Thursday, 31 March 2011

Dilemma: What to spend Boots Advantage Points on?

Ladies, I HAVE A DILEMMA!  I have a whopping £20.05 worth of Boots points on my Advantage card and I need help with what to spend them on!

For the past three years or so I have always saved up enough points to repurchase my Urban Decay Primer Potion and that's it, but now I’ve finally saved up enough for that and a few more treats, they only go and bloody stop selling Urban Decay in Boots!  So now I’m going to have to buy that with my real pennies, which means I have a few other options of what else I can spend my points on.

My real dilemma is – do I keep saving a bit more and buy myself one piece of high end makeup as a treat, or do I use my points to repurchase all of my toiletries to save me actually buying them?  I’ve compiled a wish list below for each category, so please, what would you do?!

High-end makeup choices


1) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick (exact shade undecided but I love #13 so much that I quite fancy another)

2) Estee Lauder Blush in Peach Nuance (I’ve wanted this blusher for a year now and always drool over it when in Boots – could now be my chance to actually get it?)

3) Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Luxurious Mascara (I’ve never tried a high end mascara and I want to!)

4)YSL Teint Radiance Foundation (…and I’d also love to try a high end foundation if they have one pale enough)

5) Estee Lauder Lipstick in Crystal Baby (a back up for my current one which I’ve nearly finished).

Toiletries and Cheaper Treats


1) No7 Eyeshadow Brush (It looks super fluffy and nice, but I could just purchase it next time Boots do a £5 off voucher)

2) Aussie 3 Minute Miracle (My favourite conditioner and I’ve just run out!!)

3) Batiste Dry Shampoo (I go through about two of these a month so I could stock up!)

4) Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner (I’ve seen soooo many reviews on beauty blogs about this and I’m dying to get my hands on it!!)

5) Rimmel Nail Polish in Rose Libertine (I’ve also been eyeing this up for a year but always forget when I go into Boots)

6) Vaseline Lip Balm in Cocoa Butter (I LOVE the smell of this, its identical to the body oil which I absolutely adore and now I want this too!!)

7) Simple Soothing Eye Balm (My eyes have been quite sore lately and I’m looking for a nice gentle eye cream to use, this looks perfect)

 What to do?My gut instinct is to spend my points on toiletries and the little treats above, as I’ll get more little bits instead of just one thing and I’ll save some actual money, but at the same time a luxurious treat would be nice. 

However, I’ve just been looking at my money situation and it works out that I have around £20 a month to spend for the next month if I don’t want to come to the end of my overdraft, so I’ve decided I’m going on a spending ban starting tomorrow (1st April) and won’t be allowed to purchase any clothes, makeup and beauty products for a month.  I’m not sure if I’ll be able to stick to it but I’ll try my hardest.  (I’ll still be able to spend my Boots points though because that's not actually coming out of my bank account, right? :p)

What do you think I should do?  What would you do?  And have you ever been on a spending ban before? Have you got any tips?



Wednesday, 30 March 2011

NuBar Swatches – Star Sparkle & Palau Coral

After the National Beauty Blogging Event in the Excel centre in February, Jess and I wandered down to the Professional Beauty Show and came across NuBar’s nail stand.  It was beautiful – completely overwhelming with so many beautiful nail colours available to purchase.  I’ll be honest and say I’d never heard of NuBar before, but because of the extortionate amount of shades I suspected they were well known and professional.  I managed to get my hands on two shades that I have fallen head over heels for, swatches below!

Star Sparkle


Its a fact that I’m completely obsessed with anything holographic and sparkly, this includes nail polish and so I carefully choose out Star Sparkle as a sample to try out from the brand.  Its described as a silver and holographic glitter in a clear base.  I’ve been having lots of girls asking me what nail polish this is when I’ve been out and about, its getting a lot of attention.  In the swatches above I used three coats – as its in a clear base you do need to layer it up to get the full effect.  This lasted around five days on my nails before starting to peel off.  Of course its a bit of a pain to remove because its a glitter but its worth it, it’s so damn beautiful!  This really sparkles and shines beautifully in the light and often looks like a silver glitter in other lights.


