Friday, 30 September 2011

Haircut Review at Toni & Guy!


Yes – my first one since March 2010.  I definitely needed one because my hair was starting to be a bit too long – it’d get in my way all the time and was a little damaged.  I wasn’t originally going to get a chop if it wasn’t for a product which really, really dried my hair out, to the point that my ends were a ball of frizz (picture at the bottom of this post).  So I took that as a big hint that I needed to book an appointment.

I decided to go to my local Toni and Guy salon in the shopping centre I work in – Lakeside.  I’d never been there before and had a 20% off discount card so I thought why not!

This was my hair before, around 29 inches long -

And here is the before and after -
(the afters were taken at 11pm that evening which is why the lighting is different!)

I had about 6 inches cut up so it now rests just below my chest.  The whole experience was quite nice – the salon was clean, the hair wash was incredible and was followed with a head massage which nearly put me to sleep.  I discussed with the hair dresser that I needed the ends off and she agreed and said about three inches (I thought this was good because normally they always seem to want to chop everything off) and I said, nah lets go for six!

She brushed my wet hair through with a tangle teezer, applied some conditioning leave in cream and began chopping.  Then she blow dried and straightened my hair and finished off the cut, making sure it was all even.

She also asked if I wanted my fringe trimmed a bit.  Normally I would have said ‘no’ and ran a mile but because I felt comfortable with her ability and liked the cut so far I said yes and I’m so glad I did.  My fringe before was too heavy and long but now it can be swept neatly to the side and is much lighter on my face.


The damage before and after -

The before is one section of my hair that was damaged using the product, and afterwards – no frizz, split ends or frazzling. 

What I think – I paid £40 for the cut which is so expensive I personally think.  I honestly don’t have that type of money every time I need a trim which is probably one of the reasons as to why its been a year since I last cut my hair.  Apart from the price, I’m happy with my overall salon experience and the cut. 
My hair is SO much easier to manage now and I quite like the length, although I miss my long mermaid hair terribly.

Do you like my new cut?  What is your favourite salon?


The next time I post I will no longer be bleach blonde, but a natural blonde!  Very nervous – wish me luck!


Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Me Me Me Event & Swatches!

The Me Me Me makeup stand in Superdrug always always has my attention when I go shopping – the packaging of the products are beautiful, the colour variety available is pretty impressive and everything is of really high quality. 

The whole range has recently been revamped with the main inspiration being the ancient Greeks, the elegant Renaissance period and of Bohemian free spirit and love.  I myself have a slight obsession and interest in Greek gods and goddesses as well as Bohemian ‘wander lust’ so I feel a lotta love and admiration for this brand.


These products above have been staples in my makeup bag throughout August & September.

Blush me! box in Coral – My new favourite blusher!  This adds such a beautiful coral flush on my cheeks which I adore and you can build up the blusher for more pigmentation (although not too much or you’ll look like a dolly!).  I love the idea of this packaging (which is very similar to benefit’s blushers) – a box with a mirror in the lid, as well as a blusher brush inside, although it is frumpy and takes up too much room in my daily makeup bag.  That won’t stop me loving the blush though.


Shimmer Stack – This bronzer contains such a great bronzey colour combination that I’ve been using it more as an eyeshadow palette rather than a bronzer. The white works perfectly as a highlighter and the darker shades are perfect for contouring cheek bones or the crease of your eye.  The packaging is fab and there is a massive mirror in the lid for top ups through out the day.


Satin Lip Creme in Chara (Tuscan Red) – I always eye this lippie up in Superdrug and I finally got my hands on it – its a gorgeous orange based red which almost has a frosty finish.  I hate frosted lipsticks (reminds me of those cheap lip stick gift sets I got when I was 10) but this is really pretty and subtle.  This lipstick also makes my teeth look super white and is very wearable.

Satin Lip Cream in Aphrodite (Ruby Rich) – The photographs below really don’t do this lipstick much justice.  In real life this is a stunning deep Red, its quite vampy and very elegant.  This makes my blonde hair really stand out and makes my skin look pale which I like. 


What I think
I love the quality, pigmentation and packaging of the Me Me Me range and I can see these products lasting me a very long time.  Prices are around £8.50 for the lipstick and blusher and £9.99 for the bronzer.

Event Photographs:
This has to be one of the most magical events that I have ever been to – it was complete with an ice sculpture, lit candles everywhere, incredible cocktails, a manicure bar and none other than a harpist!! 

