Monday, 24 August 2015


I have always been one to favour comfort over fashion and that has meant that over the years I have always picked out leggings to wear rather than denim.

However this all changed recently when I discovered Hollister's denim range...

I have now fallen head over heels for the brand (and might have accidentally picked up 3 more pairs of jeans on a recent visit to their store!).  First up - these jeans are INSANE, they are the comfiest pair of bottoms I have ever had the pleasure of wearing, so comfy in fact that I can actually lunge in them (as demonstrated beautifully above, I think you'll agree? ha!).

Not only that but they also stock the most perfect tops to pair up with your choice of denim.  I picked up quite a few, including this simple white slogan tee which is again, super soft and comfortable, to make a casual look.

I'll admit I also splurged on a few more tops including a shirt, a blouse & a jacket; I found that every item in store compliments each other perfectly and so with the pieces I picked out I can also put together a smart look and a festival look (which you'll be seeing on the blog soon too).  I highly recommend visiting a store to see which looks you can put together too.

TL;DR: Found the comfiest outfit ever, don't be jel!
+Hollister Co.

Have you tried Hollister's denim range?

Thanks for Hollister for collaborating with me on this post and for introducing me to my new favs! 


  1. Never tried Hollister jeans, I usually go for American Eagle. They're also super comfy and I don't have to go into Hollister and be overwhelmed by cologne. :( Maybe I should give them another go though!

    Tiana xx //

  2. These look amazing! I love comfy jeans! - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


  3. I've never tried the Hollister denim range - but these jeans look lovely!

    Lucy |

  4. I was going to buy some the other day but was debating it as they're quite pricey, but you've now changed my mind - they look amazing on too! xo

  5. I have never tried anything from Hollister but after seeing these jeans I think I will have to pop to Birmingham this weekend to try some on!!

    Lauren x

  6. These jeans look amazing (as does your hair!), I so need to get down to a Hollister store soon

    Steph -

  7. Hollister jeans are the best there's nothing like them! This pair suits you so much and your hair is literally goals. Loved this post xxx

  8. I love hollister jeans, just wish they offered more tall sizes!

    Emma //

  9. Lovely photos Katie! I haven't actually tried Hollister denim range but definitely need to check it out!!

  10. You look lovely Katie! I've never tried Hollister for jeans before, I think I'll check them out!

    Sara - She Who Is Short

  11. Being comfortable is always key with me too and these look so comfy as you so beautifully demonstrated in the photos haha, were they pricy?
    Jo xx

  12. They look wonderful but are they suitable for the 'larger' lady?

  13. Are they suitable for the 'larger' lady?

  14. nice pictures, the holister jeans look soo amazing, never try them before.... now i want to try them

  15. you have a really nice figure! I never wear jeans which sounds ridiculous but I don't think they'd flatter me so I wear leggings instead.

  16. Your thighs look thick with that


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