Tuesday, 16 February 2010

No7 Nail Varnish!

When Boots had their last ‘£5 off No7 and Ruby and Millie make-up’ (a few weeks back) I snapped up No7’s newest nail varnish shade!

115 Totally Teal


(in sunlight)

I haven't got a shade like this and it immediately stood out to me.  Its a dark blue/green teal and its beautiful in the bottle, but No7’s varnishes are always a let down for me.  They have nice colours but they come out so streaky on the nails.  The formula is nice and creamy and the colour is always pigmented a good deal but in sun light the streaks show.

fFEB 023

(in doors)

Has any one else tried out this colour or any other of their nail products? I have another two of their colours which I’ll pop up swatches of soon!



I did this look yesterday for work!



What d’ya think? It was pretty fun and so simple to do! 

Products used -

  • Gosh – Velvet touch eyeliner in Black Ink
  • The Body Shop – Liquid liner in Black
  • The Body Shop – Eye Definer in 10 Brilliant Blue
  • The Body Shop – Shimmer waves 19, shade 04 Sparkling Sky and 02 Sea Shell ( See previous post!)
  • Rimmel – Max Volume Flash mascara in 001 Ultra Black

SO I primed my eyelids with UDPP, then using a big eye shadow brush, I covered my whole lids with 02 Sea shell for a nice sparkling gold base.  Then I lined my eye with Gosh’s black kohl on the bottom and on the waterline and used the liquid liner on the top lash line.  I then took the blue eye pencil and added it around the whole eye gently and then blended in 04 Sparkling sky eye shadow over the top of the blue kohl! Simple as huh!  Then I just added mascara and voila!  Once I improve my video-skill-techniques I might make an actual video on how to do this look if anyone wants it!

Hope every ones having a lovely pancake day!!! X



Friday, 12 February 2010

MACs upcoming collection!

So I’ve just happened upon this gorgeous range on Specktra.com and I am SO excited!


How beautiful are those seahorses and star fish!  The collection is called ‘To The Beach’ is due in shops in May this year and I can’t wait.  I’m not one to go crazy with MAC’s collections, I only invest in their stuff that I really love and will use, but those blushes are irresistible!  I’m not too keen on the yuky green and orange colour packaging though, I think a nice baby blue to match the cream of the shells/sea horses would be much more attractive!  Even the black packaging below looks better!


Thanks again to Specktra for these images.  Heres a link to the thread…

What do you think of this collection?!

Katie XX


Thursday, 11 February 2010

Body Shop’s Spring Trend!

So for every season, The Body Shop release a limited edition make-up collection, (Link to my reviews on the Winter Trend collection!), which I’m always so excited for.  This year might possibly be my favourite collection they’ve ever released!

So firstly we have my favourite item in the collection…

Shimmer Cubes Palette 19!

FEB 040 FEB 043

How bloody beautiful are these colours! I fell in love when I first saw them. 

The colours are Top L-R Emerald Sea, Sea Shell, Bottom L-R Hushed Orchid, Sparkling Sky

If you’ve ever seen any of the shimmer cubes before, you’ll know that each of these eyeshadows are literally cubes, and will last ages, so at £16 for four cubes, you’re definitely getting you’re moneys worth!

FEB 062

My favourites have to be Sea Shell and Emerald Sea, I don’t think I have ever seen a green eyeshadow so beautiful.  It looks more like a teal in real life.  So I’ve been experimenting with these and love to layer them over the top of liquid or kohl eyeliner on the top lid.  I’ve yet to take of EOTDs but I will very soon using these, but before then…

FEB 070

Here is a piccy with some examples.  At the bottom we have the blue and green eyeshadows over the body shops blue kohl, and at the top we have each colour layered over black liquid liner.  These pictures really do not do these colours justice, I apologise!

The rest of the range is gorgeous aswell.  If you check the website you’ll see images of a tiny cute blush compact puff – which you basically unscrew and puff the sponge onto your cheeks for colour – the powder is inside.  It has a mirror on it, and so saves you carrying around a mirror, blusher brush, and product, as its all in one. 

