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When an invite for a brand spanking new makeup brand launch landed on my doorstep a few months ago I was very excited.  Not only was the event to be hosted in one of my favourite restaurants in London, but it was a chance to see the new range before anyone else – I had to go!

AKA (standing for ‘also known as’) is a new range designed on releasing the ‘other you’.  The basic idea is that all products currently available, work together to create three looks depending on what most suits your mood at the time – Demure (pretty and classic), Smokey (sultry & sexy) or Carnival (outrageous and fun).  The range is quite small at the moment (with hopes to expand) but consists of a few basic products for everyday use, but also includes a few stunning and colourful products for those who like a little bit of fun.


Nail Polish £5
I arrived super early to the event (I was the first person there!!) so I settled down with a drink and had a manicure!
I chose this bright bubblegum pink shade which is aptly named ‘Candy Floss’.  The first coat of the polish looked a little streaky, but after two coats (in the photograph above) the colour was intense and vibrant.  At the moment there are 12 nail polishes in the AKA range ranging from a bright blue, to a glitter topcoat to a sexy red – the basics for every look. 

Next up are the eyeshadow quad palettes and blushers!

Eyeshadow Quad Palettes £9.50
The eye shadows are surprisingly pigmented and I love the three colour palette variations.  I’d love to see a more neutral brown palette and maybe a green & gold palette in the collection too.

Blushers £7
I adore the the 6 blushers available.  I think the colours are absolutely lovely (my favourites are ‘Natural Glow’ and ‘Innocent Blush’ [bottom left]).  They are all pigmented so a little sweep with a brush will leave you with the most beautiful flush of colour.

Eyeshadow Duos £7
These eyeshadow duos are probably my favourite thing from the collection – just look at how pigmented and stunning the powders are!  I adore the blue, green and silvery black/grey duos and would love them in my collection.  I love that you can sweep the lighter colour on your eyes for the day, and totally transform the look in the evening by adding the darker shade into the crease of the eye or into your lash line for a smokey, smouldering look.

Lip Liners £5.50
There are three lip liners in the current range, my favourite being the light, natural pink shade.  It matches my lips perfectly so I will definitely be purchasing that one.  I also love that they are twist up pencils so you don’t loose product whilst sharpening. 

Eye Pencils £5.50
Again, like the Lip Pencils, the eye liners come in a twist up format which makes them very easy to use.  All three are soft and easy to apply and all three are nice basic colours to have in your collection.

Lip Gloss – £7
I think these will be a big hit because they colours are gorgeous, and because they aren’t sticky or tacky AT ALL!  They have quite a weird formula, but it almost reminds me of a lip stain which leaves you with a liquid-y wash of colour.  They are easily buildable, and I also think they’d look lovely over the top of a lipstick! 

Swatches top to bottom – Crushed, L’Amour, Harlot, Bewitch

Lipstick – £7.50
I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE LIPPIES!!  They are beautiful soft, pigmented, simple and just gorgeous!  My favourite colour out of the 12 available is the bright pink (second swatch from the top) which I *think* is called L’Amour. 

Also in the range are liquid liners (not great to be honest – very watery and not a great amount of pigmentation) as well as mascaras (will be trying soon for review!)

What I think
I am really pleasantly surprised with the AKA products, a completely new makeup brand on the market.  I love the simple packaging of the range and the colour variety available for all the products.  I’m really looking forward to seeing the range grow and expand – I think a few more ‘face’ products are needed such as foundation, power, concealer, and I’d love to see more eyeliners, shadows and nail polishes. 
I’m not completely sure what I think of the price range just yet, I can’t make my mind up whether it is a little too high or a good price.  I think because the packaging is so simple (although I love it like that) that perhaps people would expect something a little more fancy for £5-10? 

The AKA range is available to purchase on their website – HERE, but will also hopefully be making its way into stores soon!

Do you like the look of AKA Cosmetics?  What would you purchase?




  1. June 11, 2012 / 3:27 pm

    The eyeshadow duos are so pigmented, the lipsticks look really nice too! xx

  2. June 11, 2012 / 6:06 pm

    Disappointing that the title of the 'embarrassed' blusher is spelt wrong! Other than that, looks nice! x

  3. June 11, 2012 / 6:36 pm

    Love the looks of the lipsticks and eye pencils – especially if the pencils are twist up and don't need sharpening, I shall definitely be keeping my eyes peeled to see if they pop into my local Boots any time soon! x

  4. June 11, 2012 / 6:53 pm

    i just can't get past the spelling error in the blush named 'embarressed'.. 🙁

  5. June 11, 2012 / 7:39 pm

    The eyeshadows look good!


  6. June 11, 2012 / 8:24 pm

    The eye shadows look really pigmented and the lipsticks full of moisture, I also loved your pink nails, I would try this range!!!

  7. June 11, 2012 / 11:52 pm

    the lipsticks are gorjj!! loving your blog!

    check out my new blog: rainydaysgirlyways.blogspot.co.uk and join/follow 🙂 thanks xxx

  8. June 12, 2012 / 11:22 am

    The eyeshadows look gorgeous!!! It's so exciting to buy good quality make-up with a smaller price tag 😀 I am excited to get my hands on some of these products 😀


  9. June 12, 2012 / 2:44 pm

    wow those eyeshadows look super pigmented! love it… would love to try out the lipsticks… also! can I ask what nail varnish/colour you are wearing in the first picture of you holding the lipstick? its a gorgeous colour! 🙂 xx

  10. Anonymous
    June 12, 2012 / 3:20 pm


    please can you fill in our survey about a new beauty app we are setting up! Will be great to have your feedback. LOVE the blog.



  11. June 18, 2012 / 8:18 pm

    The eyeshadow duos look great. What a shame they spelt 'embarrassed' wrong on the blusher – because that's a great name for a blush!

  12. June 19, 2012 / 10:42 am

    I LOVE the metallic silver AKA polishes! Gorgeous shade.

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