Wednesday, 10 August 2011

No7 New Nail Polish Swatches!

Today I am bringing you a whopping 12 swatches of the new No7 nail polishes that have recently launched!  In all of the swatches below I used either two or three coats.


Lucky Lilac (50) – how beautiful is this!  The formula of this polish is perfect, I think I only used two coats above.  A gorgeous pale lilac.

Pinky Pure (160) - a pale, almost white, baby pink.  I think this would look beautiful with tanned skin or for a colourful twist on a French manicure.  Can be a bit streaky but should be fine with four coats.

Disco Nights (370) – when I first saw this in the bottle I was like ‘ew!’, but it looks absolutely stunning on the nails, as you can see in the swatches above.  This really does glisten in the sunlight.

Hot To Trot – This is one of my favourites, a lovely copper gold.  This is the shade that Nail Artist to the stars Jamie Nunn used to create the Antique Marble Effect (seen here), by painting the polish on a sponge and then lightly pressing the sponge onto the nail over another colour!

Cheeky Chops (240) – another of my favourites!  Perfect for spring and summer, a beautiful pink with a hint of peach.

Mojo (230) – This nail polish impressed me; great formula, lovely orange/red colour with a noticeable gold shimmer in the light, very pretty.

Crave Me – Both me and Zoe (from The London Lipgloss) agree that this is the most perfect red for a nail polish!

Perky (260) – The colour in the bottle of this is BEAUTIFUL, but on the nails it is a disaster!  The formula is so watery and after three coats you can still see the actual whites of my nails.  Maybe this would look better painted over a white nail polish?

Jammy (270) – I think this will be a hit in Boots stores, Jammy is a lovely hot pink with a pink shimmery opal effect in the light. 

Devils Delight (190) – a deep red, very sophisticated and mysterious.

Dollar (340) – Another of my favourite, how bloody amazing is this!  Reminds me of mermaids and stormy seas.

Stand Back (300) – this has a great formula and is very pigmented, the colour is perfect for toes!

What I think – I love all of these polishes (with the exception of Perky!) because the formulas are great; they are all extremely pigmented and sit really well on the nail.  For most of the swatches above I only used two coats which is impressive in my opinion.  Each of the polishes also have a new brush applicator which I prefer to the old ones – they are wider so you can almost coat the whole nail in one sweep.  I’m also impressed with the colours, I have never seen a polish like Dollar or Mojo before.  These retail in Boots stores at around £6-7 which I personally think is pricey for a nail varnish, but with Boots vouchers they are much cheaper and with the new formula and brush I guess its worth it!

Do you have any of these new shades?  What’s your favourite out of the bunch?




  1. I love the blue colors!! awesome ^^

  2. Love the lilac and blue polishes! I actually don't own any No7 polishes, might have to check them out when they have the £5 voucher out! xxx

  3. Thanks for the swatches, I NEED to get my mitts on Mojo, Jammy and Dollar, hope the No7 vouchers make a comeback soon!

  4. I haven't tried the new colours but I have a couple of older colours, I love how they apply and how they dry etc but I find they chip quite easily which is a shame. Love these colours tho!

  5. There are some gorgeous colours, I like pretty much all of them! It's a shame about the pink one though, such a pretty colour in the bottle! I love Dollar and Devil's Delight. I shall definitely picking a few of these up when more NO7 vouchers come out! xx
    Sirens and Bells

  6. I've never tried no7 nail polish before but I'm now quite tempted to pick up mojo and disco nights!

    Thanks for the great post :)

  7. the lilac is definitely my favourite, it's so feminine and pretty! the blues look lovely on your nails too, but whenever i wear that shade on my fingertips, it doesnt get a very good reception from the boys! They seem to only like reds, pinks and french manicure!

  8. Love the first one! I have such a weakness for pale purple polishes!

  9. I love all the red ones they are lush. jammy has such a lovely sheen

  10. I love No7 Nail Polish!!

    Want and NEED all of these colours - they are amazing!!!!!!!!

  11. i love the last one!!!!!!!! follw bk???

  12. Dear Katie,

    (sorry for my English, I am French)
    First of all, I love your blog, I love to read it and the pictures are really beautiful.
    May I ask you to tell us the composition of each of the products you show ? As you know, some are responsible for diseases such as cancers.
    I think that women should work together so that cosmetics companies only sell safe products to us.

    Thank you a lot,

  13. I love No.7 polishes! I always pick one up when those fab £5 off vouchers come out! lol! The colours are gorguz, thanks so much for the great swatches! :)

    Love Aysh xoxo

  14. I love Mojo!

  15. Love the Lilac!

    Nats. xx

  16. So many pretty colours. I especially like the look of Cheeky Chops, Jammy and Dollar. Can't wait for Boots to start doing £5 off vouchers again x

  17. stand back and mojo are PERFECT.

  18. I'm in love with some of these colors! especially lucky lilac, pinky pure, and cheeky chops.

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