Saturday, 22 September 2012

Stila A/W Launches and Event!

I’m gonna lay it straight out there – I love Stila makeup.  I think their products are packaged beautifully, are of a great quality and have a great colour selection available, it would be silly not to sing their praise.  Up until recently, it has been quite hard to get hold of Stila products, but they have now launched in Boots stores so luckily they will now be more accessible.

I recently attended their A/W launches event and have a nice selection of new (and old) products to show you today!



 Firstly we have Stilas palettes.  Two words spring to mind – I WANT.  These three palettes are absolutely stunning and I would be so happy to own any one of them.  They are filled with a beautiful selection of shades which you could wear both night and day and they also each contain an eyeliner.

In The Light Palette
This palette is a replica of the Urban Decay Naked Palette.  The shades look identical, although I’d say these Stila ones look even better!

In The Moment Palette
I have completely fallen in love with the two middle shadows in this palette – the purple and gold.  Oh my they are so stunning.  I love that there are a selection of neutral peaches and shimmery shades in this palette and then the bright purple is there is you want a splash of colour (I suspect this would look stunning underneath the lower lash line).

In The Know Palette
Finally we have this palette which is made of entirely matte shadows.  I am a shimmer girl personally, but these mattes look extremely wearable and cater for any ager range which is fab.

All of these palettes are £25 each, which is pricey but the quality makes them worth it.

New Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer – Okay, why hasn’t this been thought of before?  It’s such a good idea!  This product is a foundation in a glass bottle, with a concealer and mirror in the lid and it also comes with a mini foundation brush!  The shade range available is absolutely incredible and I’m sure there will be a shade for everyone.  I’d really like to try this out to see what the coverage is like – although it looks like it will be a thick, long lasting foundation.  This retails at £29.50.

New Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick – These beauties are pretty great – they are liquid lipsticks (as the name suggests) which stay in place all day.  As you can see from the swatches above, one sweep is ridiculously pigmented so it really does last on the skin and provide an intense colour.  The above colours are Fiery 01 and Patina 03.  Retails at £15.

STILA EDPStila Creme Bouquet EDP – Last up is the Stila fragrance, Creme Bouquet which is a Stila cult classic which they have bought back for good.  This fragrance is super sweet and easy to wear, with notes of vanilla, lily of the valley and pink lilac essence.  I find this perfume feminine and girly, but also sophisticated.  This retails for £29.50.

What are your favourite Stila products?  I’d love your recommendations!


  1. Those Stila eyeshadows look gorge!! I need to get my hands on a Stila blush!

    Hayley x

  2. The only Stila products I have in my collection I picked up in T.K. Maxx over the summer so they're old stock, but one of their lipsticks in the shade 'Sarah' and an eyelash primer are probably the two Stila products I give the most use.

    Now I know how nice the quality is of their make-up I'm really keen to pick up one of these new Autumn eye shadow palettes though, I think 'In the Light' looks really nice.

  3. Wow, look at all that make-up!! Looks amazing though, I will be checking this out soon



  4. Amazing, make-up heaven. I want the In The Light palette!

  5. wow... i am a big fan of stila eye shadows

  6. the 'New Stay All Day Foundation and Concealer' is a fabulous idea! I also the love the lipgloss.

    Livvy xx

  7. I really want the Stila palettes! They just look so beautiful xo

  8. I love the Patina 03 lipstick liquid - definitely going to buy that when I can!

  9. I Adore Stila Cosmetics, your soo lucky to have gone to this event! Very Jealous!

    Followed, Follow Back?

    My Fashion/Beauty Blog.


  10. Eeee I adore the Stila eyeshadows! I have the In The Light palette absolutely love it, I use it basically every single day! In The Know is next on my wishlist!

    Check out my blog,

  11. In The Light Palette has some gorgeous shades, I'll have to check that out! Great post x

  12. Ive never used any Stila products :( defiantly gonna check them out now there easier to get hold of x

  13. I've got my eye on that In The Light palette, although I have the naked palette also and am supposed to be saving money! X

  14. The Convertible Colours are great. Also really like the powder highlighter duos, can't remember the name of the actual product but the colour I use is Kitten. Love the packaging too! Glad it's possible to buy Stila in the UK again.


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