They’ve also re-designed their lip glosses, which I love.  The packaging is now decorated with tiny hearts, there are a few extra colours to choose from and they are now named ‘love gloss’ aha!

FEB 052

FEB 055

And the main added feature is the new applicator.  A lot of lip glosses seem to have this feature and I do prefer it.  As the brush is bigger its takes less time to apply the gloss, and its pretty to look at.

The colour I have is Fuchsia Flush and they’re all £9.50.  The formula seems pretty similar to their last glosses, its extra moisturizing and I’ll admit a tiny bit sticky, but not as much as their hi-shine glosses!

FEB 060 

Let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what you think about them!


Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Hair Masks!

I’ve been bleaching my roots once a month for the past six years now (since I was 16) and I’ll admit that I have very strong, thick hair.  Its never fallen out, it holds the bleach very well and its still healthy and moisturized/soft, however recently I've noticed that straight after I bleach my roots, my fringe gets quite dry and has recently started snapping off straight after. 

I’m definitely going to change my hair colour soon to a more natural blonde, but in the meantime, I’ve decided to take this as a chance to try out some hair masks!  So I headed to my local Boots where there was a three for two on professional hair-care ranges and stocked up on products which claimed to help dry, damaged hair.

FEB 047

I bought:

  • John Freida – Sheer Blonde Moisturizing conditioner for Platinum to Champagne hair colours
  • John Freida – Sheer Blonde Blonde Hair repair Conditioning Treatment
  • Trevor Sorbie - Ultimate Moisture Mask for thick hair
  • Aussie - Miracle Hair Insurance leave in conditioner
  • Aussie - 3 Minute Miracle Reconstructor, deep conditioner for damaged hair.

I will take my time in trying out these products and will write back with a review of each.  I’m hoping at least one of these products will cure my dry hair and leave me feeling confident that I can continue bleaching until this summer!


Monday, 8 February 2010

Shiny TV!

So around a year ago I did a little 'whats in your make-up bag' video for Kiss and Makeup.tv!
Here it is!

I still use most of the same products daily, but maybe soon I'll do an updated one!!
Enjoy! XX

My first attempt at a tutorial video...

I must say, all you youtube make-up gurus out there are blessed! Blessed with making the vids look so easy to do and by still looking cool at the same time! I tried one myself the other day and failed miserably. I didn’t realise how hard it was to apply makeup in front of a camera rather than a mirror, and I produced a lame, shabby attempt at my typical smoky eye look!! I definitely need to practice some more in front of the camera before recording… Any way, for laughs sake, heres a blooper!


Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Rimmel Extra Super Lash Review!

FEB 2010 011

This is one of my favourite mascaras for building beautiful beautiful long lashes!  I bought it after trawling through many mascara reviews on Make-up Alley.com as it was one of the top rated.  For around £4.99 as well its very affordable!

FEB 2010 012

The brush is a small and delicate cone kinda shape allowing you to reach the tiny eyelashes with the smaller end.  As it isn’t a thick brush it doesn’t leave nasty clumpy lashes, but instead long, natural and luscious!

One Coat

FEB 2010 033

(Sorry for the scary looking eye! My old digital camera isn’t up to scratch and the pictures aren't as nice to look at!)

FEB 2010 043

FEB 2010 035

One coat really lengthens my lashes, adds a nice deep black colour and generally makes them stand out more in a noticeable way.

Two Coats

FEB 2010 045

FEB 2010 046

Two coats adds a lot more volume and makes the lashes thicker making them more dramatic.  (I need to comb my lashes through, sorry!)


The packaging is very and handy, it fits perfectly in my makeup bag.  I’d recommend this mascara to everyone, its definitely in my top 3! XX

P.S I bought this hat the other day and I’m obsessed with it! Yes or no??!

FEB 2010 006

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