Friday, 31 August 2012

ghd air boutique at Vogue’s Fashion’s Night out!

Those of you who are a recently follower of my blog will have seen my previous post on my how to create a curls with my ghds (you can read the post here).  Today I found out that ghd will be launching their very first air boutique which will be touring around the country as part of Vogue’s Fashion Night Out on Sept 6th. The boutique will travel by road, visiting locations around the UK as directed by the public, who can vote on their facebook page to decide which city it travels to next.

The ghd air boutique is the world’s first socially powered beauty experience featuring hair makeovers with the ghd style team, model castings and a travelling airstream trailer.  Anyone who wants to experience the ‘ultimate ghd blow dry’ will be able to book an appointment with the ghd style team via their facebook or twitter page, for free!  

ghd's Creative Director Kenna backstage at David Koma AW12 at LFW
ghd's styling team backstage at David Koma AW12 at LFW 2 
ghd’s creative director and styling team backstage at David Koma AW12 at LFW

Also, very exciting - Select Model Management will also be hosting a special search to find a new model who will be given the opportunity to sign with the agency and will also model for ghd later this year.  The casting will take place on September the 6th (at the launch of the air boutique) and Select will then narrow it down to five girls.  Their images will then be placed on the ghd facebook page where fans can choose the ultimate winner!

You can visit the ghd page here – where you can vote to choose the cities the air boutique will visit, as well as get involved with Q&As with stylists!

Will you be visiting the ghd Air Boutique?  Do you use ghds?


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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

My Budget Summer Holiday Beauty Bundle!

I have been set the exciting challenge (by of creating the ultimate ‘Summer Beauty Bundle’. This means choosing my absolute favourite skin, hair and beauty products that are perfect for Summer and will keep you looking and feeling great all Summer long. I love tasks like this and I love the task of finding the top products within a criteria so I am very excited about this and I hope it helps a few of you who are yet to go on Summer holiday or deserve a summer treat.

For this task, I have been set the budget of £70, which at first might seem like a lot, but actually, if every product is around £5-15 then you can only really choose a few products with it. With this in mind, I have decided to search for the best bargains (that work!) so you can get as much quality for your money.


The Body Shop/Kleenex Blotting Pads £2.99 – If you are anything like me, then you will need to carry blotting pads everywhere in your handbag in the warmer months. I have dry skin, but am prone to oilyness on my t-zone, so in order to keep the shine I bay I rely on blotting pads. My new favourites which I have discovered are by Kleenex and do the job superbly.

Garnier Ambre Solaire Clear Protect + SPF30 Transparent Sun Protection Spray £14 – Sun protection is THE most important thing on my list when it comes to holidays and I normally take around three bottles if I am travelling abroad. My favourite sun protection brand by Garnier Ambre Solait and I have just discovered this new Clear Protect Range. This SPF spray is like no other that I have tried, because it is clear! This leaves you with no white marks at all and sinks into the skin so quickly you won’t even realise that you are wearing it! After testing this out at a festival last weekend, I am now a convert and would recommend it to anyone! £14 is a lot to spend on a sun cream for this budget, but these products are normally on offer in Boots as I buy one get one free, so you can also purchase a lower SPF or an after sun to go with it (I also chose the Golden Protect SPF30, pictured above).

VO5 Dry Shampoo £3.49 – I have been using Batiste’s dry shampoo for the past five years of my life, but I think I’ve actually discovered something better. VO5’s new Dry Shampoos are incredible – firstly, they smell amazing, secondly they leave no white residue on your hair (if you use it properly) and thirdly – it works! The spray gets rid of greasy roots whilst also adding volume. Dry shampoo is definitely one of my must haves for the summer as you can also use it to add volume to your hair after a swim in the sea or before a night out.

Balmi Lip Balm £4.99 – I don’t know about you, but I always get dry lips in the summer. Balmi lip balms are a bit of a craze at the moment but do a great job of keeping lips soft and supple. I have the raspberry smell and it is just delicious. The balm is a dome shape so you won’t need to dip your fingers into the pot to apply (meaning less germs!) and it is a good size to just pop in your handbag.

