Life Update (July 2018)

We’re now more than half way through 2018 (what the actual hell).  I feel like this year is slipping through my fingers and I’m already regretting not making the most of it!  I wanted to do a life update post today as things are about to massively change in my life and I know I’ll look back at this time fondly; I just want to document it before it all changes.

1. The first big news (you’ll know if you watch my weekly vlogs) is that I’m moving house!  This is really bitter sweet for me because I absolutely adore my flat and the location I’m in at the moment, but it’s time for a fresh start and I couldn’t be more excited.  I’m moving into the most gorgeous three bed house (with a garden!) with two of my besties from school.  I have just over a couple of weeks before I pick up the keys so I need to knuckle down with packing up my life at any given oppurtunity now which is both fun yet terrifying.

One thing that I’m particularly getting excited about is interior inspo for my new bedroom!  I’ve chosen a really cute colour palette and have lots of ideas for how I want the room to look so I’ll update you with that once I’m settled!

2. Along with the move, I’m determined to TRY and downsize my possessions.  I’ve said before that I’m a hoarder – I find it really difficult to let go of things (I think I’m mostly worried about waste) but I’m trying.  I’m looking into doing a boot sale with my parents and I’m also selling lots of clothes and shoes/bags on depop (you can see what I’m selling here).  I’ve been listening to The Minimalist’s podcast whilst I sort through my house and am obsessed with watching decluttering videos on YouTube as they always inspire me, so hopefully I’ll start making good progress soon!

3. Last week I visited my favourite salon – Samantha Cusick, for a much needed hair makeover.  We decided on a gorgeous dark grey/purple shade and we also cut my center parting in – goodbye fringe!  I’ve literally had a fringe for my ENTIRE life so this is a massive change for me but I love it.  I feel a lot more mature and classy with my new hairstyle, just in time for my birthday next month…

4. Yup, I have less than a month left in my 20’s as I turn the big three-oh mid August.  I haven’t had the dread that most experience before turning this age (yet) but have started scouring the pages of instagram looking at botox ‘before and afters’ so maybe the realisation (and panic) is finally kicking in!  I’m celebrating by throwing a party and can’t wait to celebrate with all of my favourite people in one room!

So the next life update I write will be from a new desk in a new house with a new age… I’m looking forward to sharing this new chapter of my life with you all!

Katie x


  1. July 13, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    I’m loving the centre parting! As I turned 29, I was dreading my 30s, but it’s been amazing so far and I’m not bothered about turning 34 in 6 weeks! xx

  2. July 14, 2018 / 7:16 pm

    Congratulations on moving into the new house (soon)! As a long time viewer of your channel – and as a devout minimalist – the one thing you have to be careful with is hauling/shopping. You make such great progress decluttering but then you go shopping the next day and start to fill your house back up again with needless things. If you truly want to lighten your load and declutter, you need to stop shopping, babe.

  3. July 19, 2018 / 6:50 pm

    Good luck with the house move! And happy birthday! My other half turns 30 in August too 😛

    Katie |

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