Palau Coral


I have also received lots of compliments on this nail varnish, and I’m not surprised, its gorgeous.  The perfect shade of coral for spring and summer.  Looks corally-orange in some lights and pink in others.  I’m also really happy about the lasting time of this nail polish; it lasted four days without a topcoat before chipping and even then the chip was tiny.  The colour suits my skin being both pale and tanned (see previous fake tan review), and I’m pretty sure it’d suit all skin colours.  The swatches above are with two coats each – its really pigmented, the formula is lovely and creamy so it glides on smoothly.

What I think - I’m pressed with the lasting power of both of these polishes and they’ve become two of my favourites in my collection.  They retail at around £8 each, which is a bit pricier than Barry M and other high street polishes but I think its worth it for the lasting time and the good formula.  You can buy NuBar polishes online here.

I’m going to make a purchase soon once I’ve made some money, I’m already eyeing up the other holographic prism range!

Have you ever tried NuBar polishes?  What’s your favourite polish at the moment?



Monday, 28 March 2011

He-Shi Three Step Fake Tan Review!

I’ve become a slight fake-tan junkie as of late and although I don’t apply it everywhere, I’m really enjoy looking a slightly tanned shade.  I’ve recently been using the He-Shi fake tan range which I’d heard lots about (mainly from Jess at StarViolet beauty; she loves it!) and so I couldn’t resist trying it out for myself.


I was sent the three step regime which includes an exfoliating body wash, a liquid express tan and a soufflé moisturizer!

Step 1 - Exfoliating Body Wash


This stuff smells incredible, like sweet strawberries!  Its a really nice exfoliator – not too harsh, but you can feel the little crystal bits in it scrubbing away.  I haven’t and probably won’t use this on my face although it says that you can, just because my skin is acne prone anyway and I’m weary of using fragranced products that may irritate it! 

Step 2 - Liquid Express Tan


I found this tan is super easy to apply because its a brown liquid so you can see exactly where you are putting it, which is good for people like me who are forgetful and don’t realise where they’ve missed.  It applies smoothly, doesn’t smell at all and sinks into the skin really nicely.  It doesn’t take too long to dry on the skin either, around a minute or two and your ready to go.  The tan develops over a few hours into a lovely golden which you can see in the pictures below.

Step 3 - Soufflé Moisturizer


I love this moisturizer.  It hasn’t got any actual fake tan in it but it helps your tan stay on longer because of the good moisturizing ingredients such as like Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, etc.  This smells lovely, sinks into your skin really nicely and also gives a nice matt finish to your skin which is nice, it makes the skin look really soft.  I’ve been using it daily all over (even without the tan) and it hasn’t irritated my eczema at all which is a plus!

Results -


IMG_0692 (un-tanned arm compared to tanned legs!)

What I think -  I’m really happy with the results – as you can see above its quite a noticeable colour difference but still natural and glowing.  It did go slightly streaky in some places – on my knees and neck area but it wasn’t too bad.  It is my fault because I’m terrible at applying it and tend to dance around slapping it on with my mitt not really paying attention, which I need to stop doing!  I applied this a week and a half ago and I still have a slight colour now which is nice.  Something else I liked about this was that their is hardly a smell in the fake tan and it didn’t transfer onto my pyjamas/bedding after I had applied it.

Please do take extra care when using this though – because I wasn’t expecting the tan liquid to be so ‘liquidy’ it went everywhere when I first applied it – note the change in bed sheets above.  Thankfully the spill did wash out of my white sheets so its not too much of a problem.

The Exfoliating Body Wash is £12, the Express Liquid tan £21 (150ml) and the Soufflé Moisturizer £12.50.  You can get all three products at the moment here for the special offer price of £29.99, along with the mitt which is great value for a starter pack with the whole regime in it, I think and you can buy it all on their website here.

Have you used He-Shi before? Do you think the colour suits pale skin?



Wednesday, 23 March 2011

How to keep bleached hair soft!