To see all the makeup that Me Me Me has to offer all together was fab, they have such a wide variety of products and a massive array of colourful products to choose from that I think there’s something for everyone in the range.

Nail polishes, eye quads, lip glosses, lipsticks, blushers and highlighters…

Foundations, concealers, blushers, bronzers and nail polish swatches!

Products I have my eye on:
Goddess Rocks
– Instead of tiny bronzing balls that get stuck in your brush, Me Me Me have created Goddess Rocks, which are literally rocks of golden bronzes and highlighters.  You can either swirl your brush around the rocks for a bronzer, or use the rocks individually as eye shadows – a really fab idea!
Light Me Up Lip Glosses – Lip glosses in a variety of beautiful colours, which have a mirror on the side and light up when you apply.  Perfect for when you’re on the go.

Gift Sets – Me Me Me have created a variety of gift sets and boxes which are affordable and filled with great products.  All gifts retail at £15 so I’ll be getting my sister and myself one this Christmas!

What are you favourite Me Me Me products? 



Tuesday, 27 September 2011

No7 Skincare Challenge, Part 2!

So, Mummy Snooks has been using the No7 Lift& Luminate skincare range for two and a half weeks now so its time for a mid month update and skincare questions answered by Dermatologist Dr Mike Bell.

Firstly, lets take a look at the ‘before’ photograph and compare it with a picture I took of Mummy Snooks this morning -
(Please note she has a little cold and is feeling sorry for herself, which is why she is looking rather sad in the above ‘after’ photograph)

The first thing I notice is how much more even her skin tone is now.  Her cheeks aren’t as pink and her eye bags are much less defined.  We have also both noticed how much more ‘plump’ her face is – her bags are less hollow and her skin looks as if its had a big moisture drink.  She hasn’t noticed a difference in her fine lines as of yet (although she hardly has any), but there are still two more weeks left of the trial to see a difference.


Mummy Snooks’ favourite product in the range so far is the Day cream.  It has the most perfect texture and thickness to wear daily under makeup and contains an SPF15 which protects her skin daily from sun damage.  This moisturizer smells divine and feels luxurious, with the heavy glass packaging and milky white look.  This day cream also has a slight (hardly noticeable) shimmer which adds to the illumination of the face after applying and makes skin look dazzling when worn with concealer/foundation. 

My Mum and I brainstormed a few of our un-answered skincare questions to ask Dr Mike Bell and the answers from him are below – plus your skincare questions answered.

Q - What's the best way to eliminate dark circles under the eyes and what's the best way to prevent them?

A - There are a variety of ways to eliminate dark circles under the eye, including quick fixes such as pacing frozen spoon on the eye lids or simply getting a good night’s sleep. They are believed to be caused by a combination of poor circulation under the eyes and leaky blood vessels, which are much more noticeable due to thin, delicate skin. 
Very gentle massage of the under-eye area with a like No7 Lift & Luminate Eye Cream with light reflecting particles to help camouflage and peptides to help strengthen the skin over time will reduce puffiness and the appearance of dark circles with consistent use.

More tips:

  • Make sure that you do get a good night’s sleep and stay chilled. This will improve overall complexion; stress diverts blood to vital organs leaving you with a paler skin complexion and more noticeable dark circles
  • Avoid rubbing the eyes which may damage the small undereye blood vessels, making them more leaky.
  • Use an eye cream to moisturise and help strengthen the skin, making it more resistant to trauma

Q - What is the best way of achieving blackhead free skin? What's the best type of cleanser to use?  What should you really do about blackheads - squeeze them out or leave them?

A - The key to reducing blackheads in the skin is a long-term consistent skincare routine. Cleanse well once daily, perhaps with No7 Gentle Foaming Cleanser, and exfoliate with a gentle exfoliator like No7 Microdermabrasion Exfoliator. Additionally avoid oil-based make-up as these can contribute to the build up of oil. Squeezing blackheads could cause scarring or actually push the impurities deeper into the pore, try steaming your face over a bowl of hot water to draw the impurities to the surface of the skin and cleanse well afterward.

Q - Should you change your skin care products, as you get older?