Superdrug Flirty Body Spray £1.09 – Instead of taking a big perfume on holiday I always prefer taking a body spray instead. I just find perfume bottles too heavy and delicate to carry around all day (especially in the heat) so it makes more sense to carry a light (affordable) body spray instead. My all time favourite body spray is actually a Superdrug own brand and it’s called Flirty. Superdrug do many different fragrances of spray but this and '’Delicious’ are my favourites – they smell so sweet and lovely and are so easy to wear that I find myself reaching for these more than perfumes anyway. Also – my boyfriend always compliments me when I am wearing this, so it must be good!

Barry M Nail Paint in Pink Flamingo £2.59 – Every girl needs a bit of colour on their nails in the summer and this is my favourite pink shade. Barry M are famous for their affordable, great quality nail varnishes and this is no exception. Give yourself a mani and pedi before you set off abroad with this shade and it’ll definitely get you in the summer mood.

Head and Shoulders Citrus Fresh Shampoo £4.99 – On holidays I try to get away with not washing my hair, for as many days I possibly can without looking ridiculous (that’s what dry shampoo is for, right?!). With this in mind, I chose this affordable Head and Shoulders shampoo. I’ve been testing this for a few weeks now and it really does the job of clearing any build up or product residue you might have on your scalp, leaving you with squeaky clean hair.

L’Oreal Ever Sleek Smoothing Anti-Frizz Serum £7.99 – L’Oreal have recently released a few new hair serums and so I couldn’t wait to try them – you guys know how much I love hair serums right? This Anti-frizz one is perfect for when your locks get a little too hard to handle from either humidity (Monica from Friends annyyyone?!) and obviously the sun and sea can really dry your hair out. This pops some condition back into your hair and leaves it silky but not greasy (just don’t use too much). This also smells gorgeous, I would wear it as a perfume if I could.

Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant £5.30 – Deodorant is a must on holiday. Sure’s Maximum Protection Deod is by far my favourite because it works. You apply this before you go to sleep and you will not sweat at all the next day.

GOSH BB Cream All in One SPF15 £7.99 – I see my holidays, regardless of the location, as a chance to let my skin breath, so I normally ditch a heavy, full coverage foundations and instead opt for a light cream. This new BB Cream by GOSH is perfect as it is a moisturizer, primer and foundation all in one AND it has an SPF15 so you can protect your face as well as your body. I’ve been using testing this one out recently and it leaves my skin feeling and looking natural, but helps to even out my skin tone at the same time.

Dove Summer Glow Moisturizing Lotion £5.69 – I hadn’t tried this since the age of 17 (when it left me horribly orange and biscuit-y smelling), but since it has been repackaged and even has a new scent and formula so I thought I would try it out for this post. This moisturizer is a gradual tan so the more you use it, the more of a ‘glow’ you gain. I’ve been using this before bed most nights and I’m happy to say that it leaves me feeling soft and I wake up with a slight glow, but not orange in the slightest (which is great). It does still have the slightest fake tan scent after you first apply it, but this fades soon after. I think this would be great on holiday to keep your skin moisturized but to also help keep up your tan too!

The Body Shop Mango Shower Gel £4– A shower gel isn’t the most exciting of products, but lets face it, we need to use it everyday, especially on holiday after a hot, sweaty day in the town or to help wash your sun cream off. I chose this one as the smell is ridiculously summery and because it does the job!

Johnson’s Baby Wipes £1 – A staple of mine all year round, I adore babywipes. These are perfect to use to cool down after a long, hot day walking, or for taking your makeup off before bed (if like me you sometimes get a little lazy!). Johnson’s baby wipes are normally on offer in store so I always stock up when I’m running low.

Total Spend - £66.11

So that’s it – what did you think of my top affordable holiday picks? I’m surprised at how many products I bought within in the budget and even have a few pounds left. I hope this has helped and given you a little inspiration on what to pack if you’re going on holiday soon!

I have linked most of the products above to an online store where you can purchase them. You can grab yourself some vouchers to use on these online stores (like Boots or Superdrug) for free from to save yourself some money too!

What are you’re favourite holiday beauty products? Have you used any of the products above?


P.S I was set the challenge by voucher codes but this is not a sponsored post!


Monday, 27 August 2012

Famous Cosmetics ‘First Date’ Blush Review!

