Friday, 28 September 2012

17 Cosmetics Eyeliners Launch & Product Details!

17 Cosmetics is one of my favourite high street brands, not only because the products are of a good quality for a high street brand, but also because they are so affordable!  I was invited along to the launch of 6 new eyeliners that they are bringing out this autumn, and me being a girl who is never seen without eyeliner, it was perfect for me!

17 eyeliner2 17 EYELINER

Vanesa Guallar, 17’s Creative Director and Makeup Artist to the stars, was at the event showing us the 6 different looks which can be created using the new liners.  I didn’t really realise there could be so many different types of eyeliners, and there will definitely be one for everyone in this collection, depending on the look you’re after.

These 6 new eyeliners include -

Tattoo Me Semi-Permanent Eyeliner (link) This is a little crazy, but this product boasts up to a 48 hours wear!  I’m not sure why you would want to wear an eyeliner for 48 hours straight (maybe at a festival or party weekend) but I’ll be putting this to the test to see if it is true to it's claims!
Make Your Mark Soft Eyeliner Pen (link) I love eyeliner pens and finding myself using them more and more.  This pen has a felt tip like nib which allows for precise application.
High Drama Intense Liquid Liner (link) – This liner is very pigmented which provides an intense look with just a sweep of product.  You can use this to create either a thin or thick line, allowing you to achieve the look you want.
Smoulder Gel Eyeliner (link) – Everyone loves a gel liner and these have been appearing more and more on the high street.  I’ve just finished up my MAC’s Blacktrack Fluidline so I’ll be trying this next.  The gel liner comes with a small brush for application.
Lacquer Liner Wet Look Finish (link) - This liner does what the name suggests and leaves you with a wet look finish, great for the gothic, rocky trend this A/W.
Jumbo Perk & Paint Liner (link) – I love kohl eye pencils so this fat liner is pretty amazing.  On one side you have an intense black shade and on the other there is a brightening pink shade, perfect for highlighting and creating a smokey look.

I’ll be writing up a full review of all of these individual eyeliners very soon; I’ve been trying them already and I’m in love with them all, so I can’t wait to show you swatches and what I think! 

What are your favourite 17 products?  What eyeliner sounds perfect for you?



Thursday, 27 September 2012

September Jolie Box 2012!

Balmi Lip Balm in Blackcurrant Flavour
I Love Coconut Face Mask
Redken Align 12 Protective Straightening Lotion
Twistband Hair Tie
Dr Bragi Bio Marine Exfoliant

What I think – To be honest, I really wasn’t that impressed with this Jolie Box.  Apart from the Lip Balm (which I already have one of and love), everything is very mediocre.  The little sachets of exfoliant seem a little odd – would have been better in a little bottle, and I already have the exact same face mask sachet sitting in my bath room for a year which I haven’t yet used!   The hair bands are interesting as they are apparently kink free, which is fabulous as I always have the trouble of getting kinks when I sleep with my hair up so these will be good to try.  I don’t straighten my hair much so I’m not sure how much use I’ll personally get from the Redken balm but I’ll give it a try!

I usually love Jolie Box’s and this is the first that I have been a little disappointed by, which isn’t bad as I’ve been getting them since January -1 bad box in 9 I can handle.  I’d love to hear what you guys think of it though!

What did you think of this month's Jolie Box?  Did you like the products inside?



Sunday, 23 September 2012

Backstage hair & makeup at the Felder + Felder Show – LFW

London Fashion Week is normally something that I read all about online, but never actually attend, but for the first time this month I was actually invited to one!  I got the chance to go backstage at the Felder & Felder show with Sebastian Professional Hair Care to see all that happens in the prep to the catwalk, and thought it might be quite interesting for you guys to see too!

lfw2LFW1  LFW4 LFW3

The inspiration for the hair was the 70’s – poker straight, slick and long with a centre parting.  The hair was made so neat and perfectly straight with the help of straighteners, and bizarrely enough, playing cards, which were attached to the hair to keep it flat and smooth until the show! (I think I also overheard someone saying that they were using toothbrushes to tame any flyways and frizz!). 