A - Absolutely – as we age, the skin changes too and requires different things. This is why No7 has become the first brand to clearly segment our anti-ageing skincare ranges by age. For example a 25-35 year old should use No7 Protect & Perfect, compared to a 45-60 year old who would use No7 Lift & Luminate. Each of the No7 ranges has been designed to target the key concerns of the specific life stage they are targeted at; their textures have similarly been optimized to give the best pleasure in use.

The third and final post in this skincare challenge will include the results of the month long trial, reviews of the three products and what I think!

You can buy the Lift & Luminate range in Boots stores, in online at this link.

Can you see a difference in her face?  Have you got any tips to prevent eye bags?


(Please note that this is a sponsored post!)


Monday, 26 September 2011

September’s Glossy Box!

I know, I know, Glossy Box posts have probably been popping up all over your blogger dashboard recently, but I couldn’t help but jump in with my thoughts on September’s box.

This is actually the first Glossy Box I’ve received so I was super excited – it felt like Christmas when it arrived! I was kindly sent this a few days early by the Glossy team after their event at the beginning of this month (full post to come soon!), and I’ve been waiting till I’ve tried all products before posting my review.

My Box


HD Brows, Eye & Brow Palette
I squealed when I opened my box to find this – I am an eyebrow lover and believe that perfect brows are the key to looking your best. This palette has four perfect matte brow shades which, used correctly, can shape and improve the look of your brows. I’ve also been using the darker shadows as eyeliners which works perfectly well. I’m going to do a full review of this palette soon and show you before and afters with my brows!

Neal & Wolf, Glow Super Shine Spray
I think this might be my favourite product in the box, because I adore having silky shiny hair and this spray gives me just that. I was just running out of my current hair shine spray so this has quickly become a staple product in my daily routine. I also really like the simple packaging and the smell of this.

Plum by Mary Greenwell EDP
I find this scent to be quite musky and I personally prefer sickly sweet scents, so this unfortunately isn't for me.

Dead Sea Spa Magik, Salt Brushing
This is a nice and thick, grainy scrub which I've been using on wet skin in the bath (although you can also use it on dry skin for best results). Because of the oil in the scrub, my skin is left so soft afterwards and free of dead, flaky skin. This scrub didn’t irritate my eczema which is a big benefit for me and it has a slight zingy scent which I love.

Green People, Fruitful Nights
I can’t comment properly on this yet because I’ve only been using it on my neck (as I love the skincare regime I’m using at the moment and want to stick to that) but its light and sinks into my skin easily.

What I think
I adore this box and if I received something like this in the post every month I’d be a very happy girl. For £12.95 I think this box is amazing because it has two full size products, although this obviously isn’t guaranteed every month. I love being able to try products that I have not heard of before in the comfort of my own home which is a great advantage to those who lead busy lives and don’t necessarily have time to go shopping to discover and test new brands.

I think I might just sign myself up for a box or two over the winter period for a little ‘pick me up’ and new years treat to myself.

Are you subscribed to Glossy Box? What did you get in yours?



Wednesday, 21 September 2011

No7 Lash Adapt Mascara Review!

Its been agggesss since I’ve written a mascara review, but I have come back in full force with a great new mascara to show you.  I am forever on the look out for a mascara that can lengthen my eyelashes, as well as define them and give me volume without making them clumpy.  

No7 have just bought out their new Lash Adapt Mascara; the idea being that you can adapt your lashes from day to night by adding a few more layers.  No7 say that you can layer the mascara up to 6 coats of the mascara without it clumping. 

I’ve been trialling it for the past two weeks and here are my results!
Without Mascara: 1 My eyelashes are short and very unimpressive, however I’ve recently discovered the magic that is an eyelash curler which I’m now obsessed with.  In the photographs above I have gently curled my eyelashes.

One Coat: 2 I LOVE how one coat looks on my lashes – it really separates them and defines them, whilst remaining really natural.

Two Coats: 3 Two coats lengthen my lashes, makes them slightly darker and defines them even more.

Three Coats: 4 Three coats is the perfect amount to accompany my dark smokey eyes, still without clumping!

Four Coats: 5 Four coats makes my eyelashes a lot thicker, but without looking too clumpy.   

(I didn’t have time to layer another two coats on, but I will do if any body wants to see? Let me know!)

What I think: This mascara has really surprised me.  Normally I steer clear of fat wands because they leave my lashes resembling spider legs, but the formula of the mascara is so gentle and thin that you can actually layer the coats on without having all your lashes stick together. 
I find this mascara really easy to remove at the end of the day (with cleanser) despite how many layers I’m wearing.  I don’t find that it smudges under my eyes (although to be honest I couldn’t really tell because I wear black eyeliner with it daily anyway) – but it does sometimes transfer just below my eyebrows, but this is easy to wipe off.

