Thursday, 24 April 2014

SALON REVIEW: Jones & Paynes.

I'm one of those girls who, if they get something in their head about their hair, acts on it immediately.  I was quite happy with ridiculously bad roots until one day when I realised it looked rubbish and so quickly booked an appointment at Jones and Payne.  My sister had been there before & liked the results, and it is coincidentally practically opposite my offices in Shoreditch - fate!

I wanted to get my roots blended in a little better with highlights, as well as a trim as the ends were looking like they needed some lovin'.  Here are some before & after pictures!

It's a subtle, but healthier transformation, I think you'll agree?  I had Charlotte Barlow do my colour - she used the balyage technique to softly blend highlights into my roots, followed by a toner on the ends of my hair to soften the platinum tones.  I then had Master Stylist Chris Sturdy trip my locks to look healthy but keeping length and making it more easy for me to style.  I must say, he was one of the only hairdressers which didn't cut TOO much of my hair off, for once.

The salon itself was lovely - there are cocktails for all (I had perhaps the most delicious strawberry belinni I've ever tasted).  It's a quirky little place, with lovely (and attractive!) staff and I would definitely visit again.

Have you ever been to Jones & Paynes?  Do you like the (small) change?



  1. yes, small changes are preferrable.a drastic change could give you an heart attack (like it happened to me when I felt very adventurous!)

    amazing hair by the way!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

  2. You hair looks lovely and healthy :) I am also one of those girls that has to get something done to the hair as soon as it pops into my head.

  3. it looks beautiful! finding a new salon that you like is always so exciting :)

  4. I have to admit... if I'd paid money for that I'd be pretty annoyed.. the change is just not noticeable enough at all

  5. Great post, you look beautiful.

    Jess x

  6. Definitely more subtle, and looks lovely!

    Des | Simple Charm Beauty

  7. I went to Jones & Payne recently (and coincidentally saw you after!) I loved the interior and they did a great job on my hair. Would definitely go back.

  8. The change is subtle yeah. I probably wouldn't have noticed if you hadn't pointed it out. But, that said, your hair does look lovely!

  9. Looks good. Are you growing out your natural hair color?

  10. Hello from the France.
    present to you this french photo sites* and

    Very soon. A bientôt.


    *voir conditions

  11. Love it! Subtle, yet noticeable. You look amazing xo

  12. Love this!!! Soo subtle!

  13. You are looking great they have changed you perfectly :)

  14. It seems that you were in good hands. It’s nice to find such salons that offers excellent customer service, on top of having excellent stylists in their lineup. I like that the Master Stylist opted not to cut too much of your hair. It would be a shame to cut off to much, even if it’s for the sake of making your hair look healthy. Anyway, thanks for sharing this with us. Cheers!

    Nathaniel Holt @ Detail Woman


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