Thursday, 15 October 2015

OUTFIT OF THE DAY: The Tight Jeans Debate.

Another couple of outfit pictures from a couple of weekend's ago - I really, really love this outfit and feel so well put together when I wear it.  I love that it can be dressed up with heels or made more casual with converse, but I do have a problem with the jeans...

This top is currently one of my favourites - it's so easy to wear and I feel like it goes well with everything.  It was around £27 from Hollister (surprise, surprise) and the jeans were also from the same store!

They make my bum look insanely good, but they are SO tight I really have to buildup the courage to wear them - that sounds so stupid but I really have a thing with fashion and comfort.  I would prefer leggings any day over jeans which makes dressing often difficult as I then need to wear a top that covers my bum (short tops and leggings = no,no).   I also feel like tight jeans do no good for my ladyparts (SORRY TMI but yeast infections aren't cool) and I prefer sitting on chairs with my legs crossed like a kid which is also harder to do with tight jeans.

Basically what I'm trying to say is that I'll only wear tight jeans if
1) I'm going out for a short period of time and want to look hot damn
2) I'm trying to impress and want my bum to look hot damn

I am contemplating wearing them out for dinner tonight but will probably swap for leggings last minute.  Please say I'm not the only one who has this in-head debate whenever they get dressed in the morning?

Oh, also the hat is from Primark and the heels are from New Look.

Anyone got any tips for wearing tight jeans?




  1. I know what you mean about the ladyparts thing! Tight jeans sometimes feel like I'm being murdered, haha. I managed to get around it by buying Joni jeans from Topshop or the Remington jeans from Asos which are both sort of made with elasticy denim, so they're way less rigid and constricting and therefore breathable and much much comfier to wear. Definitely have a little look at investing in a pair of the stretchier denim jeans, it really helps me look 'hot damn' more often!

    JasmineMcRae | UK Beauty Blog

    1. Totally agree, stretchy denim is amazing!

  2. I live in jeans and have a big bum. For me they have to be high waisted (recent discovery) - I have Topshop & River Island pairs which like Jasmine said they have more stretch so they're comfy and fit really well.

  3. I used to work at Hollister, had to wear their jeans all day, everyday- I found the more I wore them the more they stretched just enough so that they were really comfy, but they never looked baggy or anything. Have you tried the jean leggings they have? You might find those better! x

    Simply Shell xo

  4. I have a few pairs of jeggings-specifically the 'Eden' ones from Dorothy Perkins. They really do just look like tight jeans while still being comfy because they have so much stretch. I couldn't wear rigid denim that was tight, far too uncomfortable but I feel like a nice pair of jeggings is a good alternative, Em x

  5. Tight jeans used to be the bane of my life, but I really like the Joni or Leigh jeans from Topshop and Asos' jeans are pretty good too! I think I even prefer them over Topshop!
    Jodie, xo // Jodie Loue

  6. This is such a nice outfit! x

  7. Like Jasmine already said: stretchy jeans are the way to go. As a slightly more curvy girl myself, I never really wanted to wear skinny jeans because I thought they would never fit or be comfortable. Too bad the stores practically only sold skinny jeans.
    Now I know that if they're stretchy jeans, it will fit like a glove and feel like a legging. I would recommend the brand Angels. It's great! I can sit cross legged on the floor and play with 2 year olds without feeling any discomfort or limitation in my movement. The pairs I have really bring out the best of my figure and showcase my bum in a good way (excellent placing of pockets ;) ) Maybe worth looking into :)

  8. They do look insanely good on you, though! But comfort should be no.1
    So, I think you should just wear them when you are going out for a short period of time and you want to look bloody gorgeous (anyway, who am I kidding.. you could just wear pyjama bottoms and still look pretty!)

  9. I love jeans and hate them at the same time! Most days I will wear jogging bottoms until it's time to go out and then will wear jeans or leggings depending on the rest of the outfit. It's been 6 months or so that I haven't been able to stand the crotch on jeans, I just get so so uncomfortable!!

  10. Your butt does look so good in those (not perving - honestly) I know what you mean though the wedgie if things so wrong is just so painful.

  11. You look fantastic in this photoset!

    Nicky | Zeeb Likes It

  12. I love tight jeans! And I love tight ripped jeans! :-) Looking sexy, you.

  13. I love skinny jeans but when they're really tight I find them so uncomfortable to wear! Those jeans look great though :)

  14. I HATE putting on jeans that are so tight, I find that with high-waisted ones too.. so UNCOMFY! Yay for leggings (and pjs, haha!)


  15. I feel very much the same. If I wear skinny jeans they have to have enough stretch to accommodate my need to sit cross legged, lunge, squat, etc., sporadically, -and- comfortably accommodate my shape…so I usually end up with a thicker take on jeggings, lol. Forever 21 had some great stretchy skinny jeans that I loved back in 2011.


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