The makeup at the show also caught my full attention as it was lead by the Maybelline New York Team.  I had a chance to talk to Maybelline's Makeup Director, Sharon Dowsett, to learn all about the makeup look they were going for.  Sharon told me that the look was all about a youthful, radiant, luminous glow – and this meant that absolutely no powder was applied till the very last minute.  They used the Maybelline BB Cream and Fit Me Concealer to keep skin looking dewy and bare.  For the eyes, a navy eyeliner was applied to the top lash line to which then black liner was applied over the top, this was to create a midnight blue intense look.  The models were each given a Colossal Black Mascara to apply themselves for the show (and which they could keep afterwards, which I think is a nice touch!).  Brows were kept full and youthful and ‘Beige For Good’ Super Stay Long Lasting Lipstick was used on the lips.  There was no blusher used at all (interesting!) and nails were kept a fresh nude shade. 

The overall look for the show was ‘young at heart’ and ‘girly but sexy’.  Felder + Felder showcased clothes that were beautifully and casually elegant, with lots of chiffon, feminine prints and fabrics as well ….

What was your favourite LFW catwalk show?  What do you think of the makeup and hair look for the Felder + Felder show?



Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stila A/W Launches and Event!

I’m gonna lay it straight out there – I love Stila makeup.  I think their products are packaged beautifully, are of a great quality and have a great colour selection available, it would be silly not to sing their praise.  Up until recently, it has been quite hard to get hold of Stila products, but they have now launched in Boots stores so luckily they will now be more accessible.

I recently attended their A/W launches event and have a nice selection of new (and old) products to show you today!



 Firstly we have Stilas palettes.  Two words spring to mind – I WANT.  These three palettes are absolutely stunning and I would be so happy to own any one of them.  They are filled with a beautiful selection of shades which you could wear both night and day and they also each contain an eyeliner.

In The Light Palette
This palette is a replica of the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  The shades look identical, although I’d say these Stila ones look even better!

In The Moment Palette
I have completely fallen in love with the two middle shadows in this palette – the purple and gold.  Oh my they are so stunning.  I love that there are a selection of neutral peaches and shimmery shades in this palette and then the bright purple is there is you want a splash of colour (I suspect this would look stunning underneath the lower lash line).

In The Know Palette
Finally we have this palette which is made of entirely matte shadows.  I am a shimmer girl personally, but these mattes look extremely wearable and cater for any ager range which is fab.

All of these palettes are £25 each, which is pricey but the quality makes them worth it.

New Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer – Okay, why hasn’t this been thought of before?  It’s such a good idea!  This product is a foundation in a glass bottle, with a concealer and mirror in the lid and it also comes with a mini foundation brush!  The shade range available is absolutely incredible and I’m sure there will be a shade for everyone.  I’d really like to try this out to see what the coverage is like – although it looks like it will be a thick, long lasting foundation.  This retails at £29.50.

New Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – These beauties are pretty great – they are liquid lipsticks (as the name suggests) which stay in place all day.  As you can see from the swatches above, one sweep is ridiculously pigmented so it really does last on the skin and provide an intense colour.  The above colours are Fiery 01 and Patina 03.  Retails at £15.

STILA EDPStila Creme Bouquet EDP – Last up is the Stila fragrance, Creme Bouquet which is a Stila cult classic which they have bought back for good.  This fragrance is super sweet and easy to wear, with notes of vanilla, lily of the valley and pink lilac essence.  I find this perfume feminine and girly, but also sophisticated.  This retails for £29.50.

What are your favourite Stila products?  I’d love your recommendations!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Rimmel’s Kate Moss Matte Lipstick Reviews & Swatches!

Following the success of her Lasting Finish Rimmel lipstick collection, Kate Moss has released an extra 5 new matte lipstick shades.  These will be available in high street stores from October the 3rd, but I can show you a sneak peak of them today!

L-R 101, 111, 113, 110, 107


#101 – A blue based natural, rosy pink which I’m sure will be very popular, but I’m not sure it exactly suits me.  I personally prefer more coral based reds, but because this is such a subtle, natural pink, I think it’ll be a popular one!

#111 – a classically British red lipstick – a postbox red!

#113 – This is an extremely pale nude with a slight peach undertone.  This will look hideous on a lot of skin tones (including mine), but I still decided to photograph it on my skin above.  This will wash pale girls out but will complement a tan really well.  I wish I could get away with wearing shades like this but I just can’t!

#110 – I knew I would love this shade as soon as I laid eyes on it and I do.  Although this is an orange based red, it is definitely a little pinker than my favourite orange red which is MACs Morange (review here).  This kind of red is very easy to wear on all skin tones – so if you like the look of it then I urge you to try it out!

