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I was very naughty the other day, as you can see!  I had a few hours to spare before work the other day and accidentally managed to pick these up in Boots.  I got to Lakeside (the shopping centre I work in) early as – if any one reads my twitter they will know – link) I’ve been having the most terrible migrany-headaches ever, constantly for the past week.  I felt constantly dizzy, my head was terrible and my right eye was going blurry, so I went to the opticians to get it checked out in case my eyes were the problem.  Thankfully, my eyes are fine and that’s not the cause of the headaches, but I found out I do have a stigmatism in both my eyes! Scary huh! It just means my eyes are not the right round shape, they are kinda shaped like a cone rugby ball instead. 

ANYWAY – Sorry for waffling, as I said I stopped off in Boots and to make myself feel better I bought a few bits.  There was an offer on – 3 for 2 on all L’Oreal Paris products, and if you spent £15 on L’Oreal you got a free goodie bag!

I bought

  • Infallible long lasting perfecting foundation in Porcelain (My Holy Grail Foundation – the lightest one I have found for a good price, this is a back up for when my other one runs out)
  • Voluminous 4x Volume building mascara (I’ve been wanting to try this for ages after seeing it on lots of blogs!)
  • Colour Riche Lipstick in 102 Sugar Rose (I didn’t know what else to get so I picked this up!)

And in the Gift with Purchase I received

  • De-maq Expert Milk to Toner 2 in 1 Make-up remover
  • Cellular-Nurturing Day Cream SPF 15
  • Cellular-Nurturing Night Cream
  • True Match foundation in N4 Beige
  • Limited Edition Colour Rich Lipstick in 721
  • A cute pink clutch bag!

Okay, the  main reason I wanted the gift is for the lipstick – ya see, this aint any old lipstick, this was specially designed for Eva Longoria to wear on her Wedding day! OOOhhhhhh yeaaaahhh!  And it is limited edition only with this gift!  I can tell you know, I ADORE this lipstick, it is a gorgeous pinky nude which I’m sure would suit any woman on her wedding day!

  april makeup 1 056 april makeup 1 048

It even has her signature on the packaging!  The above picture is the best I could get of it, as it is almost identical to my own lip pigmentation.  It feels very silky and moisturizing and silky and I really like it!

I haven’t yet tried the other samples; the foundation sample is too dark and my skincare routine is okay at the moment, so I’ll save them for a rainy day.  I also adore the clutch bag, it has really grown on me, it fits everything I use day to day nicely!

The other lipstick I picked up –

april makeup 1 064 april makeup 1 072

I’m quite impressed with this product, its super silky feeling, its like a lip balm but with a gorgeous pigmented pink colour.  You can tell from the swatch above how moisturizing the lipstick looks, and the colour is really pretty.

All these bits only cost me £17 – for the foundation and mascara as I got the lipstick free in the 3 for 2, and the other bits free in the GWP.  So I think I grabbed a very good bargain!  I will review and swatch the mascara once I’ve finished my current one and let you know what I think. 

Oh ALSO – I bought something with my £2 off Revlon voucher in Boots as well, and I love it

Revlon Super Lustrous Lip-gloss in 21 Pink Crystals



The colour I chose probably isn’t the most exciting, there were definitely brighter, more daring shades to choose from which I am sure I will pick up soon, but the sparkling pink peach drew me in.  This makes my lips shimmer and dazzle and also makes them look a lot fuller, probably down to the sparkles.  The gloss really fills my lips in, it smoothes the creases in my lips and makes them look smooth and juicy.  The smell in the tube is quite nice but it disappears as soon as you pop it on yr lips.  This gloss is very sticky so I won’t use this on windy days, but I can’t wait to wear this over a peach lipstick in the summer!

I’d love to know what you guys are buying with your Boots vouchers, Let me know!! X



  1. April 5, 2010 / 5:15 pm

    is it just me or does the de-maq range stuff just smell amazing?! x

  2. April 5, 2010 / 5:30 pm

    Wow I'm so jealous! What a bargain!
    The lipsticks you got were lovely. I got a £2 off revlon voucher but I have lost it 🙁


  3. April 5, 2010 / 9:35 pm

    That demaq expert remover is awesome! One of the best make up removers out ther IMO. Great deal 🙂

  4. April 6, 2010 / 4:44 pm

    I know I should be commenting on the products here, but Katie, you have amazing lips! The kind celebs would pay for!

    Very poutalicious 🙂


  5. April 7, 2010 / 1:16 pm

    Hey, I’ve nominated your blog for a Sunshine Award 🙂
    You can see the post here for details:
    Thanks for writing a great blog 🙂

  6. April 8, 2010 / 11:26 am

    Jane – I've just smelt it and it smells pretty good!! I'll have to see what they smell like when I've used it!

    Hattie – Go get it!! The other colours are gorgeous aswell, they have a bright pink and orange!

    LoveLaughLauren – Oh no!! You can have one of mine, I need to stop spending so much!! aha!

    Lucie – Ohhh I will try is asap, I'm always looking for something to take all my eye makeup off!

    Lauren – Hahaha Thank you sooo much! Tehy're abit bulbous but okay for wearing bright lippies! XX

  7. April 8, 2010 / 11:31 am

    New to your blog and I loves it! Great reviews, in fact I have written down this current bundle to go check out my self. that colour riche has got me intrigued and I also just got the revlon, really looks sweet on! following you now, great work!



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