Friday, 11 May 2012

Makeup Masterclass with 17!

Does anyone remember this post?  My entry for the Boots 17 Blogger Spring Challenge?  Well a few weeks after entering I got an amazing email with the information that I WON!  I was over the moon that 17’s Makeup Brand Ambassador, Vanesa Guallar, had chosen my look as her favourite!

The prize was a ‘makeup master class’ with Vanesa herself for my friends and I.  I invited my girlies from my foundation course at Camberwell to come along to my place where Vanesa would work her magic and transform us all into beauties for the night!



Becky – I’d like to introduce you to my little sister, Becky (although not so little anymore, she is now 21!).  Becky chose to have makeup a la Eva Green and this is the finished piece.  I love the flawless skin, pink lips and smudged ‘come hither’ eyeliner.

Aniela – This is Aniela who had a purple smokey eye to make her green eyes ‘pop’!  Aniela normally wear’s minimal makeup (she doesn’t need it anyway as she is so naturally stunning) but I adore the smokey eyes on her and the false lashes.  The purple eyeshadow used is actually the 17 Starry Eyes Trio in Neptune.

Sophie – This is the gorgeous Sophie who had a brown smokey eye and red lips.  Sophie has never worn red lipstick before but I think she defo should more because it suits her pale complexion amazingly.  This red lipstick is Lady Danger by MAC.

Me – And finally me!  I chose to have something similar to Lana Del Ray – with a defined crease of the eye and a big winged flick.  Vanesa finished off the look by adding false eyelashes and a pinky lipstick by 17.

This was the makeup table by the end of the evening, haha -
ArlWG4OCMAEXPkf.jpg large

GROUP SHOT – This is me and my gals and Vanesa all together!
group shot

I had the loveliest time being pampered by Vanesa – we made a day out of it and ordered a huge pizza, drank lots of frisky bisons and ended up in East London to party the night away.  It ended up raining horrifically, but even though our hair was completely drenched, our makeup stayed on perfect all night, ha!

If you could have a makeover, what look would you ask for?




  1. I am eternally jealous of your friend Anielas lips - and her skin! Your make up all looks amazing - I'm guilty of falling into the rut of the same old thing - Might save this post to my bookmarks to look at later and prompt me to do something different, they're all fab!! xx


  2. Everyone looks great! I would probably want a neutral and subtle smokey eye with a bright orange lip (similar to Sophie's lipstick), or something I wouldn't usually wear :) xx

  3. Love your look! And your friend with the red lips :)

    I'd probably go for something different to my usual style... Maybe a bright coral lip with neutral eyes (just a bit of eyeliner and some huge lashes!) coral lips look so great for summer :) xx

  4. Your friend Sophie really suits red lips!


  5. You all look beautiful :) x

  6. My favourites is yours and Sophies!

  7. Wow, it looks lke you all had a wonderful time.
    I think I would go for a big eye look, with a subtle lip colour

    Jess x

  8. Such a lovely post! Congrats that you won of course, everyones makeup looks beautiful. :) xox

  9. I still can't get over the fact of how beautiful you are :O

  10. congrats on winning! all of you look stunning!

  11. These looks are absolutely stunning! I love the colour on your lips.

    Amy xx

  12. You all look gorgeous! Sounds like a fun night :)

  13. Thanks for a fab night Katie! You are my fave girlie. Love you and your blog forever.
    S xxxxxxxxxxx

    p.s LGD LGD LGD

  14. Your make up is amazing! I think I'd ask for Lana Del Rey too x

  15. My girls look absolutely beautiful! I wish I could have been there. Looks so much fun! Hot dang, you're all stunners. Damn you.
    Can't wait to see you all again!

    Emily xxxxxxxxxx P.S LGD etc etc!!

  16. hi katie!
    i have a question:
    are mac nylon and the highlighter colour in sleek storm palette dupes? or at least very similar to each other? i'm not sure if i need nylon as i have the storm palette. what do you think?

  17. Is Aniela a model? She looks a lot like Irina Shyk!

  18. You look absolutely amazing!!
    So jealous of your perfect eyebrows! :)
    Kristy x

  19. I'm sooo jealous. You are stunning. :)


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