I love blushers, but definitely go through phases of wearing them.  I’m also that type of girl that when I find a blusher that I love, I wear it constantly, non-stop, and can’t get enough of it.  Well, when this arrived for me at home I was going through a no blusher stage, until I laid eyes on this that is!
famous cosmetics blusherfamous first date blusherBLUSHER (I overexposed the photograph above slightly, sorry!  But you can still kind of see the colour of the blush on my cheeks!)
This Famous First Date Blusher in ‘Penelope’ is exactly my kind of colour.  I love matte pink shades that include a hint of brown as I find they really compliment my pale skin and help to emphasize my cheek bones as well as add a natural flush of colour to my cheeks.  As soon as I saw this colour in the pan I knew I was going to love it and I really do.  The texture is perfect, lovely and smooth and it is also pigmented so you don’t need to use to much to achieve the perfect amount of colour. 
I am super impressed with this product and will definitely be running to a Superdrug store soon to check out the other colours in the range.  The First Date Blushers retail at £4.99 and are available online here and in Superdrug stores nationwide!

Have you tried anything for the Famous range?  What is your favourite natural blusher?

Friday, 24 August 2012

Pale Foundations Swatches and Reviews, PART #1!

Hi everyone!  I know that a lot of people that read my blog find it hard finding pale foundations, much like I do!  So I decided to film a video and take some photographs of some of my favourite pale foundations that I have discovered over the past few years.  There will be a part 2 to this video as I forgot some of my other favourites (and am also currently trying out some brand new ones) but I hope this helps at the moment!


In the video below I explain why I love these foundations and at the end of the video I show you close ups of the packaging and swatch them on my hand to show you what they look like against my pale skin!


MAC’s Full Coverage Foundation in NC15
– You can read my full review of this foundation here.  It is one of my absolute favs just becaue the coverage is incredible and because it’s extremely easy to use and the perfect colour for pale skin (so perfect that you can hardly see it in the swatches above)!

L’Oreal Infallible Foundation in Porcelain #15 – Full review here.  Another of my favourites, I have been through about four bottles of this in the past few years.  The formula and coverage are lovely and it’s proper pale.  I know I can rely on this foundation to match my skin perfectly and cover any blemishes.

Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation in LF115 and LF 140 – This foundation in LF115 is the palest foundation in this post and the lightest in coverage.  I love that Illamasqua cater for all skin colours – they even do a white foundation!  I prefer a bit more coverage with foundation so I like to use a concealer as well when I wear this but it does a good job of even-ning skin tone out.  The LF140 is a little too dark for me (and way too orange as you can see above) but I included it anyway as it is still quite pale.

RMK Light Liquid Foundation in 201 – The formula of this foundation is incredible; it is a creamy liquid foundation but it dries as a cream leaving you with the most flawless matte base.  The colour is slightly too dark but I still wear this in the summer or on days when I feel I need heavier coverage.

Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation in Fair #100 – I did not expect Max Factor foundations to suit my skin tone at all but they are actually pretty ideal!  This foundation is a light liquid foundation and works brilliantly when used as a base for the foundation below!

Max Factor Miracle Touch Foundation in Creamy Ivory #40 – LOVE this, this cream foundation is so silky it just glides on the skin, making it perfect to conceal blemishes and dark circles.  I do however find it best to apply with a buffing blush (like the real techniques one) rather than the sponge that comes with it, or with your fingers!

I really hopes this helps some of you ghosts out there!  Stay tuned for part 2 which will include foundations by Revlon and Sleek, and BB creams by GOSH and Sleek!

What is your favourite pale foundation?  Have you used any of the ones I’ve mentioned here?



Thursday, 23 August 2012

‘Birthday Special’ Hair Tutorial using GHDs!

Hi everyone! So I’d been wanting to film a video on how I will be using GHDs to create my ‘birthday’ look for you all but I can’t tell you how many technical difficulties I’ve been running into. I ended up filming the video twice, using three different laptops to try and edit the video and countless hours trying to get the video to edit faster. I’ve been using my new Canon 7D to film recently and the quality is incredible but it is SO slow on my laptop (thinking I might have to save up for a new one!). Anyway, sorry for rambling! Without further ado, here is my Birthday Special Hair Tutorial using my new Pink Cherry Blossom GHDs!

