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HOLIDAY PACKING: Skincare, Hair & Body!

Following on from my 'holiday makeup post', here is an over view of the body, skincare and hair products that were lucky enough to make my holiday suitcase!  I'll admit now, I took WAY too much stuff (my bag weighed over the 15kg weight limit) so note to self for next time - Don't take so much!
Andrew's Beauty products... big comparison aha!

Most used products - 

Murad Essential C Sun Balm - This little roll on SPF stick came in ridiculously handy for keeping my tattoos well protected from the sun's strong rays.  It fit perfectly in my handbag for touch ups throughout the day.

Eucerin SPF 50 Skin Fluid Mattifying Face - Finding a great high SPF product for the face can sometimes be tricky as some of them leave you feeling sticky and greasy, however this was beautiful, protected my skin and dried almost like a powder so makeup applied beautifully on top.

Vichy Capital Soleil SOS Aftersun - I can't express how much I adore this product!  If I was to recommend any aftersun lotion, it'd be this!  Not only does it smell gorgeous, it was also incredibly gentle and soothing on mine & Andrew's burns (yes, we did accidentally over-do it).

Moroccan Oil Shamp, Cond & Oil - I desperately need full size versions of these products at home, they leave my hair smelling delicious and stupidly soft!

Muji Decanters - I'm still completely obsessed with anything from Muji and holiday's are the perfect excuse for a Muji decanter haul.  They have a great selection of tubs, bottles (spray and foaming dispensers!) and tubes which make them perfect for travelling.  I also took away with me Muji travel eyelash curlers & perfume atomisers to save room in my toiletries bag.

Paula's Choice Oil Face Wash - I used this religiously a few years ago and saw massive benefits whilst using it.  I started using it again on holiday and my skin became perfectly clear and blemish free.  I'm still using it now I'm back and my skin is still perfect.  Love this cleanser so much. Full review here!

There were still an awful lot of other products I took with me that you can peek at in the pictures above.  If you would like to know my thoughts on any of them just leave a comment and I'll reply :)  Also, a note - my two holiday fragrances were Diptyque's Moheli roll on and Eau Duelle!

What are your must have holiday items?



  1. I ALWAYS bring waaay more products than I ever use, even at home because whenever i leave anything, I end up needing it! Glad to see someone else overpacks as well! x arielle

  2. I just did a post about how to shove as much stuff as possible into one of those liquids carry on bags, haha. I would say my essentials are a good sunscreen that's not too greasy and some waterproof mascara so I don't have to worry about smudging.

  3. Lovely products! I love everything in Muji too! x


  4. Haha I did the same when we went to Spain a few years ago...big lesson learnt. I never find there's enough products in the mini sizes though haha I can't live without my aloe vera gel when on my hols...lifesaver :o) xx

  5. A refreshing cleanser, SPF, a nice perfume, bold lip, and lots of hair ties
    Lauren x
    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography -

  6. I'll definitely be checking out the Paula's Choice face wash. I love Paula's Choice BHA products to clear my skin when it's looking ropey!

    Gemma x

  7. My favourite must have holiday product is the body shop honey bronze oil. It looks fab on tanned skin and even helps to keep the redness at bay if you catch a little sunburn. I also love my travelo. Who wants to be lugging a huge glass bottle round?
    Great post.

    aimee xo

  8. great post! i find i have to have a mud mask with me just to keep my skin looking clear!

    This Gir Loves Chic



  9. I'm so relieved to see that you can't limit yourself to just a few essentials either, haha :-) Great picks.

  10. Glad to see I'm not the only one who finds it difficult to narrow down!!

  11. The contrast between your products and Andrew's is just like mine and my boyfriends haha. Guys have it so easy!
    My holiday must have is definitely sunscreen. It's the worse to burn and peel whilst you're away!!

  12. I absolutely adore Caudalie's body oil, it feels and smells divine! A must have all year long really xx

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