DATE RECOMMENDATION – VIKTOR WYNDS (Not for the faint hearted)

WARNING: This date venue contains some upsetting items.

Hello, hello! You guys know you can rely on me for the most unique, bizarre, impressive date recommendations, right? Well I have a corker for you today. Introducing you to Viktor Wynd’s Museum of Curiosities. Yes it’s as entertaining as the name suggests.

I took my fiancé G here for one of our first ever ‘secret’ dates (we would book a secret date, telling each other nothing but the time, rough location and dress code which lead to so much excitement early on in our relationship). Safe to say it was a date we will never forget.

Viktor Wynd is an artist, writer, curator, collector, deal, antiquarian (the list goes on) and he has curated a museum nestled in Mare Street, Shoreditch, consisting of the weirdest and most wonderful (?) things. Think: taxidermy, shrunken heads, mythical creatures, a LOT of pornographic drawings + sculptures and even Madonna’s panty liner… yes you read that correctly. It’s hilarious and there is so much to look at despite the museum being quite tiny. I’m recommending this as it’s unlike any other date experience and it’ll certainly help break the ice if AND lead to some very interesting conversations after!

On the ground floor, before you descend into the basement museum, there is ‘The World’s Most Curious Bar’ where you can enjoy cocktails and very aptly, absinthe! They’ve curated the UK’s most extensive list of premium quality absinthes which arrive to your table in the traditional absinthe serving ritual complete with fountain, sugar + spoon. We enjoyed a cocktail and a different absinthe each and safe to say we were on a different planet after leaving. (Note: after this part of the date I booked us in for pizza + a drag night at another local bar in Shoreditch called Rascals where we continued the fun, would highly recommend).

The museum is open for all to visit although I suspect you’ll have to book beforehand with COVID regulations. It’s £10 for an entry to the museum but £6 if you’re also drinking in the cocktail bar. Bear in mind that the museum is quite small and so it doesn’t take long to walk around, but it is filled with a never ending plethora of items to gander at!

The museum is also home to the Last Tuesday Society – a London based organisation invented to create a new world filled with beauty, wonder & the imagination through experiences and productions; read seances, lectures & poetry nights and SO here’s also a note to say that events are frequently hosted in the space. I’ve attended a ‘Irish fairytale’ reading by Viktor Wynd himself in the museum which was again, highly entertaining and great to take your mind off current world affairs. I would absolutely love to attend a seance there next, I’m keeping an eye out on their mailing list for that!

Let me know if you attend the museum and I hope you enjoy this post!

Katie xx

WARNING: This date venue contains some upsetting items.

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