritz and as someone who feels so nostalgic about perfume, I love this concept. Today I’m reviewing some of their perfumes for those of you on the hunt for a new scent.

Whispers in the Library ()- The description of this scent on the bottle is ‘Paper and Waxed Wood’ and before even smelling this scent I KNEW I’d love it. It’s woody, vanilla, powdery with a hint of spice and to me it is perfection. My dream of smelling like a book shop come true – a sweet, woody dream. My only wish is that it lasted a little longer on me. Addictive, sexy, sophisticated and comforting, it’s love!

Springtime in A Park ()- I’m not a huge fan of floral fragrances, I’m much more a dark, amber, spice kinda gal, but there’s something about Springtime in a Park I really like. It’s not overpoweringly and old-fashioned-ly floral, but with notes of pear, Lily of the Valley and base notes of ambrox and vanilla, it’s so easy to wear and smells gorgeous on skin, drying down to a sweet balanced floral. It’s a female and male fragrance developed to capture a green city oasis in the spring.

Lazy Sunday Morning ()- with a description of soft skin and bed linen, I think this is a universally liked scent. It’s fresh, powdery with a hint of musk with top notes of Lily of the Valley and pear, middle notes of Rose and iris and base notes of white musk and patchouli. I read a review of this where the musk in this scent is described as ‘ almost like kitten fur’ which I love! It’s a spring, summer fragrance which starts fruity and develops into a clean powdery musk.

I also treated myself to the tester set from Cult Beauty (), for £33 you can have a little sample of their whole Replica collection. Through trying the samples I have found two more fragrances I absolutely adore and will be saving up for the full size – firstly By The Fireplace.

Man, oh man, By the Fireplace () is my DREAM scent in a bottle. It smells like you’ve been sat infront of a crackling open fire with a book and a glass of wine which to me is perfection. This fragrance won’t be for everyone, but with notes of pink pepper, cloves, chestnut, wood and vanilla, it’s smokey and sexy and full of fire. I love that not many women could pull this fragrance off (it’s definitely more of a male scent) but one I would wear daily with confidence.

Another fragrance I discovered in the tester kit is Jazz Club (). Again it’s smokey with notes of tobacco leaf and vanilla, it has rum, pepper and notes of lemon – the perfect soft, spicy and aromatic fragrance designed to enrapture cigarettes in a jazz club. It’s named a masculine scent but I’d encourage all to wear this and see how it feels on their skin, it’s definitely sweet too!

Let me know if you’ve tried the brand before and what your favourite scent is!

Lots of love,
Katie x

Contains gifted sample and some bought myself

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