So I’ve had a few people ask me what I use to keep my bleached locks soft and in good condition, and I’ll let you know every secret now!

Products I use - (Please note that these were all the hair care products in my flat at the time, and I have many more that I love in my parents house, but I will review those in a separate post!)


Shampoo and Conditioners -


Herbal Essences Shampoo and conditioner for dry hair – I keep these in the bathroom and they always leave my hair feeling and smelling delicious.  My hair holds on to their fragrances really well which I love as I always get whiffs of lovelyness when I’m out and about.  I think Herbal essences are affordable, smell great and do the job of washing my hair and keeping it healthy.

T-Gel Shampoo – I use this twice a month max, only when my hair is behaving badly and getting greasy really quickly after washing.  I will shampoo my hair with this twice, then condition, and then my hair will be back to normal once again and I won’t need to use it for another few weeks.  I personally wouldn’t use it every time I wash my hair as its dry anyway and I don’t want it to strip all of the moisture out of my locks, but my housemate uses this every time she washes her hair and her barnet is lovely!

Aussie Three Minute Miracle conditioner – Probably my most purchased hair care product, I get through so many of them!  I use quite a few big handfuls of this as a conditioner and leave it in for five minutes whilst in the shower.  Smells gorgeous and I really feel like this product softens my hair and keeps it looking healthy and shiny.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Moisturizing Conditioner (Platinum to Champagne coloured hair) – I can’t actually speak of the ‘highlight activating-ness’ of this product as my hair is bleached anyway and I’ve never noticed a change in my hair colour after using this, but its a lovely, thick, creamy conditioner that sorts my hair out when its feeling dry.

Masks -


Trevor Sorbie Ultimate Moisture Mask – I like to do hair masks whenever I remember (once or twice a month) and this is what I’ve been using recently and I adore it.  It smells divine and feels like a nice intense hair moisturizer.  Doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy or heavy after.

John Frieda Sheer Blonde Hair Repair Conditioning Treatment – I just finished a tub of this - it smells great and really puts the moisture back in to my hair when it gets a little too dry or frizzy.

Leave in products -


Prive Serum – I’ve raved SO much about this product already, your probably all bored of hearing it, but I’ve never been one to use a serum but this will now never leave my vanity table.  Its smoothes out flyaway's, split ends and general frizz and keeps my hair tame.  I use this on dry or wet hair, on the ends of my hair and occasionally swept over the top of my hair if its behaving badly.

Prive Leave-in treatment – A lovely leave in conditioner, nice and natural ingredients. Prive reviews here!

L’Oreal Elvive Nurti-Gloss Leave in conditioner – I’ve been using this for years now and I know I can rely on it to detangle my hair after its been washed.  I literally sweep a blob of this through knots and it makes my hair easier to comb through straight away.

Aussie Miracle Hair Care Insurance Leave in Conditioner – This smells lovely and detangles really well.  Its light so it won’t leave your hair feeling heavy or coated in products after you apply, which is good!

Katie’s Top Healthy Hair Tips -

1) Don’t use heat on your hair!!

Its a simple one but one I’m sure would be very hard to give up for most girls now days, but just don’t use heat on your barnet!  I have never been one to use straighteners, just because I don’t think poker straight hair suits me at all, and to be honest, I just can’t ever be bothered to straighten it.  The ONLY heat I use on my hair is a hair dryer and I use it once a week max.  This time last year I noticed that my hair was in quite bad condition and frizzy, so I stopped using my hair dryer, and within a month my hair was perfect again.  I can’t express how much of a difference it makes.  The only time I use my hair dryer is if I’m in a rush out and even then I’ll only blow dry my fringe and ends.  Try it out for yourself!

2) Leave your conditioner in for at least five minutes!

Conditioner makes SUCH a big difference to the softness of my hair so I always leave it in for at least five minutes in the shower/bath, if not longer.  Sounds difficult and time consuming but its really not – just shampoo your hair really quickly, wash it out, apply lots of conditioner and whilst you wait just shave and scrub!  Simple!  If you have more time, comb through your hair whilst the conditioner is on so it really reaches every lock.  In general, the longer I leave the conditioner on, the softer my hair is after.