The Pink Cherry Blosson GHDs are Limited Edition and £10 from every pair sold will be donated to Breakthrough Breast Cancer, which is an excellent idea. The GHDs themselves come in a nicely decorated box and inside is a bag in which you can store your straighteners – perfect for travelling. The metal plates of the GHDs are pink which I love (I’m such a girl) and they’re a really nice size to hold and use.


These are the first pair of GHDs I have ever owned and I’ve got to say I love them already. They glide through my hair leaving my locks silky soft, shiny and smooth. As you can see above I decided to be a bit daring and try curling my hair for the first time with GHDs! It took a bit of practise, but I got there and I can’t wait to become more confident using them.

The other products mentioned in the video were my Denman Brush (although I can’t remember the exact name), Umberto Gianni Rock N’ Roll Hairspray, Tressemme Heat Defence Spray and Neal Wolf Super Shine Spray.

I’d love to hear if you found this helpful and if you would like any more hair tutorials from me!

You can purchase GHDs and view their other products on their website here -

Do you own a pair of GHDs? What is your favourite style to create using them?



Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Sleek Makeup ‘Haul’!

Sleek is one of my favourite makeup brands on the high street, it’s no secret, you all know it!  So when they sent round an email with a discount code on it I became ridiculously excited and placed my order straight away!  I decided to purchase some products I hadn’t tried before and a few of my favourites and thought I’d show you what I bought today!


New Skin Revive Foundation in Linen – I already own this foundation, but in a shade way too dark for me, so I decided to go ahead and order the palette shade available, which is much better on my skin.  I’m looking forward to trying this out properly and will write up a full review soon!

Corrector and Concealer Palette in Fair – I didn’t actually know that Sleek had this product and it looked interesting so I though why not!  I’m always on the look out for good concealers for blemishes so I can’t wait to use this!

Pout Paint in Minx – I love Pout Paints but this is the only colour I wanted which I didn’t own already.  It’s a beautiful nudey-pink shade which I think will be a very easy colour to wear daily.

Twist Up Eye Pencil in Midnight and Chocolate – The Twist Up liner in Midnight is my all time favourite black eyeliner.  The colour is intense and so pigmented and the fact that you don’t have to sharpen it just makes my life so much easier.  I’ve already used about four of these and get through them so quickly, I thought I’d better buy a back up.  I also chose to get the same in Chocolate – a brown shade which I’ve been using the past two days and love already.  It’s a great substitute to a black liner and gives me a much more subtle smokey eye. 

Eau La La Liner in Melba and Red Sky Night -  I’d been eyeing up these two shades in Superdrug ever since the Eau La La liners had been released and I’m happy I picked them up!  Melba is a peachy orange shade and Red Sky Night is a beautiful dusty pink which matches Minx Pout Paint really well!

I’m really happy with everything I ordered and am really looking forward to trying them out properly.  If any of these products look right ‘up your street’, then let me know and I’ll put it to the top of my ‘to review’ list!  Also – Sleek have also updated their website – making it a lot easier to use and also adding swatches of each product so you can see how they look on different skin types, which is a great idea and makes online shopping much easier!

Have you been eyeing up anything from Sleek recently?



Monday, 20 August 2012

Hugo BOSS Nuit Pour Femme Perfume!

Hugo Boss are launching a new fragrance for women this week and have chosen Gwyneth Paltrow as the ambassador of the fragrance (and it’s no wonder, she is wonder woman – an actress, singer, fashion icon as well as wife and mother!).  The new fragrance, Hugo Boss Nuit Pour Femme, is for the modern woman – a woman who can multitask, is confident, successful, flawlessly styled, charismatic and sophisticated, much like Gwyneth herself!

I love the idea behind this perfume.  Boss say that ‘The alluring and feminine scent is inspired by the most iconic symbol of feminine style – the little black dress and the confident reassurance it gives to women’.

Crop to Trim PDFX1a_639651-2_PGPL_07_NUITGwyn_WB_800X600_LR.pdf

The fragrance itself is very alluring and sensual, including top notes of white peach and wet aldehydic, heart accords of jasmine, white flowers and violets, and the base notes include warm woods, sandalwood and crystal moss. Gwyneth says the fragrance is a sensual and feminine perfume, and I quote; “It’s the perfect night time perfume because it’s very alluring but very elegant at the same time”

The little black dress that Gwyneth is wearing in the promo images are actually available to purchase form Hugo Boss stores, which I think it a fab idea – you yourself can look effortlessly glamorous like Gwynnie, finishing the look with a spritz of the new scent.

