Body Shop’s Spring Trend!

So for every season, The Body Shop release a limited edition make-up collection, (Link to my reviews on the Winter Trend collection!), which I’m always so excited for.  This year might possibly be my favourite collection they’ve ever released!

So firstly we have my favourite item in the collection…

Shimmer Cubes Palette 19!

FEB 040 FEB 043

How bloody beautiful are these colours! I fell in love when I first saw them. 

The colours are Top L-R Emerald Sea, Sea Shell, Bottom L-R Hushed Orchid, Sparkling Sky

If you’ve ever seen any of the shimmer cubes before, you’ll know that each of these eyeshadows are literally cubes, and will last ages, so at £16 for four cubes, you’re definitely getting you’re moneys worth!

FEB 062

My favourites have to be Sea Shell and Emerald Sea, I don’t think I have ever seen a green eyeshadow so beautiful.  It looks more like a teal in real life.  So I’ve been experimenting with these and love to layer them over the top of liquid or kohl eyeliner on the top lid.  I’ve yet to take of EOTDs but I will very soon using these, but before then…

FEB 070

Here is a piccy with some examples.  At the bottom we have the blue and green eyeshadows over the body shops blue kohl, and at the top we have each colour layered over black liquid liner.  These pictures really do not do these colours justice, I apologise!

The rest of the range is gorgeous aswell.  If you check the website you’ll see images of a tiny cute blush compact puff – which you basically unscrew and puff the sponge onto your cheeks for colour – the powder is inside.  It has a mirror on it, and so saves you carrying around a mirror, blusher brush, and product, as its all in one. 

They’ve also re-designed their lip glosses, which I love.  The packaging is now decorated with tiny hearts, there are a few extra colours to choose from and they are now named ‘love gloss’ aha!

FEB 052

FEB 055

And the main added feature is the new applicator.  A lot of lip glosses seem to have this feature and I do prefer it.  As the brush is bigger its takes less time to apply the gloss, and its pretty to look at.

The colour I have is Fuchsia Flush and they’re all £9.50.  The formula seems pretty similar to their last glosses, its extra moisturizing and I’ll admit a tiny bit sticky, but not as much as their hi-shine glosses!

FEB 060 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you think about them!


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