Monday, 25 January 2010

Bad day!

Today has been soooo rubbish for me. I broke my new digital camera in the studio today, which means I can't take any pictures at the moment for this blog! I have another digital camera being repaired already... my fingers brake anything they touch, I swear! So maybe doing a photography degree was the wrong profession! Haha! I'm heading up to a canon repair shop on Friday with my mum to get it fixed so hopefully I'll have it back again soon. When I get back to essex I'll get my old digital and start taking make-up pics with that.

I'll update properly asap!

Monday, 18 January 2010

Mascara Review!

I'm always on a quest for the perfect mascara, and I find good ones so hard to find so I'll be documenting the 'befores' and 'afters' of ones I've tried!
I hate my eyelashes, they are tiny and quite fair and I want a mascara which will lengthen and define them!

Today is -
Rimmel London Max Volume Flash Mascara in 003 Ultra black

The packaging is VERY flash, and was partly the reason I bought it. I personally prefer combed brushes opposed to large ones with mascara, but there wasn't a tester in the shop so I went ahead and bought it.

The brush is very large and bristly which can get quite tickley when applying the first few times!

Without mascara!

One Coat.
I was actually surprised with how long my lashes looked after one coat of this mascara. Its definitely volumized them and the colour is perfect for my dark smokey eye looks.

Two coats.
Two coats of this is way too much for my liking! It made my lashes really clumpy and spider-like; unattractive!! You'd need to comb through your lashes are using more than one coat of this otherwise you end up with a mess!

When I first tried this, I hated it. The brush was too big and messy and it just left me with clumpy eyelashes, however one coat gives a very pretty natural effect. The colour is the perfect black, and the packaging is pretty, but I wouldn't buy this again!


Pink Nail Varnish!

I love nailvarnish! You will never catch me without it on, so I will be posting weekly my favourite, with swatches and a small review on each.

Today I'm reviewing two of my favourite pink nailvarnishes, one Barry M and one Stargazer! Both are so cheap but so beautiful and well worth it!

Stargazer, available in New Look and other small chemists £2.50

This is probably my favourite nailvarnish ever! The formula is really different to any other NVs I have tried. It glides on in the smallest layer ever (if that makes sense? Its quite a thin formula) yet it holds so much pigment. Because of the thiness of it, it dries in a matter of seconds. I've also worn this under UV light and because its a neon pink, it glows! It chips in a few days, but because it dries so quickly you can always just put another layer on. I definitley recommend stargazers make-up in general if you're after bright neon colours!

Barry M £2.95 - 279 Bright Pink

This colour as you can see is a gorgeous baby pink, its quite abit brighter than it is in these pictures but you get the drift! The formula is creamy and thick, like most Barry M nailvarnishes, and it takes a while for a layer to dry, but its worth the wait for the cute colour!

Whats you're favourite nail varnish colour? Have you tried any of Stargazers make-up before?


Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Some Looks!

So here are some looks I've done recently. Now that I'm back in my flat in London I'll have more time and peace to do some videos! I hope you like these looks! If you have any look requests then feel free to say what!
I'll be doing some nail varnish and lipstick swatches soon aswell which I'm looking forward to!

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