This mascara retails at £12.99 at Boots stores and there is an offer on it at the moment – buy it and you receive a free No7 eyeshadow palette.  AND, with the Boots £5 off vouchers you can pick them both up for only £7.99, bargain!
Have you tried this mascara yet? What’s your favourite mascara for non-clumping?

Monday, 19 September 2011

The Saturday’s FashionistA Launch!

Last week I was invited to the press launch of the new FashionistA makeup range (which will be making its appearance in Superdrug stores in the next few weeks).  FashionistA have teamed up with The Saturdays, to launch their very own ‘special’ nail polish creation.

It was amazing to be able to see and meet the girls – they really are just as beautiful in real life!  They gave a speech about their ‘magnetic’ nail varnishes and kindly stayed around so we could have photographs with them.

Lina and I with the girls (we’re both wearing heels but look like children next to them, hhaha!)

After meeting the girls, we had the chance to get our nails done at the event with the new Magnetism Nail Lacquer.  I went for Mollie’s shade which is a purple called ‘Purple me Up’.  Also available will be Una’s ‘Ego Green’ , Rochelle’s ‘All Fired Up Red’, Frankie’s ‘Notorious Silver’ and Vanessa’s ‘Forever is Blue’.

Vivianna’s hands!

The idea of this nail lacquer is great, I have no idea how they came up with this!  Basically, you can wear the polish by itself OR you can get creative and hold FashionistA’s Magnetize Nail Magnet over the second coat (whilst its still wet – very important!) which creates a wavy dark pattern.  In the light this pattern almost looks 3D! 

After a few practises at home it became relatively easy to do and now I can’t stop wearing it!  If a nail goes wrong, do not fear as you can just paint on another coat of the polish and use the magnet again.  I was given Mollie’s Purple and Una’s Green to try out at home and I must admit I love them both, although I have found that they do chip quite easily.


The nail polish range will be available on 26th October in Superdrug stores.  The polish retails at £6 each and the magnet is sold separately at £3.  Next Spring, FashionistA will be launching 5 more magnetic nail polishes with 2 more magnets with different patterns, so the possibility of colours and patterns is endless. 

Do you like the look of this new nail effect?  Which colour will you get?!

P.S Celeb Spotting: At the event, Lina and I couldn’t resist running after Lucien (CBB) to have a photograph with him.  We also spotted Ziggy from BB years and years ago, remember him? Haha!




Thursday, 15 September 2011

How to: Galaxy Nails!

I have always been obsessed with everything and anything to do with stars, stargazing, the galaxy, astrology etc, so what better way to fulfil my galaxy desire than to have cosmic nails!  

I have to credit llymlrs for having inspired me to do this originally, I didn’t think I could have done it but its actually really easy!

You need:
- black nail varnish
- white nail varnish
- blue/teal nail varnish
- glitter nail varnish
- a makeup sponge ripped into little pieces
- a toothpick!


1)  Paint your nails black or a deep purple/navy blue.  I used GOSH’s ‘Nero’ black polish.

2) Once the black polish has dried, grab a makeup sponge, tear it into a small piece, paint some white nail polish on the end
(I used Kiss’s white manicure polish) and then lightly sponge on the white in different shapes.  You can then add another layer of white to build it up a bit.

3) Paint some gold nail polish onto your sponge and lightly dab a tad on top of the white.  You can go slightly onto the black, but not too much.  I used No7’s Hot to Trot.

4) Once the above has dried, paint some teal/blue/navy polish onto your sponge and use this to blend in the white and black polish by dabbing it slightly around the edges of the white.  I used No7 Totally Teal.

5) To create stars, dip the end of a tooth pick into your white nail polish, and add a few random dots on the black. 

6) The final stage before a top coat – layer over your favourite glitter polish to create more sparkling stars.  I used GOSH’s Magic Star.

(afterwards, grab a cotton bud soaked in nail varnish remover & clean up the edges!)


I absolutely love the look of these, super easy to do and very different!  Whilst wearing these I got so many compliments and was asked about 8+ times how to do it.  You can also add a touch of yellow or pink or even purple to the galaxy but I personally prefer just the blue. 

