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Hair Masks!

I’ve been bleaching my roots once a month for the past six years now (since I was 16) and I’ll admit that I have very strong, thick hair.  Its never fallen out, it holds the bleach very well and its…


Shiny TV!

So around a year ago I did a little ‘whats in your make-up bag’ video for Kiss and Makeup.tv! Here it is!I still use most of the same products daily, but maybe soon I’ll do an updated one!!Enjoy! XX


My first attempt at a tutorial video…

I must say, all you youtube make-up gurus out there are blessed! Blessed with making the vids look so easy to do and by still looking cool at the same time! I tried one myself the other day and failed…


Rimmel Extra Super Lash Review!

This is one of my favourite mascaras for building beautiful beautiful long lashes!  I bought it after trawling through many mascara reviews on Make-up Alley.com as it was one of the top rated.  For around £4.99 as well its very…


Bad day!

Today has been soooo rubbish for me. I broke my new digital camera in the studio today, which means I can’t take any pictures at the moment for this blog! I have another digital camera being repaired already… my fingers…


Mascara Review!

I’m always on a quest for the perfect mascara, and I find good ones so hard to find so I’ll be documenting the ‘befores’ and ‘afters’ of ones I’ve tried!I hate my eyelashes, they are tiny and quite fair and…


Pink Nail Varnish!

I love nailvarnish! You will never catch me without it on, so I will be posting weekly my favourite, with swatches and a small review on each. Today I’m reviewing two of my favourite pink nailvarnishes, one Barry M and…


Some Looks!

So here are some looks I’ve done recently. Now that I’m back in my flat in London I’ll have more time and peace to do some videos! I hope you like these looks! If you have any look requests then…


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