Monday, 31 January 2011

MAC Lipsticks

When I go into a MAC store, I spent the most amount of time drooling over the lipsticks.  It’s a dangerous place for me to be, in front of those many rows of lippies!  I have bought a fair few over the past year and I will share them here today. 

I know how aggravating and hard it is sometimes to find a decent swatch of certain lip colours so this is to aid those in search, and to also show you the kind of colours I like in a lipstick.



Please Me, Chatterbox, Patisserie, Pretty Please, Rozz Revival, Morange, Toxic Tale, Jazzed, Ever Hip

Please me - I kept seeing swatches of this and fell in love so I couldn’t resist getting it for myself.  Its really wearable and I’ve been wearing it most days to just add some colour to my face.  Its a pink but quite a subtle, sexy one.

Chatterbox - I asked a friend to pick this up for me as she was going to Westfield's and I wanted a new lippie, and I’d say it was risky for me to purchase something without seeing it in the flesh first.  When I first received it I wasn’t too keen, I expected it to be brighter and lighter in the flesh than it was, but I have grown to love it.  Its a gorgeous pink that really suits my skin type, although I’d say its a darker kind of pink than I usually wear. 

Patisserie - My most used MAC lipstick (I’ve just bought my second!) as its a very natural colour, my lips but better.  I really don’t think that this lipstick gets as much recognition as it deserves, hardly anyone talks about it!  The reason I actually bought this lipstick was because I took my favourite Estee Lauder lipstick (Crystal Baby) to my local MAC and asked the MUA to match the shade up, and the closest happened to be Patisserie. (I’ll do a dupe post soon!)  Anyway, gorgeous nude pink shade, lasts well, smells delicious and is very moisturizing.

Pretty Please - The one I won over at Laurens Dressing Room.  Completely different to any other lipstick of mine and its nice to have a change from wearing colours!  This adds a gorgeous pearly shine to your lips, its very pretty although pale, and kind of reminds me of 60’s makeup, worn by Twiggy.  I also like that I can apply this on top of my other lip colours to add a shine.

Rozz Revival (DISCONTINUED?!) - My first ever MAC purchase!  I have a feeling this is discontinued (which isn’t very helpful for you guys!) but its a pretty sheer, shiny red which I pull out on special occasions.  This is the second time MAC have discontinued something which I like (the other being my favourite contour blush, Strada) – annoying!  Although I like this red, I probably wouldn’t have repurchased anyway because I’d want to try another red instead!

Morange - My newest addition!  My best friend bought me this a few weeks ago as a little random act of kindness (best friend ever huh!).  Morange has been on my wish list for ages but I’ve never plucked up the courage to get it, so I’m so grateful that I own it now – Its stunning!!!!  I’ve heard that orangey-reds are very in in 2011 so I will be sporting this lots.  Its the most beautiful orange red which looks classically stunning and I’ve been wearing it almost everyday recently!

Limited Edition

Toxic Tale - I’ve wore this lots towards the end of 2010, the colour is stunning and very unique, I think.  It instantly glams up my whole face and outfit and I just love it!

Jazzed - Another favourite, similar to Ever Hip but more orange, I’m sure you’ve seen this all loads already also!

Ever Hip - Love this lipstick so much that I’ve stopped wearing it as I don’t want it to run out!  Came out with the Liberty of London collection, I love the colour and the packaging, everything about it.  I’ve spoken about this lippie so much on my blog so I don’t want to bore you talking about it any more!



(If anyone would like to see swatches of these on my lips, then please just ask and I’ll take photos when I next get a chance!)

WISHLIST - Ravishing, Kinda Sexy, Vegas Volt, See Sheer.

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks?  Recommend me some! XXX


Sunday, 16 January 2011

My Best Beauty Products of 2010!

I apologise for being a bit late on this one, but it took me a while to narrow down all of my favourites from the past year.  I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten to include some super 2010 products but when I happen upon them I’ll do a post! 

So here are my favourite products, new and old, from 2010.



Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo – I don’t know how I would have survived 2010 without this product.  I probably went through about 15 of these cans; I’ve never repurchased a product more than this.  It keeps my hair smelling fresh and looking clean, it gets rid of my greasy roots if I don’t have time to wash my hair on those busy uni days. 

