The Body Shop’s New Shimmer Cubes!

I totally did not know The Body Shop were bringing out new Shimmer Cubes until I trotted in to work one day and saw them staring at me looking all beautiful.  I couldn’t help but bring my camera in before my next shift to take some photographs of the swatches for you girls!  

TBS have only had two permanent shimmer cubes for the past few years (the brown one and the silver and purple one) and although they brought out a couple of limited edition ones in the meantime, new additions to the permanent line were well over due.  So here we are –


On every image below I’ve done one swatch of each colour with a dry eye shadow brush, and another swatch of each shade with a wet eye shadow brush.  These shimmer cubes are best used when wet (they still blend well when wet) and they dry as normal after each use.  To do this you literally just wet the brush, dab off excess dripping water and create a paste with the cube you want to use. 

Shimmer Cubes palette #23 (purple)


A nice selection of purples – looks great when used together to create a smokey eye.  I did a smokey purple eye on a customer using this palette and if I do say so myself it looked AMAZING.  (However this cube has the most fall-out  out of all the palettes in this post, but nothing a sweep of a brush can’t sort out!)

Shimmer Cubes palette # 20 (blue)


My favourite of the bunch (I think)!  TBS did a very similar shimmer cube to this two years ago although one of the colours was slightly different (the black I think) and I’m so glad they’ve re-launched & updated it.  If you could see these swatches up close I think you’d faint with how beautiful they are – literally so shimmery and beautiful.  The sparkling black, dark navy blue and silvers look absolutely stunning together.  I LOVE this!

Shimmer Cubes palette # 22 (green)


Greeeeeennnn!!  This reminds me of mermaids and I think its so beautiful.  The colours used dry are actually pretty similar when used wet which is excellent.  I love the grey green in this as well as the teal blue. 

What I think – I adore these new cubes, I love the packaging and the fact that you can remove individual cubes (so if you have all palettes you can create your own!) and I love how deep each cube is – they last forever!  At £16 a palette they are quite pricey but if you think about the fact that individual eye shadows at TBS are around £8 (and slim, not much product) then you’re actually getting a bargain for four big ‘uns.  There is also a deal on in store that if you buy one shimmer cube you can get another half price which is pretty good, but I’m not sure how long the offer will last for.

TBS have also bought out little leaflets to go with each shimmer cube with an impressive (and beautiful) smokey eye using the shades.  Inside the leaflet are instructions to follow at home on how to recreate the look – this is such a good idea and the diagrams are really easy to follow so you can copy these looks at home by your self!  (Terrible pictures below, but its the best I could do!).


Have you got your hands on any of the new shimmer cubes yet?  Which is your favourite?




  1. July 26, 2011 / 1:47 pm

    I really want a blue one or a chocolate one – yet another thing to add to my endless Body Shop wish list!

  2. July 26, 2011 / 2:47 pm

    chocolate box looks gorgeous!

  3. July 26, 2011 / 2:51 pm

    Might have to buy a couple of these! I especially love the blue and purple, such gorgeous colours! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  4. July 26, 2011 / 4:46 pm

    I haven't tried them out yet, but I love the chocolate box and it's colors. I think it would be super versatile. Might have to give it a shot now!


  5. July 26, 2011 / 7:01 pm

    Oooh I used to have one of these years ago! I love the look of the Chocolate Box… will have to check it out, thanks!

  6. July 26, 2011 / 9:06 pm

    I'm so, so excited!!! The best news I've had in months! (makeup-wise, lol)

    I'm a massive fan of the shimmer cubes; I only own the two permanent palettes, as anything LE turns me off- I want my makeup to be available IF I ever finish one up and I want to repurchase!

    Only thing is, I hope-hope-hope all 3 palettes to make it to my country! I don't know why, but there's ALWAYS a couple of items from a new makeup launch that are missing, someone decides not to ship them here… Why, oh why???

    Loooooved this post and it made my day! Thx Katie!


  7. July 26, 2011 / 9:21 pm

    I really like the darkest one …Its perfect<:)

  8. July 27, 2011 / 4:51 am

    The purple one seems covetable. but what the hell were they thinking? The looks on the packagings are terrible! That's how a 5-years old would apply and even then she'd be more creative with the colors 😀

  9. July 27, 2011 / 12:59 pm

    i really like themm! my mum has one of the old shimmer cubes and i love it and i need to get my hands on these ones hehe;L
    check out my blog?

  10. July 27, 2011 / 6:41 pm

    I think these three look amazing. I haven't bought make-up from The Body Shop in years though I've got some old stuff that is fantastic.

  11. July 28, 2011 / 2:28 am

    i like the green shimmer cube.i might get my hands on these 🙂
    The Fashion Cycle

  12. July 29, 2011 / 6:42 pm

    I have a deeper appreciation for the quality of TBS products thanks to your blog! Your blog is so beautifully made. Please follow me on my new blog:


  13. February 15, 2012 / 8:20 pm

    I have the blue 🙂 I love it.

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