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I’ve been using a few products from the Prive haircare range for about a month now and I’d like to tell all of you girls about it!  I was introduced to the range at a Beauty speed dating event last month and learnt a bit about the products and I’ve come to really adore their product and ingredient ethics.


Reparative Shampoo #6 and Conditioner #14 – Both designed for chemically treated or coloured hair, which is exactly my hair type.  They work to cleanse, rejuvenate and repair the hair.  The shampoo lathers up well, and is easy to apply evenly and the conditioner feels soft to apply to the hair and even softer to wash out.  Shampoo contains a Herbal Blendof Aloe, Evening Primrose, Heather, Jasmine and Orchid – but does unfortunately contain SLS, however it didn’t irritate my scalp at all.  The conditioner contains – Ginseng Root Extract, Rose Hips Fruit Extract, Blue Green Algae and Corn and Rice protein.

Leave in Treatment #24 – I’ve been using this as my leave in conditioner instead of my beloved L’Oreal one and it surprised me by doing the same job of detangling my hair whilst making it feel super conditioned and soft.  It somehow makes me feel better that I’m using more natural ingredients on my bleached hair than the ones found in my L’Oreal conditioner.  Contains Aqueous Herbal Blend of Aloe, Comfrey, Kelp, Spirulina and Honey.

Shine Serum #52 – This has got to be my favourite product out of the bunch, and I featured it in my November favourites.  I just adore it, how silky and soft it makes my hair feel and how it doesn’t leave it looking greasy or lank.  I apply this to my hair when its dry or damp, whenever I feel basically and I mainly focus on the tips of my hair, where its most dry and it gives the impression that my hair has never seen a bit of frizz in its life.  Love it! 

Thermal Protection Detangling Spray #30 – I don’t really use heated gadgets on my hair because I’m worried about damaging my hair even more, so I’ve been using this mainly as an extra detangler on the underneath of my hair which is most prone to matting.  It makes hair easier to comb through and I know this will last me ages and I only use around three spritz to detangle! 

Concept Vert Volumizing Froth #110 –  This stuff is quite hard to get used to but I’ve had loads of fun experimenting with it.  On the website they call it a ‘revolutionary non-aerosol mousse’.  You literally need the tiniest bit, about the size of a pea, you rub it around in the palm of your hands and style with it!  I’ve been using this near my roots to give some volume and it doesn’t leave my hair greasy or hard/sticky.  I haven’t had a chance to do a gorgeous up-do yet but when I do I’ll use this to style and let you know how it goes.  Contains Acai and Babassu oil.

before after 

Before and afterBefore was obviously before I had used any Prive products, and After was taken after I’d used the range to wash my hair around three times, and with the serum, detangler, and leave in conditioner.  You can tell that afterwards my hair looks a lot more shiny and silky soft and a lot less frizzy.  Before my hair was hard to brush and comb through but its so much more manageable now.  Please note I didn’t straighten my hair in the after pictures either – it had dried naturally like that.

Smell of the whole range– All the products smell basically the same, like very fresh, floral, green smells.  Very natural yet clean smelling, which I think is great because men won’t be afraid to use the range either.  The smell doesn’t linger on after you apply the products so they’re not overpowering, which is also a bonus.

IMG_0437 IMG_0453

What I think – I’m really impressed with my before and after pictures and its great to see and feel a difference in my hair now.  Once the products run out I will definitely be purchasing some more, especially the serum, leave in conditioner and the reparative conditioner.  I love that the range is eco-friendly and that all the packaging is recyclable and that the products are sulphate and paraben free and do not test on animals.

You can read up on the Prive range on their website here – and you can buy the products in selected salons in London and online here –

Can you see the difference in my hair now? Have you ever tried the range?




  1. December 17, 2010 / 3:05 pm

    I does look like it made a big difference to your hair! 🙂 That shine serum would be great for me too, I think. So is the range only available in UK?

  2. December 17, 2010 / 3:13 pm

    Nora – Glad you can see the difference! I really recommend the serum, its lovely.
    The range is available from and they are based in the UK but ship to Europe although its quite expensive.
    Prive also has salon's all over America where they sell the products though, depending on where you live!! Hope that helps! XX

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