Flirty Body Spray Superdrug – Cheap and cheerful, these scents last so well on my skin and clothes and they instantly put me in a good mood when I spritz them.  The only body sprays I’ve used since I was 15, and I’ve already got through four of them in the past three months.

The Body Shop Spa Wisdom Monoi Miracle Oil – My favourite body moisturizer and multiuse product of 2010.  Keeps my skin feeling soft, my hair feeling silky and I even used it as a massage oil last week.  Smells beautiful, lasts me ages, such good value.

Prive Shine Serum – Only discovered this in the latter half of the year but I don’t know how I controlled my locks without it!  Its full of organic ingredients and controls my shine and makes my hair feel SO soft.  Will definitely repurchase.

Freederm -  Has kept my skin in control all year, whenever I felt like I was getting a spot I’d apply this and it would vanish in half the time that it normally would.  About to purchase my third tube of this stuff!  I’d recommend it to people who get pimples from stress!

L’Oreal infallible foundation in Porcelain -  The foundation I knew I could rely on all year round.  So happy that I know have a foundation that I know matches my pale skin tone perfectly.  Lasts well on my skin and isn’t too pricey for a good foundation.


MAC Zoom lash black fast – My new favourite everrrrrr mascara!  Discovered this when the MAC Venomous Villains collection came out, and I haven’t stopped using it since!  Makes my lashes long and voluptuous, a definite favourite discovery of 2010.

Bunny Rouge As if it were Summer Still… Bronzer -   Words can’t describe how much I have totally fallen for this bronzer.  Before I got this I had never ever worn bronzers because I couldn’t find one that didn’t make my pale skin look orange – but this has totally exceeded all expectations.  It makes my cheekbones look bronzed, it contours really well and lasts a surprisingly last time on my face.  You only need a little and the packaging is fab – I totally recommend this.  Its pricey at £44 but I’ve already saved up for and bought another because I love it that much.

YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick #13 Peach Passion -  Absolute lipstick gold dust.  The most perfect summer colour for me, has an incredible silky feel to it, beautiful packaging, I couldn’t possibly ask for more in a lipstick.  I can’t wait for the weather to get warmer so I can wear this with a cute denim jacket and flip flops!

Estee Lauder Crystal Baby Lipstick – My absolute perfect nude lipstick.  It smells beautiful, lasts well, keeps my lips soft and I know I can wear it whatever my mood.

MAC Ever Hip – I couldn’t wait for the Liberty of London collection in 2010 and I knew I had to get this lipstick.  This was the product that converted me to a peachy pink lover.  Stunning colour, cute packaging, I wish it wasn’t limited edition.

The Body Shop Lip Liner in #10 Pink Brown – My perfect lip-liner, matches my lips perfectly and has lasted me all year.

Topshop Nice N’ Neutral Nail Polish – 2010 saw me being a bit less adventurous with my nail colours and I decided that I really adored pretty, clean, neat, nude nails.  This is my favourite nude polish.  I love the whole makeup range that Top Shop launched in 2010, I’m looking forward to their 2011 products!

Stargazer Holographic Glitter – This is my must have for nights out on the town.  Holographic glitter that I applied on various special occasions on top of my dark smokey silver eyes.  I also started experimenting with sprinkling this over nail varnish in 2010 and it looks really cute – will do a tutorial soon!  This glitter is stunning, versatile and soooooo affordable!

The Body Shop Blusher in #05 – My favourite and most worn blusher of 2010, looks like a natural contour/flushed colour on my cheeks. 

The Body Shop Hemp Lip Balm – I bought this a while back and recently rediscovered it, and it has kept my lips soft all through the winter months.  I really recommend this lip balm and will continue using it throughout this year!

Bourjois Effet 3D Les Nudes Lip-Gloss in #34 – I discovered this gloss last year and its become a firm favourite, actually, its become my favourite lip gloss ever.  Smells incredible, isn’t sticky or tacky at all and matches my lip colour. 


GOSH Velvet Kohl Eyeliner in Black Ink – My staple black kohl eyeliner, I use this every single day and I adore it.  Its really pigmented, its soft so it doesn’t drag on the skin around my eyes and sharpens really easily and without mess.

Sleek Storm Palette – This deserves the palette of the year award in my opinion, I just adore it.  All the colours are stunning and pigmented, its so affordable at under £6, and has lasted me almost all year (I’ve just purchased a few back ups which I’ve started using!).  When going on holiday in ‘10, this was always a staple in my make up bag and it didn’t take up any room at all.  Everyone should own this!

