Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Nars Press Event!

On Thursday I attended the Nars press event to have a sneak peek at the collections being released throughout 2011.  I’ll be honest now – I am a Nars virgin!  I’ve heard so much great stuff about the brand over the years but had never owned a product before; I just rarely visit department stores with the brand in and also never have had the money to part with.  This event gave me a great introduction to the brand, the kind of makeup they produce and the quality of the products – which is great, by the way!



After being talked through certain looks we could create with their products (which were also used on the catwalks in the recent Fashion Weeks), we were let loose on a makeup station, complete with brushes, mirrors and lots of products that we were encouraged to play around with and try on.  Placed around the room were also plinths featuring the new collections (pictures below).  They featured beautiful, bright eyeshadow palettes, body shimmer glow (‘Laguna body’),  facial highlighters (I’m already in love with 'Super Orgasm’) and some beautiful matte lippies (which I neeeeeeed in my life!).



Jess and I then proceeded to munch on cheesecake canapés and play on iPads at the blogging station (from which we tweeted from!) and had a good giggle.  She wrote a great post about the event also which you can read here.

My must have wish list from the night is Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Bolero and Creme Blush in Penny Lane – both absolutely stunning products of great quality.  I’m impressed with the whole brand as a whole; there’s a wide variety of shades and colours for every skin tone, sleek, sexy packaging, pigmented textures.  I still think perhaps it is a bit expensive (for example the matte lip pencil I’m in love with is around £17.50), but if the quality of the product is amazing then I guess its worth it!

What are your favourite Nars products?  Or are you a Nars virgin like me?




  1. Ahh you lucky thing, I'm tres jealous you got to go to a NARS event! I've only tried a couple of products and although I was quite surprised at how pricey they are, there's no denying that they're great quality!


  2. I am a Nars virgin but I hope to get a blusher of their soon! I have a local SpaceNK which I plan to visit....

  3. Nars virgin over here, ha ha!

    I'm all for matte lipsticks and these new trio eyeshadow palettes look extremely gorgeous- except that Nars prices are way steep in my country :(

  4. I don't own any Nars products either since they don't sell it where I live, but I'd really like to try some of their powder or cream blushes! Off-topic - I'm going to MAC tomorrow (they don't sell it where I live either so I rarely have access to MAC) so could you please recommend me some products I could purchase? What would you buy if you were me? I don't have so many of their products yet :)
    xo Nora

  5. Penny Lane is permanent and already in stores :) x

  6. I love NARS and have built up quite a nice little collection.

    The Sheer Glow foundation is amazing, so is the highlighter powder in Albatross.

    The new liquid highlighters are great too.

  7. I only have one NARS product so far - Orgasm Blush.

    I really want to try out some more of their stuff, but as you say, it's a little on the pricey side!

  8. Don't be deceived by their eyeshadows! A lot of them lack pigment :) The blushers and lipsticks are lovely though! xxoo

  9. I'm a nars virgin but would love to try some products :) xx

  10. im a Nars virgin too! and dying to get a couple of bits, but the price is scary. What you've said is good to hear from some one whi has never used them before, i think i'll invest in something i supose if its great quality its worth it!

    you are sooooo lucky!! I absolutely LOVE Nars! their products are amazing!

  12. I'd love to try something from Nars - it all looks such good quality! But bloomin expensive too :( xx


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