Have you ever tried galaxy nails? Send me your pictures, I’d love to see them!



Monday, 12 September 2011

Birthday & Graduation!

This again (like my holiday post) has nothing to do with beauty (I’m sorry!), but instead is a nosey at my life recently. 

So I graduated from university in July and it was one of the best days of my life!  That sounds so cheesy, but it was a day where my class mates and I were all together, feeling special and on top of the world.  All the stress of the past three years was behind us and we could relax and have a giggle wearing our gowns.

It took place at the Royal Festival Hall on Southbank and the sun was shining and everything was perfect!
It felt like a day at Hogwarts and backstage we were practising our magic spells ( a la wingarrrrdium levioosaa!).  After the ceremony my parents took me to eat at the Skylon Restaurant in the Royal Festival Hall which was delicious.  I then met up with my classmates and we drank champagne and celebrated appropriately!

23rd Birthday!
Firstly, thank you all for my birthday wishes on the day!  I can’t believe I’m now 23, crazy.  On my actual birthday day I went shopping with my sister and mum (where we also had a manicure at Dove Spa).  We then went off to London to meet my dad from work and went for dinner at The Savoy Grill (Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant!).  The food was incredible but I was SO full after the main course (and also a bit tipsy from the wine & cocktails!).  After the meal I headed off to Oxford Circus to meet my girlfriends to laugh the night away.


267361_10150239797897714_508542713_7230449_3423503_n Me and one of my besties in Soho that night!

I’d like to say here also that I’ve had one of my best summers of my life this year!  Apart from being pretty much jobless after uni and boyfriendless (which I’m not even bothered about anymore), then I’ve had the most amazing time socializing and having a laugh.  I’ve loved house parties and escapes to the countryside with my uni friends, weddings & catch ups with my school friends, and meeting incredible, sweet bloggers at events!  Its going to be hard to top this summer!

Has everybody else had a great summer?  Have you graduated this year too?

P.S – I was also interviewed twice this summer about my blog!  You can read the interviews here (The Teacup Agency) and here (The Glossy Guide)!!



Wednesday, 7 September 2011

No7 Skincare Challenge!

No7 cosmetics have been slowly creeping into my makeup bag for the past two years.  I think their makeup is of a high quality and very pretty but for some reason I still haven’t tried out their skincare line (although I’ve heard lots about it – the hot cloth cleanser in particular).  This is where my Mummy comes in!

I have set my wonderful Mum a challenge – to use No7’s Lift & Luminate range for a month.  This is a pretty big deal because my mum has never had a ‘proper’ facial regime before.  At the moment she currently uses a moisturizer (from The Body Shop), an eye cream (from The Beauty Lab – when she remembers!) and that’s about it! 


No7’s Lift & Luminate range is aimed at mature women who want to not only help to banish fine lines and wrinkles, but also leave the skin more radiant, bright and firm.  This range clearly states that it can help ‘visibly firm, lift and brighten skin in 4 weeks’.  SO MOTHER SNOOKS, I CHALLENGE YOU TO THIS!

A quick intro to Mummy Snooks:

This is my mum and I at an X Factor concert (cringe, haha!) last year.

This is my Mum’s face before using any of the products:


My mum and I have quite similar skin although she has never had acne like me.  Her skin is dry and she does get the occasional blemish and she does have naturally flushed cheeks (rosacea?).  Like me, her skin normally reacts to new products by getting spots.  I think she looks incredible for her age (she’s 47) as she hardly has any wrinkles but she is concerned about the bags under her eyes.  Hopefully the No7 range will help improve this!

So Mummy Snooks will be using the Lift & Luminate day cream, night cream and eye cream for a month and I will be documenting the changes in her skin through out September.

No7 have created this range as they have now tailored their clinically proven Protect & Perfect range’s anti-ageing technology for different ages.  “No7 has undertaken skincare segmentation research and has formulated anti-ageing skincare to be relevant to women by age group:
o Protect & Perfect range is formulated for women aged 25-35
o Protect & Perfect Intense range is formulated for women aged 35-45
o Lift & Luminate range is formulated for women aged 45-60
o Restore & Renew range is formulated for women aged 60+

I thought I’d include here a bit of science for you all about the ingredients in the range, No7 say “This complex uses a patented combination of ingredients, including Hawaiian Algae and Vitamin C which help the cells in mature skin behave like young cells again to restore natural radiance.   The Lift & Luminate range also contains proven anti-ageing ingredients including white lupin and peptides found in our famous No7 Protect and Perfect Intense Beauty Serum, with additional lipoaminacids to help lift and firm.”

