Monday, 17 May 2010

A few FOTD & Beyonce Look!

I’m ILL!! I hate being ill, I have cold and flu symptoms and they just came out of nowhere!  Does anyone have any good tips for getting over colds quickly? I’ve already stocked up one Vit C tablets and hankys!

Lately I’ve been experimenting a bit with make-up and taking some some portraits!  I have some make-up skillz and photography skillz and I never use them together, so I thought why not!

This first look was inspired by Beyonce’s new video – (Why Don’t you Love me?) In which her make-up is gorgeous and she looks just stunning!

154 1 0155 1




I used –

  • Gosh Kohl Black eyeliner
  • The Body Shop eye shadow in 45 & 01 Shimmer, Black liquid eye liner, White pencil liner, 05 blusher,
  • L’Oreal voluminous mascara & Infallible Long lasting foundation in Porcelain
  • UDPP
  • MAC’s Nylon & Beauty Marked eye shadow, and Patisserie lipstick!
  • Clinique dark brow pencil
  • Topshop cream blush in Neon Rose

And another – Not really inspired by anything this time -

20 1 IMG_0014_pp2


  • MAC’s Nylon, Beauty Marked and Woodwinked eye shadow.  Ever Hip lipstick
  • The Body Shop – 12 Blusher, 02 gold shimmer eye shadow, Black liquid liner
  • L’oreal infallible foundation in Porcelain, voluminous mascara
  • Gosh kohl black eyeliner

What do you guys think? They are a bit random, its quite hard to take good pictures of yourself without seeing through the lens, but a tripod and zoom definitely helped!  X



  1. Very Pretty! I love both looks :)


  2. Love these looks, you're absolutley stunning girl! x

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! You're a stunner! Great look.


  4. Gorgeous looks. You are so stunning! Have you done any modelling? x

  5. these are STUNNING, i absolutely adore your looks and would kill for those camera skills, gorgeous portraits katie, well done!


  6. Love your eyeliner and how thick the line is, love eyeshadonw too!

  7. great job ! i like it .. ur eyes beautiful :)
    and get well soon ! drink warm water and take a rest... less in fron of computer!

  8. I love both looks! So pretty! :) xx

  9. You look beautiful! You did a great job of both make-up looks :) xx

  10. Great eyeliner on the first look, andthe second one is just gorgeous!! xx

  11. These are great looks! You look gorgeous. I wish I could take photos like you, mine are rubbish! x

  12. you manage to pull off looking gorgeous, even when you are sick!! im sick too, ive been taking 1000mg of vit c annnnd my brother gave me some of his flu antibiotics :D now im 100% better!!

    you look absolutely stunning, i love your eye makeup in the first look, but they're both amazing!

  13. So pretty, love the Beyonce look, I wish I could do eyeliner as well as you do. And you look SO gorgeous in the 2nd lot of pics, really pretty.

  14. Hi, I tagged you for a blog award, take a look here:

    Ellie :)

  15. I love the look hun!! Beyonce's makeup has been crazy insane lately (loves it).

  16. darling u look stunning with that coral lip! what camera are u using.. its great! xx

  17. These last make up photos of you are the perfect type of make up for you. Soo pretty!

  18. Awesome pictures. How did you get that filtered look in these pictures? That greyish film know?


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