5 Things I learnt at my first pole dancing class

Earlier this year I had a bit of a wild month where I went crazy for fitness and signed myself up to lots of quirky, unique workout classes.  Along with anti-gravity yoga & aerial pop fit,  one of the classes I was most excited to try was pole dancing.  I guessed that as well as being an incredible full body work out, it also looks really fun and is a great party trick to have under my belt.

I booked my class for an early Saturday morning at the London Dance Academy and was immediately nervous as I got there when I realised my other class members had come in pairs of friends!  I immediately regretted not dragging my sister along with me but tried to remain as confident as possible swinging around the pole alone!  I thought I’d put together a list of the things I learnt from my first class for those of you who are considering it too!

My First Class!

My Second Class!

On to the things I learnt…

1. This is merely a practical one, but wear shorts! I didn’t know this and trotted along to the class in leggings which I then had to roll up past my knees, resulting in feeling like my I had sausages as legs and like blood circulation had been cut off at my knees.  Save the pain and come in shorts – you need the grip from your legs to help you work the pole.

2. There’s no need to be embarrassed!  Everyone in your class is probably just as nervous but you’re all there for the same reason so let your hair down and enjoy it!

3. Pole is an incredible way of exercising and I have honestly never ached as much in my life as the day after my class.  It doesn’t feel too strenuous at the time but I  muscles I never even knew I had were put into action (despite 3 years of trapeze classes!) and it left me feeling really strong & motivated to keep it up!

4.  You’ll meet a lot of like minded women/friends who just want to have a laugh whilst exercising!  Going to an exercise class isn’t the most obvious way to make friends but the girls in my class and I really bonded after only an hour together, so much so that we hang around chatting for an extra 20 minutes after the class had finished… so you might just meet your new bestie!

5.  It can help with confidence.  Not only is it exercise so it makes you feel better about yourself, but it’s also sexy and it left me feeling really strong and confident within myself!



I enjoyed my first lesson so much that I actually went to my second pole class last night and had a blast.  I’m quite unflexible but I felt confident and sexy after learning the routine we were taught.  I’d highly recommend to anyone th`at wants a fun way to exercise!

Have you tried pole dancing before?

Katie xxx


  1. July 19, 2018 / 6:58 pm

    I feel like no.4 is the real reason why I have always contemplated going! A lot of people at my University used to do it

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  2. July 20, 2018 / 9:51 pm

    Ah this sounds like such a fun and different workout. Will definitely give it a try.


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