MAC Nylon Eyeshadow – My absolute favourite highlight eyeshadow and one which I wear daily, it really suits my pale skin and also goes well with any other eyeshadow, no matter what the colour.

MAC NC15 Studio Finish Concealer – I don’t know how I ever lived without this concealer in my life (as dramatic as that sounds!).  I used to use stick concealers which just dried my skin out and never matched my skin colour exactly, but this is just perfect.  The perfect amount of coverage as well, I use this on all problem areas on my face almost everyday, and often without the use of foundation.

LUSH Honey I Washed the Kids Solid Perfume – My favourite perfume which was discontinued in 2010, which I’m gutted about, but I managed to stock up on a few before they all disappeared.  I adore the sweet smell, and the fact that its a solid perfume meaning it lasts forever and also is small enough to keep in my purse to apply on the go.  LUSH, please bring this beauty back soon!!

Lily Lolo Mineral Foundation in Porcelain – I stocked up on these in 2010 and use it when my skin isn’t being ‘naughty’.  Its really light but the coverage is buildable, you get so much product in each pot and its been lovely at setting my makeup.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream – I have used this daily in either the morning or evening throughout the year and its kept my skin moisturized and soft and it has never given me spots.  I can’t fault it and I’ll continue using this throughout next year!

That's it!! My 2010 favourites! 

I’m already excited by all the great products already hitting the shelves in 2011 and I’m sure that I’ll gain a lot more ‘star’ products. 

Did you have any of the same favourites as me?  What are you looking forward to trying in 2011?



Thursday, 13 January 2011


I have gained way too many new shoes over the past few months, but I adore them all so its okay, right? Haha!  I thought I’d do a little shoe post because I’m addicted.

River Island – Blue Suede Block Heel Platforms £20 down from £60


Ahh I’m in love with these little beauties!  They are surprisingly comfortable as they have a cushioned sole, and because they are chunky heels they are easy to walk in.  I love the colour and the cute little buckle details and the fact that they are sling-back peep-toes.  My perfect type of quirky heels, and such a bargain at £20, I couldn’t believe it when I found my size – it must have been a sign, right!

KINO – Black Boot Fur Wedges £35


I’ve been after a cute pair of furry boot wedges for a while now after one of my sisters friends showed me hers, but the ones I wanted in New Look were unfortunately sold out, so I went on a mad dash around Lakeside to find a similar pair and I happened upon these, which are perfect!  I wore these out on my adventures on New Years Eve and they were surprisingly comfortable considering I was walking around London all night.  You can fold the fur bits up so its a boot, or wear them down for an adorable furry twist.  I love them!  I wore them with black tights (slimming!) and a little black casual dress.

Primark – Tan Fringed Boots – Present!


My sister bought me these little babies for Christmas and I adore them.  Very cute and very ‘me’.  I wear them with acid wash leggings or tights and I feel like a little pixie in them.  I love the fringe details and the studding, but I’m prepared for these to fall apart pretty soon, I’ll try and keep them in good condition though.

New Look – Ballet Pumps, black and pink around £10 each


There came a time a while ago when I realised I had no comfy flats to wear, so a trip to New Look was in order.  I adore New Look’s shoes, I think they are fab quality and at great prices, and they have such a big selection to choose from!  I decided to get a pair of black and a pair of nude colour ballet type shoes which will be easy to slip on, will go with almost everything, and are small enough to carry in a handbag when my heels get too painful on nights out.  Love these.

EBay – Moccasins £15


I have an unhealthy obsession with moccasins and when I saw these on EBay, I had to get them!  Unfortunately, they are SO painful around my toes that I can’t wear them for too long, so disappointing because they are beautiful.  I just either need to get used to it, stretch them out or deal with the pain.  I’ll keep trying though.  If anyone has any tips then let me know!

What are your favourite pairs from the bunch?  Have you got any cute shoes recently?



Monday, 10 January 2011

Sale Purchases!

A short but sweet post!  I don’t go shopping often but I’ve been a few times over the past few weeks, naughty!  Anyway, I’m a rubbish sale shopper so when I see a bargain I snap it up sharpish.  Here are a few things that I’ve picked up in the Christmas sales!

