Rimmel Extra Super Lash Review!

FEB 2010 011

This is one of my favourite mascaras for building beautiful beautiful long lashes!  I bought it after trawling through many mascara reviews on Make-up Alley.com as it was one of the top rated.  For around £4.99 as well its very affordable!

FEB 2010 012

The brush is a small and delicate cone kinda shape allowing you to reach the tiny eyelashes with the smaller end.  As it isn’t a thick brush it doesn’t leave nasty clumpy lashes, but instead long, natural and luscious!

One Coat

FEB 2010 033

(Sorry for the scary looking eye! My old digital camera isn’t up to scratch and the pictures aren’t as nice to look at!)

FEB 2010 043

FEB 2010 035

One coat really lengthens my lashes, adds a nice deep black colour and generally makes them stand out more in a noticeable way.

Two Coats

FEB 2010 045

FEB 2010 046

Two coats adds a lot more volume and makes the lashes thicker making them more dramatic.  (I need to comb my lashes through, sorry!)


The packaging is very and handy, it fits perfectly in my makeup bag.  I’d recommend this mascara to everyone, its definitely in my top 3! XX

P.S I bought this hat the other day and I’m obsessed with it! Yes or no??!

FEB 2010 006



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