#107 – I thought I would hate this lipstick on my skin but I LOVE IT (you can see it in my Dark Lippies post here).  I think this will be my new favourite autumn/winter lipstick as it complements pale skin.  I love dark, mulberry, red wine shades but have never worn it out of the house before because I simply haven’t felt confident enough, but this is just incredible.

What I think – I am so impressed with these lipsticks and one of the best things about them is their price.  These babies are only £5.49 each which is an absolute bargain considering you’d be paying around £14 for a MAC lipstick of the same quality.  Considering most high street matte lipsticks I’ve tried leave my lips dry, flaky and show up any dry skin, these glide on like silk and feel really moisturizing.  These lipsticks also smell lovely, a light vanilla scent which disappears once you apply.  I hadn’t tried any of the other Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks, but I will be doing now!

As I said earlier, they will be available to purchase in stores from October 3rd, but you can buy them right now on their facebook page (here)!

What do you think of these new Kate Moss lipsticks?  What are you’re favourite matte lippies?



Monday, 17 September 2012

My Skincare Regime (combination/acne prone skin)!

I’ve had a few suggestions to film a video on what skincare products I use on my face at the moment and so here it is!  You can read all about my skincare history here (it includes ghastly pics of my skin at its worst!) so you know what skin type I have, so you can see if your skin is a little similar to mine.  I explain how I use everything in the video below (and I tell you what products are great for blemishes)!


- Paula’s Choice Clear Normalizing Cleanser (review)
- Philosophy Purity 3-in-1 Cleanser (EDIT – since filming this video and after using this for two weeks, I have now broken out in spots!  I do love this so I will continue to use it, but only around the eye area to remove eye makeup).
- Johnson’s Baby Wipes
- Bioderma H20 Crealine Solution (review)
- DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
- Paula’s Choice Clear Extra Strength Targeted Blemish Relief Toner (review)
- Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Moisture Gel (review
- Paula’s Choice Skin Balancing Daily Mattifying Lotion SPF15 (review)
- Quinoderm
- Freederm (review)
- Bioeffect EGF Serum (not pictured) (review)

So there we have it – all the products I am currently using as part of my skincare regime.  I hope this has helped a few of you who have similar skin to me.  If you would like a more in depth review of any products mentioned here, then just leave me a comment below and I’ll get on it!  Also – as a beauty blogger, I am always on the look out for new, amazing, skincare products (for example I am dying to try Alpha H Liquid Gold), so if you think there’s a product out there that I’ll love and will suit me, then please let me know!

What skincare products do you use and love? 



Sunday, 16 September 2012

September Glossybox 2012 – Contents!

September’s Glossy Box is a special one as the design on the box was created by illustrator Maggie Li.  I attended a special launch to show off this Glossybox so I can give you a sneak peek of all of the products in this box – which you can see below!


The selected samples available in this month’s box -

What I got in my box -

Lady Gaga Fame Fragrance – This is one of the samples I was most excited about when I saw the box, as I hadn’t yet tried the perfume and because I’d heard so much about it.  I have to say I really, really like this perfume.  I thought it would be a lot darker (as in musky and woody) but the fragrance is surprisingly sweet and girly. 

L’Oreal Proffessionnel Mythic ‘Colour Glow’ Oil (and a sachet of the shampoo and conditioner) – I am a massive hair oil fan so I am so happy to know own this as it’s one I haven’t tried before!  I’ve heard lots about L’Oreal’s Mythic oil being fab so I’m really excited to use it.  This is also a full size product which retails at £15.95 so it’s a bargain to receive it in this box.  If you receive the oil you will also receive two sachets of the range to try out along with it, so you can really see how the whole regime works together on your hair.

Olay Regenerist Wrinkle Relaxing Complex – I’ve reached the age where I’m starting to worry about preventing wrinkles and fine lines so I’m really looking forward to using this on my forehead, eyes and neck!

Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream – I first heard about the Balance Me range at the Vitality Show earlier this year.  I do love eye creams (even though I am terrible at remembering to use them).  This eye cream boasts 99% natural origin ingredients which is fab, although it does smell very strongly of essential oils, which makes me think it contains a lot of perfume (which is a skin irritant).  I’ll try this and see how I get on!

Rodial Glamoxy Snake Serum and 5 Minute Facial Sachets – These sachets are very interesting – one being a Snaker Serum which reduces with appearance of wrinkles and the other being a 5 Minute Face Mask.  I will happily try both of these!

