Monday, 10 January 2011

Sale Purchases!

A short but sweet post!  I don’t go shopping often but I’ve been a few times over the past few weeks, naughty!  Anyway, I’m a rubbish sale shopper so when I see a bargain I snap it up sharpish.  Here are a few things that I’ve picked up in the Christmas sales!

The Body Shop


Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub – Never tried this before but its a cream exfoliator and the scent isn’t too overpowering, so it’ll be good for my dry, sensitive skin.  £6 down from £12.50

Cranberry Shimmer Lotion I LOVE THE CRANBERRY RANGE.  I’ve worked at TBS as a sales consultant for over four years now, and every Christmas they bring this range out and that's when it really feels festive.  Its a nostalgic scent for me, and its stunning.  I’ve been through a few of these shimmer lotions and stocked up until next winter! £3 down from £6

Cranberry Hand Lotion I already have about four of these, they are the perfect size to carry around in my bag and smell delicious, so I bought another few to last me! £1 down for £3

Cranberry Home Oil Fragrance My ultimate favourite home fragrance scent, gotta stock up on these (I’m such a hoarder, huh!  Its really terrible). £1 down from £3.50

Winter Trend Gold Glitter A gorgeous gold glitter that you can wear on your face, eyelids, hair and body, very festive and pretty for dressing up with. £3 down from £8

Brazil Nut Body Butter My favourite body butter, until it was disappointingly discontinued last year. ugh.  But I stocked up on these too, don’t you worry!  Smells amazing, very moisturizing. £6 down from £12

Brazil Nut Body Scrub Again, a creamy exfoliator, in my favourite TBS scent. £6 down from £12


I haven’t been in Superdrug for ages, mainly because I can get the same things in Boots and use my advantage card, but I peeped in to have a look at the Sleek and GOSH range and saw this set!


I have no idea how much it was before, or if it was even in the sale, but it was such a bargain I had to get it.  £4.99

Includes Black Ink Velvet Touch Eyeliner (my staple kohl pencil), Lip Jam and a Green Eye Quad. I use the kohl eyeliner religiously, which is around £5 by itself, so I definitely saved here and got two more bits as well.  I love the colour of the lip jam and the green quad looks gorgeous, will try these out soon and let you know what I think.

Did you pick up any beauty products in the sales?  What's your favourite festive scent?




  1. Aw, you're lucky! :) The Body Shop in Australia NEVER goes on sale.

  2. I got Body Shop's Cranberry body scrub on sale, and a 5 lipbalms in a lollipop container as a gift for my friend in Ukraine. From Superdrug I got their Simple skincare gift set, actually I got 2 of them lol :) One for myself, and another I think I'll use as a gift too for my US friends who don't have access to Simple greatness.

    I might go back and pick up that Gosh set, but I got the one I really wanted long time ago (it included their primer, this set not available now).

  3. Nice haul! Loving the Cranberry range and the Christmas lip balms in the little tins! The sales period begins next week where I live, so I'm definitely going to hit TBS for some goodies ;)


  4. All these items look really good!
    I love anything from TBS

  5. Michelle - Awh Really!! Thats so weird, I hope they start doing sale soon for you guys!!!

    Lyuba-chan - Ohhh yesss the lipbalm lollipop was so adorable! I didn't get to see the other Superdrug gifts but that simple one sounded good, I might pop in to see if its still there!XX

    cbsg - Thank you!! I got a vanilla and cranberry lip tin each too when they were full price, really moisturizing! Let me know what you get after you go shopping!!xx

    Estefany - I get addicted by their stuff, its terrible for my purse! Haha! XX


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