3) Use a leave in conditioner to detangle and keep hair soft.

I always use a leave in conditioner to help detangle my matted hair after a bath and I pretty much rely on it to get rid of evil knots.  I just use a walnut size amount of either L’Oreal or Prive’s Leave in conditioner, and comb in through the underneath of my hair.  Makes it so much more manageable and keeps hair soft after its dried.

I hope this helps!  I have a few more favourite hair products which I’ll write about soon.

What do you use to keep your hair in good condition?  Have you got any tips?



Friday, 18 March 2011

Freederm Treatment Gel Review

I have been using the Freederm Treatment 4% gel for the past three years now and I’m now on my third tube (I haven’t actually used a whole one up yet – its just they have expiry dates so I bin them after they’ve expired).   I first bought this just after I’d finished taking medication for my acne; I was worried that once I stopped taking pills my skin would get bad again, so I bought this for any outbreaks and I’ve been using it directly on spots ever since.


How I use it – When I first see or feel a spot coming up, I will take all my makeup off at night (as usual), and will apply a layer of the Freederm gel directly onto my spot.  When that layer dries (after about 40secs) I will usually apply another layer on top, just for luck.  I will keep applying Freederm directly to the spot every evening until its gone!

How it works for me – This probably works differently on everyone, but for me, Freederm really helps to make my pimples surface quicker, meaning they fade quicker.  If I wasn’t to use this, a spot would take maybe up to five days to actually get a whitehead, and then another five days after that until its faded and gone completely.  When I use Freederm on a spot, the next morning after applying it I will have a whitehead, and so the spot is gone a few days after and the time its on my skin is halved, if that makes sense.  On certain naughty spots though (like cystic under the skin spots) this won’t help at all.  I believe that this only works for those annoying white heads that we get on our chins and foreheads. 


What I think – Although it doesn’t work on every type of spot, I still love it and will still keep repurchasing.  It calms my mind knowing that I have Freederm nearby just in case I get a zit and I won’t worry about the spot as much, as I know that it is dealing with it.

In one tube you get 25g and you can buy it in most chemists and high street pharmacy stores for around £7-9.  I do think that £8.99 is a tad expensive for a little tube of gel that I haven’t even managed to finish yet (maybe little cheaper travel sizes would be good?) but having had no luck with Oxy, Clearasil or other spot creams, I’m definitely going to keep using this.

Repurchase: Yes!

Do you use Freederm?  What other spot gels do you recommend?


Monday, 14 March 2011

Boots 17 Vintage Love Metallic Nudes Swatches!


I am SO angry at beauty brands at the moment for releasing SO many beautiful products that I can’t help but buy, leaving me in more and more debt!  This is another Limited Edition product that I could not have passed up; is it just me or are all the Spring LE beauty ranges beautiful this year!

This little beauty can be bought in Boots, by their own makeup brand - 17 for a mere £5.49, which is FANTASTIC value in my personal opinion.  I’ll give you the swatches and then tell you what I think.


So you get six eye shadows in a little compact with a mirror and a sponge brush.  Each of the e/s are stunningly pigmented.  Each swatch above was literally a swipe of my finger which I then transferred to my arm and they are all still sparkling and gorgeous.  These types of golds and browns are colours which I can easily use daily for a smokey look, and in my opinion are pretty similar in colour and pigmentation to the Sleek Storm shadows.  I’m overly impressed with this product and I think 17 should invest in bringing out some more palettes like this in their core range!

Have you picked this up yet?  Are you also impressed?



Saturday, 12 March 2011

Giveaway (Blog’s first birthday!) CLOSED

Today I am doing a special giveaway – celebrating my first year blog birthday and reaching 700 followers! This blog means so much to me, it started as a little hobby because of my love and passion for all beauty products, and has turned into a little something which I am extremely proud of and can see myself expanding in the future. It has made me realise that I adore taking beautiful photographs of products and applications, just as much as testing out products and voicing my opinions about all things makeup, skincare and hair care related!

