The clocks have gone forward and we are now officially in Spring!  As the sun is still shining brightly at 5pm, I’ve decided to use my favourite eye shadows at the moment and do a few tiny looks and examples of how you can wear them!

I’m using The Body Shop’s shimmer cubes in #19 .  Here are two other looks using the purple and teal colours, with the idea of lining the eye.

Teal –

march makeup 107

march makeup 105

march makeup 101 

The teal is my favourite colour in these cubes, it dazzles like a gem and is so flattering!

Purple –

march makeup 072


march makeup 062 

The purple is a great way of using colour a little subtley.  The actual shadow is a lilac, but it really jumps out, or pops (haha!) on top of darker eye liners.

I already did a look using the blue cube a few pages back (Which you can find here), which looked like this –


So we have, The Body Shops Shimmer cubes #19

FEB 041 

On each eye, I

  • covered the whole eyelid in the golden seashell colour to give a nice base and took it up to the brow bone for a nice flattering high-lighted lift
  • Lined the eye with a coloured eyeliner (for the teal and blue eye I used The Body Shop’s blue pencil eyeliner, and for the purple look I used their purple pencil eyeliner).
  • With a small angled brush, I picked up some of the eyeshadow and then drew over the top of the eyeliner for an intense effect.  Just push the shadow on top and it should stay put longer.
  • Finish off with lashings of mascara, I used the Body Shops super-volume mascara!
  • Oh, and for added dimension, place a tad of the seashell gold or the other colour you used on the inside corner of your eye!

This look is easy and fun, and I love that you can use the colours to accessorize with your outfits, handbags or shoes! Here is a previous post on the shimmer cubes and the range it came out with!

I hope you enjoyed! If you try any of these looks out, I’d love to see your own versions! XX

p.s – i bought all of these products with my own money! X



  1. March 29, 2010 / 12:52 pm

    Gorgeous and creative.
    Follow my blog on cosmetic industry news (with the occasional tutorial):

  2. April 11, 2010 / 9:33 am

    if you have time could you do a swatch with using a wet brush?

    I've heard you could use it with a wet brush but does that work? or will it destroy the color cube??
    I don't own this one but I own a older pallete last winter I think

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