The Body Shop Define & Multiply Mascara Review

I’ll start off by saying, although I haven’t yet found my HG mascara, this is one of my favourites – I’m currently on my third tube of this!  I think I generally prefer mascaras with a comb like wand, as it helps me comb through my unruly yet invisible lashes.

I’ll show you the pictures and then tell you what I like/dislike about it.


No Mascara –


One Coat –




Its pretty obvious why I love this mascara, as using just one coat I get the most gorgeous, long, defined lashes that I could possibly achieve.  The colour is a perfect black, my lashes aren’t clumpy, or spider like; the comb helps to reach every single lash and separate them.  One coat of this is usually enough for me – I’m not really a mascara girl to be honest – I used to always forget to put it on in the mornings before school, but I do rely on it to make my lashes look long and neat when using lots of eyeshadows.

Two Coats –




Firstly, don’t be put off with how clumpy they do look in these images – I will admit that I am due to buy a new one of these as the formula has become dry, making it looks extra clumpy.  So with two coats, you obviously get a more intense long lash effect.  If the tube was new, the second coat normally helps to comb through the lashes, but just adds an extra coating to volumize more. 

Conclusion – As I said at the beginning, this is one of my favourite mascaras.  I love how I can create long, defined lashes with just one coat of this stuff, I would recommend it to people who prefer comb–shaped mascara wands as its the best I’ve tried.  The packaging is pretty normal – a dark green tube with a silver top, making it nice and sleek to carry around with you.  This retails at £9.50 at all Body Shop stores.

Does anyone else use this mascara?  Are you impressed with the results of one coat?




  1. March 30, 2010 / 8:39 pm

    I havent try this one and it looks really good!!Thanks for sharring!!!

  2. April 1, 2010 / 7:45 am

    wow, i dont use this one, i use Loreal Telescopic but usually have to paint like 10 coats on to get the results you do in one coat!!
    thats amazing!!! i never would have imagined TBS having like decent mascaras…

  3. April 5, 2010 / 4:37 am

    Your eyelashes look amazing! I'll have to give this mascara a try sometime.

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