I have met some wonderful people through blogging and have had the opportunity to try out some incredible products so I’m eternally grateful to all of you for giving me support and for taking time to read my ramblings! You all deserve a little something for this and so I’m doing this giveaway!


You will win -

  • GOSH Holographic Nail polish (not pictured above as I forgot but I have a new one waiting!)
  • The Body Shop Brush with Fashion Tailored Cheek tint (Love mine so much I want you to try it!)
  • The Body Shop Brush with Fashion Make-up bag
  • The Body Shop Brush with Fashion nail file and buffer
  • The Body Shop Shimmer Cubes #19
  • Precision Nail Varnish in Party like a Rockstar (One of my favs the past few months)
  • Kiss Nail Art kit (includes three varnishes)
  • Broadway Diva Nail Silver Metallic set
  • Broadway Fashion Express nails x3 (Different patterns)
  • Kiss Nail art stickers and diamantes
  • Rimmel Lipgloss (Another of my favourites)
  • And a few sample sized products

Close ups -


All you have to do to enter and be in with a chance of winning is -

  • You must be a follower of my blog
  • Enter in the comments below by telling me your favourite beauty product
  • To gain an extra entry, post a link to my giveaway on your blog (Please let me know if you have done this and I will enter you twice)
  • You must leave your email address in the comment so I can contact you if you win!

Extra Details -

  • This giveaway is open internationally – world wide
  • The giveaway will end at Midnight on Thursday 14th April and will be using a random generator to choose the winner once I have typed all of your entries out.

Good luck girls! I’m really looking forward to learning your favourite products, maybe we have some in common!



Thursday, 10 March 2011

Kiss Nails (petites & medium length) review!

Last week I attended the National Beauty Blogger event (which was good fun) and I was lucky enough to get my nails done by two lovely ladies at the Kiss Nails stand.  I’ll be honest and say that I’d never actually heard of Kiss nails before but now I’m addicted!

I’ve worn fake acrylic nails (done in salons) in the past and after every time I got them applied I swore to myself I’d never ever get them done again – just because of the state that they left my nails in.  So for the past few years I’ve just been trying to make the most of my own nails by trying to let them grow and by painting them in lovely shades.  BUT I seem to have a problem maintaining long nails – I get them to a nice length and then I pick them all off until they are short again when I’m bored (nasty habit).  So when I was offered to have glue on nails applied I couldn’t resist.

I got the Kiss Everlasting French, Medium Length nails applied and instantly loved them, they made my hands look and feel so feminine.  Once I got home I filed the nails down to a size that I felt comfortable wearing which you can see below – really easy to shape with the file that is included in the kit.


Since then I’ve also tried the Kiss French Petite nails -


How to use – Its so easy!  You basically size each nail up for both hands before you start gluing.  There are plenty of sizes to choose from so its pretty easy to match them up to your nail size.  Then you simply apply the glue supplied to both the fake nail and your actual nail, then apply the falsie and hold it on until its stuck (about 10 seconds I found).  Simple as!  It’s also handy to keep a cotton bud nearby to gently remove any excess glue from around the nail and underneath the nail tip.


What I think – Kiss nails have transformed me into a false nail addict.  I just adore my nails and hands with the falsies on, they look feminine, pretty and just neat.  I am seriously impressed with the lasting time of this product as well.  Mine lasted six days until my index finger nail fell off (at work whilst opening boxes – fortunately I had the glue in my bag to stick it straight back on!).  Throughout those six days I cleaned my room, washed the dishes several times, wrote lengthy words and generally used my hands a lot and they stayed put.  I removed the nails with the Kiss false nail remover set (which is basically nail remover in a tub with little rough edges to you can scrub them off whilst you soak – very handy).  My nails weren’t too damaged underneath – hardly at all in fact, they just felt a little weak, nothing a bit of nail hardener won’t fix. 