As I mentioned before, the fragrance will be available to purchase this week – so keep your eyes peeled for it!  

Do you own a Hugo Boss fragrance?  Which is your favourite?


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Saturday, 18 August 2012

Impulse & Beauty Interview with Caggie Dunlop!

Impulse have just bought out a new Limited Edition body spray and guess who is the new face of this fragrance?  Only Caggie Dunlop from Made in Chelsea!  I was invited to the press launch of the new ‘Loving Words’ Impulse and I was also offered the chance to interview Caggie, which of course I took!

At the event we watched the screening of ‘The Walk’, the new short silent movie (that Caggie stars in) which celebrates Impulse and this new fragrance.  (There is a link to the video at the bottom of this post!)


You can watch my interview with Caggie above.  I have to apologise for the horrendous lighting and sound in this video – the interview was in a very loud bar in a hotel and unfortunately is was very loud and dark!  I also have to apologise for my chewing gum – I had just eaten some canapés and didn’t want to repulse Cags with my ham & asparagus breath!

product imags 199

The ‘Loving Words’ Impulse itself smells lovely.  It is quite fruity at first with top notes of pear, apricot and mango, but leaves you smelling floral with undertones of violets and peony.  Impulse have also created ‘Love Puzzle’, which is very similar to ‘Loving words’, with top notes of plum and apricot, lilac and voilets, but also leaves you with a blackbery musk, amber and sandalwood undertones!

Impulse retail at £1.99 which is a bargain and perfect to keep in your handbag for touch ups.  You can watch Caggie’s video with Impulse here!

What is your favourite Impulse fragrance?  Do you like Caggie representing this brand?



Tuesday, 14 August 2012

August Glossybox Review & Contents!

It’s that time of the month girls, Glossybox time!  This box has a great idea behind it (which is super suitable to the Olympic period we just had in London) as it features beauty products from all over the world.  Aptly named ‘International Superstars’, this box allows us to try out products we perhaps have never even heard of before from all around the globe, which I think is a great idea!

Read on to see my contents and to read my mini-reviews!birthday 557GLOSSYBOX AUGUST

Alessandro Pro White Nail Polish (Germany) – I had never heard of a nail polish which you apply to counteract the yellow-ness of your nails if they have been stained by wearing too much nail polish, so this is a great idea!  This polish has the slightest blue tint which balances out any yellow, leaving you with bright nails.  I don’t have stained nails at the moment, so this polish has left my nails looking a little blue/purple (like they would do if you were freezing cold) but I’m planning to try it out as a base coat in the mean time!

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil (Japan) – This is a water-soluble deep cleansing oil which helps to remove makeup.  To use it, you pour some in your hands and rub the oil onto your face in circular motions, which should remove all of your makeup so you can then wash your face leaving nothing behind.  I’m really looking forward to trying this, although a little weary of using an oil as a makeup remover on my acne prone skin!

All for Eve Eve’s Balm – This is a great multipurpose balm for use all over the body.  So far I have used it on my elbows and lips.  I love that this little pot has a mirror inside and the smell is nice too – very essential oil-like.

Vera Valenti L’ombre a Paupiere Maragrita (Spain) – As you already know, I love eyeshadow palettes so it is nice to see a full sized one in this Glossybox.  I do think the colours are a little odd (I wouldn’t normally want four different shades of green in a palette) but the browns are nice.  This does look a little cheap looking with the white plastic but I’m still going to try it out.

Lipcote (UK) – I already own two Lipcotes (full review here), but it is nice to see something familiar in this box.  Lipcote is great at helping your lipstick stay in place all day, although it does smell a lot like nail varnish when you first apply it!

Glossy Box Lipstick in Glossy Pink – It seems as if Glossybox really are delving into the world of beauty products (remember their blusher brush in one of the last boxes?) and this time they have created lipsticks!   I am really impressed with this lippie (much more so than the brush) because the packaging is sleek and expensive looking, and because the lipstick itself is very pigmented and a beautiful colour!  I can’t wait to see what else they have in store for us!