The whole range is also hypoallergenic and has been tested on a variety of customers with even the most sensitive skin to make sure that all skin types can use it, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the results of using these products for a month. 

You can buy the Lift & Luminate range from Boots (website here).

In the next post I will be updating you on how Mummy Snooks is getting on, as well as a few short reviews on the range so far and my skin care questions answered by dermatologist Dr Mike Bell (if you have any skincare questions, don’t hesitate to comment with them below and I’ll ask them to Dr Bell!). 

Have you used No7’s skincare before?  What skincare products do your parents use, if any?

(Please note this is a sponsored post!)



Tuesday, 6 September 2011

The Body Shop’s Extra Virgin Minerals

It’s about time that The Body Shop got some new foundation shades and colours into their stores and the Extra Virgin Minerals range has done just that.  TBS have released three new base products as part of their permanent collection and it includes a liquid foundation, a cream compact and mineral powder foundations. 


I couldn’t resist (I’m terrible with money) and I went ahead and bought all three in the palest shade there now is ‘102’ Natural Ivory.  The numbering on these new products are quite weird, it starts with 102 and ends with 405 and is a bit confusing, but at least you know what number you are in each product... right?

Extra Virgin Minerals Compact Foundation SPF 15 (£16)

3 1 2 

This is a really nice foundation – it evens out my skin tone, covers spots (although not perfectly) and gives a smooth matte finish.  I love the packaging, a round black pot which opens to show the foundation, but you can then lift the foundation up to reveal the chunky foundation brush (shown in the photograph above). 
The formula of this foundation is quite curious because its super soft and silky, very creamy, but dries to a matt finish, but because of how creamy it is I have found that my eyeliner can smudge quite easily (leaving me panda eyed).  This isn’t so bad, but it does mean that I have to keep an eye on the smudging through out the day. 
The colour of this is almost perfect for my pale skin (in the summer anyway), and it does contain SPF15 which is fab.

Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation SPF 20 ( (£14)
9 4 5
I was so excited for this because the old TBS foundations are orange and cakey on me, but this was unfortunately another let down.  This is too dark for me, even though the shade 102 in the cream compact is perfect.  The formula is okay, its very creamy and gives a lovely dewy finish which I adore but the shade just lets it down.  Coverage wise, this is medium – it evens out skin tones and conceals spots well, whilst remaining dewy and not too cakey.

I took my camera in to TBS to take a photograph of each of the new liquid foundation shades on my arm to give you an idea of the colours;
L-R 102, 105, 108, 202, 208, 305, 308, 405   (Is it just me who finds these colours slightly weird? – 108 is way too orange and the rest of them seem really dull!)

Extra Virgin Minerals Loose Powder SPF 25 (£15) 86 POWDER 7powder

I’m really impressed with this powder.  I’ve never worn a powder by itself before (I normally pop some concealer on my problem areas first) but I could go out with just this on.  Again, this evens out skin tone and gives such a natural finish you can’t even tell your wearing powder (although you can if you’re wearing concealer/foundation underneath it).  The colour of this is perfect for me and I’d definitely repurchase it.  This also contains an SPF of 25 (fabulous!) but is quite messy applying because it is a loose powder, even though it has a mesh barrier in the pot (pictured above).
To use this, you are supposed to tap the pot to release some powder through the mesh, swirl your minerals brush into the powder, tap off the excess and then apply to the face in circular motions.

What I think:
I really like the compact and powder foundation and would like the liquid if the colour was right.  But this new range does leave me really confused - I really don’t see what’s the point in having a number system to match up the shades if the colours aren’t the same?  It’s exactly the same problem I have with MAC bases; my concealer in NC15 is perfect for me, but the foundation in NC15 is way too dark!  It would be fantastic if the shades were the same but its an absolute waste if not.
I do love the fact that the whole range contains an SPF and that every product is paraben and fragrance free.  I think the prices are a little high (£14-£16) for the high-street but foundations do seem to be getting more expensive nowadays anyway.  I also much prefer the new packaging to the old range, it all looks more expensive and more durable.

Have you tried any of the new The Body Shop bases?  What kind of finish do you prefer with a base – matte or dewy?


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