What I think – I really like this box as it includes products which I generally would have picked out myself in stores (the mythic oil and fame perfume).  Even though I am usually cautious when it comes to trying out lots of skincare products on my acne prone skin, I am looking forward to trying out the moisturizers as it can’t hurt to use anti aging products!

What do you think of Septembers box? Have you tried Gaga’s Fame perfume?



Friday, 14 September 2012

TREND: Dark Red Lipsticks. Rimmel & Illamasqua

I love the thought of wearing a gothic, dark, red or purple lipstick out and about, but the thought of it previously has petrified me!  Don’t get me wrong – I absolutely adore wearing bright orange reds and neon pinks whilst out and feel confident whilst doing so, but there is something about a dark red that scares me a little.  I am simply not confident enough and am scared of people thinking ‘ohh looorrddy what does she look like!?’.

Recently, however, I have acquired two dark purple based red lippies which I love too much to just let sit in a drawer, so much so, that I’ve been wearing them around the house to try and gear myself up for wearing them outside.  You can see swatches and read mini reviews below!


Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick in #107
Kate Moss is releasing five new matte lipstick this Autumn (Oct 3rd to be precise) with Rimmel, and this is one of them.  When I first saw this lippie I dismissed it as being ‘not very me’, but once I actually started playing with it, I have fallen in love.  Most matte lipsticks can be super drying on the lips and show up any imperfections, this however is perfect.  The texture is creamy and applies on the lips like a dream and is surprisingly hydrating for a matte lipstick.  The colour is a deep red plum (it’s a little darker and more purple in real life than in the photograph above – see swatches at the bottom of this post for a more accurate colour swatch) and looks super glam and sophisticated.  For £5.49, this is an absolute bargain.

Illamasqua Lipstick in Magnetism from Generation Q Collection
ILLAMASWUA Next up is Magnetism, which was launched by Illamasqua in the Generation Q range.  Again, first thoughts I wasn’t so sure, but after wearing Rimmel’s, I was determined to be able to wear this too.  The texture of this lipstick is completely different to the Rimmel one, but the colour is almost identical.  This lipstick has a glossy sheen to it, which makes it easy to wear, look sexy and makes the lips look fuller.  The packaging is classic Illamasqua in a square like casing which I adore.  This retails for £16, which is pricey – but a great quality lippie.


Both of these lipsticks are absolutely gorgeous and are both of such a good quality, I would recommend them both. I think I prefer the matte look a little more, as it is a little less gothic, but regardless I am still really looking forward to wearing these out and about!

What do you think about Dark Plum lipsticks?  Do these suit me?  Do you wear dark red’s out and about?



Sunday, 9 September 2012

ckone cosmetics - New Makeup Collection Preview!

Calvin Klein are soon to launch their brand new makeup line, named ‘ckone’ which will be hitting Debenhams stores this September.

The range is divided into three categories - ‘Look Real’ are the base products such as foundations and concealers, ‘Define Yourself' includes mascara, blusher and bronzer – things that define and contour your face.  The third category is ‘Intensity’, which includes everything else from lipsticks to eye shadows to add some colour and diversity to your look. 

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a few of the products to show you guys which I’m really excited about!


Mascara – Everyone is going to love this mascara, I can tell.  It is a truly unique, one of a kind, product which I can’t wait to review.  This mascara is lengthening and volumizing in one.  When you turn a cap at the top of the lid, the brush expands to help lengthen the lashes, and then you can twist the cap again to make it shorter to help add volume.  This retails at £17 which is a little pricey, but because this mascara is so unique it’s kinda worth it!  Stay tuned for a full review so I can show you exactly what I mean!

3-in-1 Face Makeup SPF8 £25 – This is a 3-in-1 product, containing a serum, primer and foundation all in one.  There are currently 8 shades available, ranging from light to dark, but I’m hoping they extend this range and bring out a few more!  I do absolutely love the packaging of this product, it’s very nifty and you can even see inside the bottle on one side (great for knowing how much product you have left).

Powder Eyeshadow Quad £25 – There will be 8 different eyeshadow quads available which are all gorgeous and highly pigmented.  Pictured above is the #810 Smoking palette, which contains a blue, silver, black and white shadows, all of which can be used wet or dry.

Pure Colour Lipstick £13 – All of new ckone lipsticks smell absolutely sublime – better than vanilla.  They are also really pigmented and intense.  The colour above is called #110 Wow but I’m also lusting after a shade called Sin City, which is a stunning peachy pink.