What I think – I like that there are a selection of makeup and skincare products in this box and I think a lot of other people will be happy with this too.  The makeup shades selected seem really universal so they will suit any skin tone, which is fab.  I would (and will) definitely use every product in this box so it’s a thumbs up from me!

Are you looking forward to receiving this box?  What other countries would you like to see featured in a Glossybox?



Friday, 10 August 2012

What I use: Hair Products (Part 1)

Hey everyone!  I have decided to start filming a lot more videos recently and this is my newest!  Although I have reviewed a few hair products recently, I thought I’d update you on my actual hair routine and what products I use to keep my bleached hair soft and manageable.  The first part is shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils and the second part will be styling products such as styling gels, creams and sprays etc. 

Why does YouTube always choose the worst cover photo? Ha!


Ojon Dry Reverse Shampoo & Conditioner – This shampoo & conditioner duo have been my ‘go-to’ products whenever I have washed my hair over the past three weeks.  They make my hair really easy to comb through and they leave my locks feeling soft.  The smell isn’t the most attractive (they whole Ojon range has quite a strong, woody, musky scent, but it doesn’t put me off!).

Kevin Murphy Born Again Shampoo & Masque – If my hair is in dire need of some moisture, I can always rely on this duo to restore my hair to its best condition.  Both products are extremely expensive (I always ask for them as a birthday or Christmas gift) but they really do work.  The masque in particular is divine and leaves my hair feeling like silk!

Clynol Colour Care Shampoo & Conditioner – This range smells SO GOOD I can’t explain.  I use these products for a couple of weeks after I get my roots done and they stop the colour fading too much and make my hair smell gorgeous. 

TRESemme Keratin Smooth Mask – I’ve used this mask twice in the past week to keep my hair soft and manageable.  Like all TRESemme products, this is a really affordable product which smells lovely.  After shampooing and conditioning, I will then scoop out some of this products and will smooth it all through the tips of my hair, wait five minutes and then comb it through.  My hair is instantly detangled and feels really silky once the product is rinsed out. 

Ojon Damage Reverse Mask – I use this as an overnight deep treatment once a fortnight when I get the time.  To use this, you scrape out some of the hard oil, rub it together in your hands until it becomes a greasy oil, smother it all over your dry hair (concentrating on the tips) and then comb through.  I then wrap my hair in a towel turban and sleep with it in overnight.  The following morning I comb through once again and rinse out and voila, a soft barnet!

Schwarzkopf BC Hair Oil Light Finishing Treatment – I mentioned this in my November 2011 favourites and am still in love with it now and I was back then.  After washing, I will towel dry my hair and then apply this to the tips and then brush through.  I find this to be an amazing detangler and so it has replaced any other product I use for detangling my hair after washing.  This smells nice as well, reminds me a little of baby talc powder.

L’Oreal Extraordinary Oil – I have only been using this for a few weeks but I can already tell that it is doing wonders to my hair in terms of keeping it soft and manageable.  I use this exactly the same way that I use the Schwarzkopf hair oil and it, again, helps to detangle my hair and keep it shiny!

I’ve actually really enjoyed writing this post and I hope some of you find it helpful!  Stay tuned for part two!

What are your favourite shampoos & conditioners?  Do you use hair masks and oils?



Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Brown Smokey Eye Tutorial using NEXT Beauty Products!

I haven’t filmed a makeup tutorial in a while, so I thought one was well due!  The look below is created using mainly NEXT Beauty products.  I know NEXT isn’t a store one usually relates to makeup, but they do actually have an extensive beauty range which are extremely affordable and quite good quality.  The products in this video are from their new A/W range which will be launched in September, so as well as a tutorial, this is also a sneaky peek into some new products!


NEXT Products used -
NEXT Golden Beauty Palette
NEXT Volumising Mascara
NEXT Bronzer
NEXT Blusher
NEXT High Shine Lip Gloss in Nude

Other products used -
MAC Full Coverage Foundation
Stageline Precise Liner
Sleek Twist Up Eye Pencil in Midnight Black
Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil in Black Brown


Next beauty

What is your favourite affordable makeup line?  Have you ever used makeup from NEXT?


Please note that the NEXT products were sent to me by a PR company, but I was not paid or compensated for this post!


Sunday, 5 August 2012

Look Beauty Blusher Swatches (in Rosy & Sculpt)!

