Tuesday, 29 March 2016

REVIEW & SWATCHES: YSL Rouge Volupte Shine!

One of the first luxury lipsticks I ever bought was the YSL Rouge Volupte in #13 Peach Passion, and ever since I've been a big fan of the brand and their stunning product range.

In February YSL launched their brand new Rouge Volupte Shine Oil in Stick range and I'm very excited to share swatches and my review with you today!

L-R - #41 Corail a Porter, #43 Rose Rive Gauche,  #45 Rouge Tuxedo, #47 Beige Blouse & #51 Rose Saharienne

I'll start off by saying I'm not (usually) a fan of sheer/shiny lipsticks.  I much prefer a matte finish packed with pigment & colour, so I was intrigued as to how much I'd like them but they pleasantly surprised me.  Despite being super moisturising, they have a good amount of pigment which is fantastic (I would really hate to have spent £26 on a lipstick for it to not even show on my lips).

To me they have a watermelon scent (which I think is supposed to be mango) and they seriously leave my lips feeling so soft and moisturised with a gorgeous juicy colour.  My go-to is Beige Blouse which is a 'my lips but better' shade but I also adore #43.

As usual with YSL products the packaging is just sublime and they have taken pride of place on my vanity desk.  How any girl could resist these beauties is a mystery!  I have completely fallen head over heels for these so much so that I haven't worn anything other on my lips since getting them.

They retail at £26 each and are available from YSL counters nationwide!

Which is your favourite shade?



  1. OMG ! they are so beautiful ! perfect for Spring! I especially love Rouge Tuxedo. I am still need to try this range...hopefully soon.


  2. They look beautiful! xx


  3. These look beautoiful! I love your photos xx

  4. These lipsticks are beautiful!! I love the packaging and the colours are perfect for Spring

    CharlotteSamantha // www.charlottesamantha.co.uk

  5. I love the look of these though they are a little pricey, rouge tuxedo looks so perfect for summer x

    Zoe Mountford x

  6. Oh they look so so pretty!!! I need some on my dresser!!

    Lauren x | www.laurenapowers.blogspot.com

  7. The packaging and finish on these are gorgeous! I love Rose Rive Gauche especially

    Steph - http://nourishmeclean.blogspot.com

  8. As if the packaging alone wasn't beautiful enough, the colours are all lovely! My favourite is Beige Blouse, which is surprising since I normally tend to lean towards red shades.

    Hannah | Whoops It's Hannah

  9. I love the YSL rouge volupt shines. #3 and #9 are my current favorites will need to pick up a few of these brighter one you showed.

  10. My first luxury lipstick purchase was a YSL Sheer Candy in shade #12. I loved it so much I went back a few days later and picked up another one in shade #5.

    YSL is the reason I am now so in love with lipstick because they are so moisturizing, smell amazing and have such a beautiful shade range.

    I sadly only have one of their Rouge Volupte Shines (#6) and I wear it all the time. It's a gorgeous bright pink. I may have to pick up Beige Blouse because it sounds like a perfect everyday shade!

    Thank you for the review x

    Hilary | The Beauty Collective

  11. It's hard to pick a favorite by just looking at swatches, but Rose Rive Gauche and Beige Blouse look really pretty!

  12. I completely love Rose Rive Gauche I feel like it's the nicest peachy colour!

    Katie | katieemmabeauty.com

  13. I love the look of all these shades - I can't pick between them! x


  14. I'm like you, I much prefer a matte lip packed with colour over a sheer glossy finish, but I do really like the look of Rouge Tuxedo. I'm not sure I'd pay £26 for one though in case I was disappointed x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  15. OMG!!! They are all so very pretty. So perfect lip colors for Spring.

  16. Wow the packaging of these are abolsutely gorgeous!!
    Beauty Candy Loves

  17. Katie first of all I want to tell you that you are so beautiful literally and obviously you know about makeup and style very well so you look stylish as well, okay I want to know about these products do they smell good ? cuz my boyfriend loves to kiss me and its all taste that matters xx I like to se Lipstick which taste good and I may also use these products because I m also a Makeup Artist in Bristol
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  18. Loved it! Amazing colours, thanks for sharing =)

  19. Love all the shades so much, especially the Beige Blouse. We don't get these lipsticks easily where I live :(
    Great post!

    <a href="http://harshitakapur.blogspot.com> My Beauty Blog </a>

  20. #47 Beige Blouse, for work & play, Love the blog!

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