Monday, 7 December 2015

FASHION: Christmas Party Lookbook!

Last weekend I had the opportunity to film in one of the world's most magical houses - Talliston.
It only felt right to film a lookbook in the space, so I spent lots of time researching (aka online shopping) for a selection of party dresses for this festive season!

The magic of Talliston is that every room is set in a different year in a different part of the world - aka the lounge (where I wear the gold sequin dress) is based on a watchtower in Wales in 1877 and the Starhouse (the red dress) is based on a Japanese tea house from 2282 - the future.
The owner - John, has spent 25 years researching, travelling the world and collecting original items for each room & decorating so that not one part of the ex-council house in Essex remains.

You can read all about Talliston (they hold open days so you can visit for yourself) on their website here -!project/csn3  I can't quite express just how magical this project is but it has hugely inspired me to be more creative and to make life more beautiful.  I will talk more about this in the future...

Filming a lookbook there was an insane experience - I specifically choose each dress for each of the rooms in the house and felt seriously sassy in each outfit.  I felt like I really got into character in each room and I know I'll never be able to beat this as a backdrop again!

Andrew and I filmed another video in the house where I explore each room in more detail (and get a little lost in it's magic) so subscribe to my channel to see that in a couple of weeks!

Really, really hope you enjoy this lookbook and feel as enchanted with the space as I do!



  1. loved the vibe of this lookbook, you looked amazing as well!

    danielle | avec danielle

  2. Girl, you are killing it in these pics! You look fabulous! Xx

  3. The red dress is gorgeous!

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  4. Love the red dress, it's beautiful!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  5. Hi Katie! I just want to let you know that I just found out about your blog. You are very pretty! I love your looks and your photo shoots!

  6. Love the setting! You did a fantastic job. You know how to model clothes and the video is edited so nicely.

  7. How lovely look-book for Christmas party!! I am also going to host a fun Christmas party this year at the best New York corporate events and want to look prettiest in my party. I have been thinking to set a theme for my party. Do you have any theme ideas dear?

  8. All of these outfits look so good !

  9. your hair looks amazing in this! great video too katie xx

  10. That red dress though girl... damn.

  11. Amazing outfits, the golden dress is my favourite! x

  12. I like Red outfit , its awesome fro Christmas party


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