Also in the range – cream and powder blush duos, a treat lip kit palette which includes a scrub, balm, colour and gloss in one, brow pencil and gel duo, gloss sticks for the eyes allowing you to apply a glossy, grungy colour, and lots more.

The first thing I love about this brand is the packaging which is monochrome and sleek.  The black bits of the packaging have a rubbery feel which I love; the range was created to be perfect for men as well as woman, and the packaging definitely makes it look more unisex.  I love the fact that a lot of the products have more than one use so you don’t need to carry around multiple products – like the 3-in-1 foundation, the brow pencil which includes a clear mascara at the other end, a cream AND powder blush in one etc.

The products are already available to purchase online here and will be in stores on Sept 23rd in Debenhams stores.

Also – stay tuned for full reviews of all of the products featured in this post.  If there is anything you’d like to see reviewed/swatched first, then leave me a comment and I’ll get on it first!

Do you like the look of CKone products? 



Thursday, 6 September 2012

Nails Inc Porchester Square and Diamond Nail Combo!

Recently I have been embracing my artist side and experimenting with nail art!  Okay, so below isn’t technically nail art, but its a mixture of two nail polishes which I think looks pretty damn artistic to me so I thought I’d share it with you guys. 

porchester square
Porchester Square and Diamond ‘Nail Jewellery’.

As we are fast approaching autumn, I have been reaching for Porchester Square a lot – it’s a hard colour to describe but I’d say its a grey with a brownish/neutral tint.  I think it’s the most perfect polish for autumn winter as it isn’t too grungy and gothic (like a deep mahogany or black), but isn’t too feminine and girly either.  It looks great with ripped denim, check prints and slouchy jumpers.  In the photographs above I paired it with Nails Inc ‘Diamond’ which came out in the Nail Jewellery collection in April (which you can see more photographs of here), which I think adds the most perfect bit of sparkle and glamour to the look.

In the future I want to start experimenting with (better) nail art and colour combinations so check back for that soon!

What is your favourite colour and glitter nail combo?  Have you ever used Nails Inc Porchester Square?



Monday, 3 September 2012

August Jolie Box 2012 Contents!

I’m a little late reviewing this box, but I had to write my thoughts on it as it is one of my favourite beauty boxes which I’ve received!  This box is perfectly thought out and contains great products to take away with you whether going on a trip, holiday or sleepover.

JOLIE jolie2

Dr Bronner’s Pure Castile ‘Sleep’ Pillows in Peppermint, Citrus and Unscented – I love Dr Bronner products, from their hand sanitizers to their magic soaps (which I use to clean my makeup brushes!) so it’s great to see a selection of products in this Jolie Box.  These little ‘sleep pillows’ are the perfect product to pop in your bag if you are going away, either on an over night stay or a sleepover as they are the perfect size to wash your body from head to toe.  I can’t wait to try out the citrus one (as I love citrusy scents) and it’ll be great to see how soothing the unscented one is!

Phil Smith Dry Clean Revitalising Dry Shampoo – I am the biggest dry shampoo fan in the world so it is always a pleasure to try a new one out.  I had never heard of Phil Smith before but I’ve really enjoyed using this dry shampoo.  Again, it’s the perfect size to carry around in your bag for touch ups throughout the day.

So Susan Lip Cushion – This is a little pot of goodness – a lip balm which looks pinkish but applies clear and smells just delicious!

So Susan Wide Awake Face Palette – There is nothing I love more makeup wise than a new palette.  I’ve never owned a palette like this and love it already.  It contains an illuminating cream which works fabulously as an under eye concealer, a highlighter to use on the brow bone and cheek bones and a few different eyebrow shades to ensure you have the most perfectly groomed face.  I also love that this palette contains little tweezers and a brush.

Leather Hair Styling Lace – This product really intrigues me but because I am quite lazy with my hair, I really don’t know what to do with it!  This is basically a long, deep red, leather lace which you can use to style your hair.  If you have any ways in which I could use this then please tell me in a comment below!!

Overall I love this Jolie Box – it really is a great selection of products that you could take away with you on holiday or trip.  I find that Jolie Box are always very consistant with the products in each box – there has never been a box by them which has let me down and you can tell they really think about each product that goes into each box.  I can’t wait for the September one!

What do you think of August’s Jolie Box?  How would you use the Leather Hair Lace?


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