Friday, 10 July 2015

OUTFIT: The Winchester

Just a simple outfit post today - monochrome (surprise, surprise), white shirt with black denim jeans!  This was photographed before the heat-wave we've recently had (as you can probably tell by the tights!).  Andrew and I met up with my parents in a cute pub called the Winchester in Angel for a glass of rose before a theatre performance.
I love these Boots too - I bought them in Primark a year or so ago but have only just started wearing them out.  They're really comfy and I love the cut out details!

I've also been daily vlogging recently to publish in a 'Weekly Vlog' format in the next week or so, so you can see what I've been up to over the past week!  I hope you're all well?



  1. The title of this made me automatically quote shaun of the dead! looking forward to the vlog! x
    TrudyJohanna | UK Lifestyle Blog

  2. I love your hair here Katie! Did anyone else think of Shaun Of The Dead when reading this?

    Meg ♡

  3. Nice outfit, Katie! And yes, cute boots indeed.

  4. Lovely outfit!!

  5. cute look Katie, those boots are awesome :)

  6. Simple outfits are my favorites! This looks so easy-going and yet you still look ultra chic :)
    Beautyosaurus Lex

  7. i find this outfit perfect and i'm in love with your boots!
    have a nice day xx

  8. I like your hair, so beautiful.

  9. Hi everyone, I've just started a beauty blog and I would really appreciate it if you checked it out :) thank you.


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