Wednesday, 23 August 2017

30 before 30: my life goals.

Guys, (this still feel so weird to say) but I now have less than a year till I turn 30!

I turned 29 on just over a week ago and it was wonderful.  I spent the morning of my birthday reflecting on how I felt about my 28th year - I couldn't tell if it was a terrible year for me (my relationship ending and my whole life therefore changing) or if it was one of the best (I'm finally happy, work is going brilliantly and I'm laughing so much more than I have in years).  Either way,  this birthday truly felt like I was closing a chapter one part of my life and I feel refreshed and ready for the next.

Over a couple of bottles of prosecco on my birthday evening with my friends and family, they asked what my goals were for the next year.  I decided then and there that I wanted to write a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30.  Here they are.

1.  I want to travel alone for the first time. 
2. Visit 12 new countries (to make it 30 countries before I turn 30).
3. I want to book a spa/detox/retreat break away
4. Complete a secret work project I've been working on.
5. Read AT LEAST 1 book a month

6. Reach 100k subscribers on YouTube
7. Have a mortgage meeting to start the process of buying a house.
8. Declutter my flat.
9. Slimline my wardrobe
10. Live more minimalistic.

11. Eat less meat
12. Learn more vegetarian recipes.
13. Have a karaoke night with my besties.
14.  Progress in circus & feel confident in level 3.
15. Start taking more photographs on film cameras

16. Remember to see the beauty in everything.
17.  Be more aware of coincidences - they mean something.
18. Say yes more
19.  Go to an antiques fair to experience it.
20. Do a car boot sale!

21. Volunteer at a soup kitchen.
22.  Save money.
23.  Write an article for another publication
24.  Feature in a magazine
25. Visit a fortune teller.

26. Become more spiritual; meditate, yoga.
27. Learn all the star constellations.
28. Create my own fragrance/perfume (again).
29. Get another tattoo (so I'll have 10 in total).
30. Be more spontaneous

Black Bag (similar)
Boots (similar)
Necklace (cheaper)

So there we go, it sounds like an awful lot!   I'm feeling so positive about the year ahead and writing this list has really helped me think about what I want it to hold.  I want to really make the most of being free & independant, I want to create more new life experiences, laugh more, love more and spread positive energy all around.

I would really recommend you all jotting down some future goals you'd like to achieve too!  Let me know what they'd be!

I really hope you stick around with me for yet another year blogging too.

Lots of love!

What are your goals for the next year?

Katie xxxx

Photographs by the wonderful Rebecca Need Menear: @bekor_



  1. Really like the goals you set up! xoxo

  2. These photos are so wonderful- loving the red! I love these types of posts, paticularly as the writer as you have something physical and solid to read back on this time next year and see how much you achieved that you wanted to do.

  3. These look like wonderful goals Katie! I also really REALLY want to see a fortune teller. I was so tempted to go when I was last in Brighton but I got too nervous haha! My goals are to live in another country again for a year and try and visit as many countries as possible! I think 30 countries before 30 is a great goal. Also, obviously my ultimate goal would be to reach a point in my career where I feel totally proud and happy with what I have accomplished! Immy x

  4. Those are some great goals! I always think blogging about your goals is the best way to stay accountable. I hope you achieve them :)


  5. These are great aims! Love the playsuit too x


  6. You look absolutely beautiful Katie, and such great goals to achieve before you're 30 - I wish you all the best!

    Lucy | Forever September

  7. Amazing list of goals! I hope you will achieve most of them! I definitely want to travel more next year! xx

    Panna Vidovich

  8. What a fab idea! It's nice to write down goals too so that you can reflect at the end of the year and tick things off. I'd absolutely LOVE to visit a fortune teller and I'd love to hear about it if you did.

    Abby | Eärendil

  9. Love the list. I wish you all the best. It will be a busy year with these goals.
    And you look very gorgeous.


  10. My goal is London!!!!!!!!!!!! Coming in June/July next year….. I recently turned 31, eeeeek But England is my main goal :)


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