The Body Shop


Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub – Never tried this before but its a cream exfoliator and the scent isn’t too overpowering, so it’ll be good for my dry, sensitive skin.  £6 down from £12.50

Cranberry Shimmer Lotion I LOVE THE CRANBERRY RANGE.  I’ve worked at TBS as a sales consultant for over four years now, and every Christmas they bring this range out and that's when it really feels festive.  Its a nostalgic scent for me, and its stunning.  I’ve been through a few of these shimmer lotions and stocked up until next winter! £3 down from £6

Cranberry Hand Lotion I already have about four of these, they are the perfect size to carry around in my bag and smell delicious, so I bought another few to last me! £1 down for £3

Cranberry Home Oil Fragrance My ultimate favourite home fragrance scent, gotta stock up on these (I’m such a hoarder, huh!  Its really terrible). £1 down from £3.50

Winter Trend Gold Glitter A gorgeous gold glitter that you can wear on your face, eyelids, hair and body, very festive and pretty for dressing up with. £3 down from £8

Brazil Nut Body Butter My favourite body butter, until it was disappointingly discontinued last year. ugh.  But I stocked up on these too, don’t you worry!  Smells amazing, very moisturizing. £6 down from £12

Brazil Nut Body Scrub Again, a creamy exfoliator, in my favourite TBS scent. £6 down from £12


I haven’t been in Superdrug for ages, mainly because I can get the same things in Boots and use my advantage card, but I peeped in to have a look at the Sleek and GOSH range and saw this set!


I have no idea how much it was before, or if it was even in the sale, but it was such a bargain I had to get it.  £4.99

Includes Black Ink Velvet Touch Eyeliner (my staple kohl pencil), Lip Jam and a Green Eye Quad. I use the kohl eyeliner religiously, which is around £5 by itself, so I definitely saved here and got two more bits as well.  I love the colour of the lip jam and the green quad looks gorgeous, will try these out soon and let you know what I think.

Did you pick up any beauty products in the sales?  What's your favourite festive scent?



Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Christmas gifts!!!

I wouldn’t have normally thought about posting the Christmas gifts I received, but I was so excited once I unwrapped these that I had to show them to you guys!

So, who remembers my ‘favourite book post’ last month?  I was SO happy with the feedback from everyone and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on some of the books that you recommended me, but as a poor student I knew I wouldn’t be getting them anytime soon.  Anyway, as an amazing, total surprise Christmas gift, my Mum (the little detective), went through all of your comments and bought most of the books you recommended me!!


Demian and Siddhartha by Herman Hesse

You Better Not Cry by Augusten Burroughs

The Virgin Suicides by Jeffrey Eugenides

The Secret History by Donna Tartt

The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Shiver and Linger by Maggie Stiefvater

Ghostwritten and The Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell

The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson

206 Bones by Katy Reichs

The Snowman by Jo Nesbo

The Other Side of the Story by Marian Keyes

How amazing is that!!!  I was over the moon with these pressies as they were a total surprise and I really can’t wait to read them.  So thank you for all your great recommendations, after I’ve read them I’ll let you all know what I thought!!

I only got a few pieces of makeup for Christmas, which is good because I really shouldn’t be getting any more, I have way too much!  My sister bought me Miss Selfridge’s trio of Glitter Eyeliners and trio of Lip-glosses.  So far I’ve only swatched them, but the glitter eyeliners look gorgeous.  The texture of the lip-glosses however seem really odd, and they don’t smell particularly nice, but the nude brown one looks wearable for me!

IMG_0813 IMG_0815

I also got a Rouge Bunny Rouge ‘As if it was Summer Still, at Netherway Grove bronzer, because its my favourite bronzer ever and I was desperate for a backup, and I kindly got sent a Rouge Bunny Rouge Lip-gloss in Birthday Suit 029, from Zuneta as a little Christmas gift, which I’m already in love with.  I think RBR are my new favourite mu range!


Did you all have a good Christmas?  Did you get any books from Santa?

P.S – I’m afraid that for the next two months I will be posting less frequently, because of Uni!  I write this blog in my spare time and as my dissertation is due in February (which I’m ashamed to admit I’m really behind on!) most of my spare time will be spent writing that along with other photography work.  But don’t worry, I have a few other posts planned for when I have a free hour or two. I will still be posting, just a bit less!  I’ll be back in full force after Feb 28th!


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