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I am a HUGE lover of SPF and wear it every single day, even in the winter, to help protect my skin from UVA (aging) and UVB (burning) ultra violet light. And one of the questions I get asked most frequently on Instagram is what SPF do I recommend.

I’ve decided to gather some I really rate and link them here in this post for you! SPF’s tend to be slightly pricey but in my opinion, are massively worth it!

Kate Somerville UncompliKated SPF50 Spray – A GENUIS product that I’ve been loving since it’s launch this summer – a spray on can of SPF 50 which you can spray direct on top of makeup/when out and about. It’s the best I’ve found to top up throughout the day, providing you use it correctly (spray the right distance away from the face to ensure you apply enough to protect your skin).

La Roche Posay Effalcar H SPF 30 – This is my most reached for SPF as it’s a great skincare moisturiser with the added benefit of SPF30. It’s thick but sinks in quickly and product applies effortlessly on top of it! The La Roche Posay Effaclar range was created for oily, acne-prone skin too so I don’t have to worry about spots with this!

Ren Clean Screen Mineral Sunscreen SPF – This SPF is fab because it’s non-clogging and most importantly magnifying – perfect for hot summers days especially if you’re wearing makeup. Includes Zinc Oxide to block & reflect UVA/B rays and rice starch gives a matte appearance without leaving skin dry.

Kate Somerville Mineral Sunscreen SPF – Another one I love wearing underneath makeup because it’s fragrance free, contains no alcohol and leaves my skin soft, smooth and almost has a blurring effect. I haven’t noticed this myself as I’m super pale but I’ve read reviews that it leaves a slight white cast so something to be aware of!

Kiehls Ultra Light Daily UV Defense – This is my second bottle of this SPF and I adore it because it contains SPF 50 and is super easy to apply and moisturise into the skin. It’s non-comedogenic, sinks in quickly and leaves my skin really soft with it’s light texture.

Murad City Skin Age Defence SPF 50 – I think this might the thickest SPF in this blog post but I really adore it. The colour of this is a peachy tint which helps with colour correction as well as a dose ov vitamin C to brighten skin. The finishing texture on the skin is kind of powdery, which you’ll love if you have oily skin. Perfect if you want a mineral sunscreen as opposed to a chemical one!

Eucerin SPF – I love Eucerin SPF for both my face AND body, but this is great as it’s water resistant *saying that, you should still top up throughout the day, it’s fragrance free and non comedogenic which is great for blemish prone skin.

Murad Essential-C day Moisturiser Environmental Shield SPF30 – I love this SPF because it has added skincare benefits, which features a skin repair system to improve radiance, firmness and elasticity over time. It’s also a really lovely cream which leaves skin slightly more shiny than the others, but great if you have dry skin. I’ve never noticed a white cast with this either!

I hope this has helped some of you find a new SPF! Lots of love!

K x

Contains some ad gifted product and affiliate links

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