Look Beauty is quickly becoming one of my favourite makeup brands on the high street.  The range is just under a year old, but already has my full attention whenever I enter a Superdrug store because of the chic packaging and incredible colour selection available. 

I own two Look Beauty blushers which I adore and so it’s time to review and swatch them for you today!



Rosy Shade 4 – Rosy is a gorgeous shimmering pink shade which also contains speckles of gold, which sparkle in the light. This is a truly beautiful blush which I find really easy to wear all year round to brighten up my face.

Sculpt Shade 5 – I fell in love with this shade because I knew from the instant that I saw it, that it’d be absolutely perfect for pale skin and guess what?  It is! Sculpt is a stunning pink/brown, which again includes the tiniest hint of shimmer. It makes for a truly gorgeous bronzing, contouring shade on my skin and really warms my face up.

What I Think - I really love both of these blushers and reach for them all the time when I’m applying my makeup.  They retail for £8 each in Superdrug stores, which is quite pricey I think for a high street blusher, but the quality is fab - great pigmentation and colour selection available, as well as nice, sturdy packaging, which a mirror in the lid.

I love the fact that this range is the brainchild of Look Magazine.  I have been reading the magazine since I was around 17 and to know that the beauty editor (a woman we can all trust) has had her input into the range makes me know that I will definitely adore every product.

Do you own any Look Beauty Products?  Do you read Look Magazine too?



Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Max Factor’s Olympic Look!

Last month I was invited to a special event with Caroline Barnes and Max Factor to preview the OFFICIAL look that the women Great British Olympians will wear throughout the Olympics in London this Summer.
“The ‘Sports Chic' make-up look will be worn by all female volunteers, medal bearers and escorts to the athlete and presenters during the 805 victory ceremonies at the 2012 Games, where athletes are presented with their medals”.

I wanted to show you step by step with my own photographs of Caroline applying the makeup, so that you can try it yourself at home (and see how I got on creating the look myself!).


STEP 1 – Caroline used three products to complete the base.  First, she applied the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation using a foundation brush.  To cover any blemishes or imperfections, Caroline used the Max Factor Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation and blended them into the specific areas (this works great as both foundation and concealer). To finish the base, the Max Factor Miracle Touch Creamy Blush in Soft Copper was dabbed on the cheeks and blended lightly outwards towards the hairline.

STEP 2 – Caroline used the Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil in Hazel to lightly fill in the brows.  This eyebrow pencil has a brush on the lid so you can also gently comb through the brows after filling them in, to keep them in perfect shape.

max factor eyes2 2

STEP 3 – Using the Max Colour Effect Trio Eye-shadow in Coco Crazy, Caroline swept the cream shadow all over the eye lid, creating a good base for the rest of the eye and to open the eyes up. 

STEP 4 – Using the darker shade, Caroline used a cotton bud and swept it underneath the lower lash line.  This gives the subtlest smokey look and makes the simple look become quite sultry.

STEP 5 – Using a blender brush, she blended the darker eye shadow just above the crease line on the top of the eyelid, creating an almond shaped eye.  She joined this shadow up with the lower lash line to really extend the eye.

max factor eyes3

STEP 6 – Using the Liquid Effect Pencil in Violet Voltage, Caroline lightly smudged the kohl into the top lash line.  She started the line in the middle of the eye and extended it out slightly to carry on emphasizing the almond shaped eye.

STEP 7 – Finally, apply mascara.  Max Factor’s False Lash Effect Mascara was used here after curling to complete the look.  You can also apply some lipgloss at this point as well!

My take on the look -
At the event we had the opportunity to try the Olympic look on ourselves.  We didn’t have much time, around 15 minutes so I took off all of my base and used the foundation and cream to make my skin look flawless (seriously impressed with these products by the way – the colour of the foundations match my skin perfectly, for once! Full review coming soon).  I then used the eye shadows to go over the eyeshadow I was previously wearing and finished with a coat of mascara, lip gloss and the cream blush!

I really love this look and how simple, yet effective it is.  I think it is a great idea that the Great British team have a look that represents them and I love that women and girls all over the country can try this look out also!  What’s best is that Max Factor is all relatively affordable and really accessible, meaning that you can pick them up from any Boots or Superdrug on the high street!

What do you think of the ‘Sports Chic’ Olympic look?  Will you be trying this out?


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