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A few FOTD & Beyonce Look!

I’m ILL!! I hate being ill, I have cold and flu symptoms and they just came out of nowhere!  Does anyone have any good tips for getting over colds quickly? I’ve already stocked up one Vit C tablets and hankys!…


Glitter Liners!

I adore glitter, I think every girl does, so its no wonder glitter eyeliners are a big success.  Almost every make-up brand now includes glittery liners, which is good for being girly, but bad for our purses!  Here are the…


Pencil Eyeliners!

Hi girlies!  I had to tidy my room today as my landlord is visiting the flat on Friday, and whilst I was at it I decided to tidy my make-up drawers!  I dug out my pencil eyeliners to show you…


Topshop Make-up!

When I first saw pictures of the new Topshop make-up range, I wasn’t at all interested, I was convinced that it would be ugly, cheap looking and badly made, but I was wrong!  The more I heard about it, the…


The Body Shop Haul!

I hate the word ‘haul’, I think it makes me sound greedy, selfish and gluttonous; I’m really not! Haha, but I didn’t know how else to title this post!  I bought a few bits from TBS lately that I wanted…


May purchases!

My local Boots has been renovated, and it looks fantastic. It has the nice new shelving units, the big new makeup counters, self service tills, everything! Yes, it has the new Models own make-up range as well, which I drooled…


Face Mist Potion!

I made my own ‘spritzer potion’ a few weeks ago and I’ve been using it almost everyday and thought I’d share it with you! I don’t use toners as I used to have really acne prone skin and didn’t like…


The Body Shop Summer Trend – PREVIEW!

HEYY GIRLIES! I have something very very exciting to show off to you all today! The Body Shops new Limited edition Summer Trend make-up. I am SO excited to show you all this, cause I fell in love with the…



This is going to be quite a different post on my blog today!  I moved out of home in September to be closer to uni in London, and obviously I had to learn how to cook myself a decent meal. …


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