Sleek True Colour Lipsticks!

This week Sleek have released a new lipstick range consisting of 20 lippies and I’m very excited to show you four of them today.  I’ll admit I have a few too many lipsticks, but I NEED these in my collection – they’re definitely up there on a par with the famous Barry M lippies!

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L-R Amped (matte), Stiletto (matte), Peach & Cream (sheen), Barely There (sheen).

Amped – a vibrant, purple based pink – very bright and daring but perfect for nights out!

Stiletto – a stunning, dark, blue based red.  On my pale skin this lipstick looks incredible, but also drains any colour from my face as its such a pigmented, dark red.  I feel like a vamp when I wear this and I love it – although wouldn’t wear it every day, only on special occasions.

Peaches & Cream – As soon as I saw this I knew I’d love it and I do.  Its a gorgeous light, peach orange and I suspect this will be popular.  It is quite bright and pigmented though so I’ve been wearing this lightly dabbed on the lips.

Barely There – My ABSOLUTE favourite.  I adore this lippie, the colour is beautiful and like a pink nude with a tint of peach – I hardly look like I’m wearing anything on my lips.  Very comparable to Barry M’s #150, but a bit more moisturizing!

What I think – The colours in this new range are beautiful, very pigmented, really unique and eye catching, although some of the formula’s are quite drying (like Barry M lippies).  Barely There is definitely the most moisturizing which is probably one of the reasons it is my favourite.  Amped and Peaches & Cream do apply quite patchy and can be quite drying but this isn’t a problem as long as you apply lots of lip balm before use and take your time applying them evenly (you can even apply a clear balm or gloss on top to keep them looking soft).  These retail on Sleek’s website and in Superdrug stores for only £3.99 a lipstick – such a good price for a good quality, pigmented lippie! 

What’s your favourite high street lipstick?  Will you be trying any of the True Colour lipsticks?




  1. April 15, 2011 / 2:59 pm

    Omg, I need Peaches & Cream. And Barely There. How amazing are they?!

    Off to Superdrug tonight 😛


  2. April 15, 2011 / 3:06 pm

    Love these – and such good value for such great colours! Stiletto and Peaches & Cream are definite favourites…for now 🙂

  3. April 15, 2011 / 3:08 pm

    Oh these look great. I really like the look of Stiletto. We don't have Sleek here though unfortunately ): I really like Rimmel lipsticks for a cheap option!

  4. April 15, 2011 / 3:20 pm

    I have two of these too on my blog I went for Coral Reef and Baby Doll in sheen and love them, I couldn't decide between Coral Reef and Barely There, but went for the brighter shade but think I may get Barely There too x

  5. April 15, 2011 / 3:32 pm

    Peaches and Cream and Barely there, i need those in my life!! That are stunning!!! x

  6. April 15, 2011 / 4:25 pm

    Peaches and cream looks beautiful! xo

  7. April 15, 2011 / 6:18 pm

    Love the look of these lippies, they really do look like the barry m lipsticks and ive really wanted to try dolly pink and Amped looks just like, i think you have both which one would you say is the better formula?
    Ahh such gorge colors 🙂 x

  8. April 15, 2011 / 7:43 pm

    peaches and cream is gorgeous, really suits you! xx

  9. April 15, 2011 / 9:11 pm

    Gorgeous shades! I want Peaches + Cream. I've never tried Sleek makeup, but I really want to. I've heard so much about it lately.

  10. April 15, 2011 / 9:16 pm

    Amped is so purdy *_*
    i've been searching for a really nice fuschia colour


  11. April 15, 2011 / 9:29 pm

    I've never tried any of Sleek's lipsticks! I love peaches and cream! coral looks so cute on you katie 🙂

  12. April 15, 2011 / 10:45 pm

    Peaches and Cream and Barely There look amazinggg! So cheap aswell! x

  13. April 16, 2011 / 1:37 am

    Super Cute Shades! I definitely want to try!!

    Especially 'Barly there'

  14. April 16, 2011 / 7:17 am

    I just bought baby doll and peeaches and cream yestrday, and i'm totally loving peaches and cream, gorgeous lipsticks from sleek 🙂 x

  15. April 16, 2011 / 8:48 am

    Cannot get over the price of these! I want them all! xx :o)

  16. April 16, 2011 / 8:04 pm

    Peaches and Cream Looks Gorgeous 🙂 x

  17. April 17, 2011 / 12:02 pm

    Mmmm! Barely There is EXACTLY the autumn pinky brown i've been searching for! Hopefully looks the same on my lips…if so, i need to make it mine asap!
    Hope you don't mind but i've linked you as one of my inspirations over at my page 🙂 xx

  18. April 17, 2011 / 9:10 pm

    Beautiful! These look fantastic, I wish Sleek was in more branches of Superdrug, it's just getting better and better, on the edge of my seat for the release of that neutral palette! xx

  19. April 17, 2011 / 10:05 pm

    All those are amazing colors!

  20. April 19, 2011 / 4:19 pm

    Peaches and Cream and Barely There are definitely on my wishlist! They look so good on you!

  21. April 19, 2011 / 4:57 pm

    I LOVE the look of barely there, will be looking at that soon me thinks!! Also love peaches and cream 😀

  22. April 28, 2011 / 2:46 am

    These are sooo pretty!!

  23. January 8, 2012 / 11:22 pm

    I got a question, if you don't mind 🙂

    What lip colour are you wearing on the top picture (the header) in your blog?

  24. April 16, 2012 / 3:12 pm

    Love barely there! I'll be snapping this up 🙂 xx

  25. March 26, 2013 / 9:36 am

    Love barely there and stiletto !

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