They retail at around £8 in Boots and Superdrug which is great for a week’s use, considering you can pay around £25 for acrylics that completely ruin your nails.  Also – the French manicure did not chip at all.  Whenever I have got acrylics in a salon, the design chips in a few days – where as I found with these that the white tip stayed on all week.

I definitely recommend these and my sister has already gone out and purchased some after seeing mine.  My mum has also been impressed and is going to apply them before we go on holiday this year (she’s never had falsies so this is a big deal!).

Have you ever tried Kiss nails?  What are your favourite type of falsies?



Monday, 7 March 2011

Topshop makeup swatches!

After drooling over loads of beauty blogger’s swatches of the new Topshop Limited Edition ‘Sandstorm’ range, I decided I definitely deserved a treat and popped into my local Topshop to have a look at the products!  I accidentally picked up a few extra products that I didn’t intend on purchasing; but I fell in love with them and couldn’t handle the thought of them not being mine.  (I know my Mum is reading this, so before you tut tut at me for buying more makeup, I deserve it and gave up the MAC Wonderwoman collection for these beauties, okay!)


From the LE Sandstorm collection

Gloss Stick in Ablaze


This is the one thing that I knew I had to get.  I adore all pink peach lipsticks so this is just perfect for me.  Unfortunately, in the flesh it isn’t as striking, I thought it’d be a lot lighter, but its gorgeous none the less and really wearable.  I’d describe it more as a sheer lip colour, which feels silky and moisturizing on the lips.  £8

Long-Lasting Metallic Colour in Eqiunox


After seeing swatches of this on Jess’s blog, I knew I had to check it out and this has to be the favourite thing I picked up.  Oh my god it looks so beautiful on the skin its unreal, and the colour is the most perfect universal gold/bronze that I swear any skin colour could pull off.  I highly recommend this and I wish it wasn’t limited edition.  Please make it permanent Topshop! I love the shiny gold packaging on both of the products above – very luxurious and glam, also wish the main range looked the same!  £8.50

Permanent collection

Sunbeam Highlighter


I had never noticed this on the stand before but it instantly caught my eye.  This powder highlighter is massive, you get 6.5g of product which is loads!!!  I adore gold highlighters so I couldn’t not purchase it.  I’ve been wearing a sweep of this on my cheeks and I’ve also been using it as an eyeshadow base (quite similar to MAC’s Nylon).  Such a bargain at £9 as well.  One thing that I would have loved in this product is a mirror – the lid is big enough to hold one and it’d make it easier to use on the go, but apart from the I’m very excited to find new ways of using this.

Felt tip Eye Liner


Soooo not impressed with this liner.  I was expecting great results after swatching this on my hand in store – it was stunning, dark and wouldn’t budge, but maybe I got a faulty one or something because it runs out after lining one eye – so lame and disappointing.  I’m going to take it back tomorrow and ask if its normal or if I’m doing something wrong because I don’t see how the tester in store was fab and how this is just not drawing lines properly, you can see how bad it looks in the swatches below.  £6.50


What I think – Apart from the liner, I am overly impressed with the LE range and Topshop makeup in general.  The quality of products are fab, the packaging is kinda cute and the price is quite affordable.  You can see my other reviews and swatches on the cream blushes here and the lip polishes here.  Massive thumbs up from me.

Who else loves the new LE collection?  Has anyone else had problems with the Liner?



Thursday, 3 March 2011

Look of the day #1

My first proper look of the day, outfit/makeup post! I’ve been wanting to do one for a while but I couldn’t work out which angles would be best for shooting outfits in my room, but I finally worked this one out.

I’m wearing this to go to the Theatre in London tonight, we’re seeing the Wizard of Oz. Me, my mum and sis loved the show where they auditioned the Dorothy’s last year and now its finished we can’t wait to see what it’ll be like. In terms of my outfit choice, I always seem to wear black! I can’t help it, I think its because my hair and skin is so pale, that I need to balance it out with darker clothes.


