Thursday, 27 October 2016


Okay, if you're still in need of some Halloween inspiration for this coming weekend do not fear!  I have created three Halloween tutorials for you that are super easy but striking and will make you stand out in the crowd.

First up is the mystic fortune teller!

I hadn't seen many people create this look before I posted it on my YouTube channel so it's a good one if you want to be a little different from the Harley Quinn's that will most likely be parading the streets!

You can watch the full tutorial above but I used a selection of high street and high end products to really build up that demented, mystical look.

Really hope you enjoy it, be sure to tweet/instagram me a picture if you try it yourself!

What are you doing this Halloween?



  1. I did this look last year and absolutely loved it! I love how you've done it though, so creative and fun! At this point I'm definitely considering doing this for the second year running...
    Modebeautex xxx

  2. I love this look, the colours really suit you. It's so nice to see something different for Halloween :-)

  3. Love this look, it turned out great and you're honestly so talented. Lol I deffo think loads of people will be going as Harley Quinn too lol xxx

  4. Great look to kick off the Halloween series with! It's definitely unique. Love that you applied a bit of gold liquid liner on your lashes.

  5. This looks incredible! I love how you've done your lips x


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