Black Vest top – Marks and Spencer’s, Black leggings – Primark, Cardigan with gold detailing – Primark, Shoes – River Island


(Sorry about the smudge on my leg in the image above – I took the photograph of my shoes in a mirror which obviously needs a wipe!) I’ve been wearing false stick on nails for the past four days and I LOVE them. They are by Kiss Nails and you literally just glue them and stick ‘em on. I love the neat French manicure style and my hands feel very feminine. I will do an in detailed post and review of them in the next few weeks.


Eyes – MAC Nylon eyeshadow, Sleek’s Bad Girl Palette – the purple shades, GOSH Velvet Touch eyeliner in Black Ink, TBS Supervolume Mascara

Cheeks – Rouge Bunny Rouge As if it were Summer Still Bronzer, TBS Blusher in #05

Lips – Barry M lipsticks in #147 and #54

I decided to go for a hint of colour in today’s eye makeup, and so I added a tad of purple in with my smokey eyes, especially underneath my eyes. I added a purple eyeshadow on top of my black kohl eyeliner which gives a nice pop! I also fancied teaming the purple with orange lips, cue Barry M! A bit drying but I’ll add a touch of balm later!

Life in general:

Ins –

  • Handing dissertation in, finally!!!! I’m now an expert on Victorian death photographs (memento mori), the Cottingley fairies case and spirit photography.
  • Final Major Project finally coming together. I still have lots of work to do but I’m getting there.
  • Cadburys chocolate fingers and wispa choc yoghurts, both incredible, I’ve been addicted.
  • Blogger events – I love them! I get to meet fellow bloggers and learn about new products, its so much fun. I have a few coming up in the next month so I’ll update you as they happen.

Outs -

  • Everyone's feeling down – Some of my close friends have been feeling really down lately (including myself) and I hate it! I hate seeing people I care about in a low mood so I’ve been trying to make them happier.
  • Money – I always have money problems, they are never going awayyyy!!!!
  • How big my bed is and how I have no one to share it with!
  • Being short – I’ve been wearing heels a lot because I hate my height at the moment. I’m only 4’1'1’’ and I feel like everyone treats me like a little girl because of it, ugh!

Does anyone else detest their height atm? What colour do you wear most often? Been to the theatre lately?



Wednesday, 2 March 2011

February (2011) Favourites!


John Frieda Sheer Blonde Highlight Activating Moisturizing conditioner (for Platinum to Champagne coloured hair) – Most used conditioner of the month, it smells absolutely lovely and has been keeping my hair soft and manageable.  I can’t speak of the ‘highlight activating’ statement, because I honestly haven’t noticed any change of shade in my hair, but its a lovely conditioner anyway.

The Body Shop Almond Hand and Nail cream – This cream never fails me!  I love it, I love the smell, how it sinks into the skin and how it makes my hands super soft.  I’ve been carrying this 50ml handbag size in my handbag, it hasn’t left my side!

Barry M Flamingo Pink Nail Varnish – So after about two months of wearing nothing but neutral nail varnish shades, I decided to embrace my girly side and whip out the Flamingo Pink.  I know I can rely on this to last well on my nails and to stand out.  One of my favourite nail varnish colours.

The Body Shop LE Brush with Fashion Eyeshadow quad in A La Mode – You can all read about this palette in depth here, but its been my most used palette of February (even out-beating Sleek’s Storm palette which is quite an achievement) so it deserves another mention.

The Body Shop Aloe lip balm – This was sold out in my store for two months over Christmas and I couldn’t wait for it to be back so I could get some.  Its really lovely, I’ve never tried another lip balm like it.  Its a bit like those blistex balms, but it applies really silky and really moisturizes my lips.  I have also been dabbing a bit of this on top of lipsticks to give them a bit of a shine and gloss.

L’Occtaine J’ardin Delice EDT – Not a fragrance I would usually go for as I’m more a fan of the sickly sweet scents as opposed to florals, but this is such a pretty smell.  Its quite a nostalgic fragrance for me, it vaguely reminds me of my grandparents old house when I was growing up – smells like roses, raspberries with a hint of musk and sandalwood.  I’ll write a proper review up of this soon :)


What have been your favourites recently?  What’s your favourite floral fragrance?


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